Great stories have always been the most powerful way to connect with people.

And now, more than ever, our world needs powerful stories and solutions in so many areas.

Is it time for your story to become the purpose of your brand?

Giving voice to an idea or story, in the form of video content is an important step in your brands development:

We can help you;

Build a more dynamic brand, highlight the solution to a problem and strengthen your profile.

Do you have a story or an idea that needs to be told and heard, but not sure how to go about it?

You have a significant story in you that can inspire others and fortify your confidence.

Elizabeth Ellames

My mission is to INSPIRE, INFLUENCE, and create IMPACT through the sharing of great stories that encourage people to act and think differently.


Professor Eddie Blass | Founder and CEO at Inventorium Pty. Ltd.

Thank you to Elizabeth Ellames for your outline of how to introduce yourself as a mini-pitch. This outline is particularly relevant, as it tends not to have the self-promotional element that many elevator pitches contain because this outline focuses more on the idea or cause than on yourself.

Serafina Tate

Elizabeth Ellames is a storyteller through film, she professionally draws a person into a safe space, breaking down the barriers to reveal the person inside and the significance of their life story, giving inspiration and meaning to their journey, validating their place in the world.