Let Go


The ego-self cannot understand or arrange the complexity of what needs to be done within the larger design, a larger design that is always rapidly re-patterning to a higher order.

Let your mental mind relax while remaining poised and sensitive to the unfolding pattern of the universe.

Let the Great Omni Design express its self as you.

Allow this design to unfold from within you and beyond you, connecting you with the people, actions, and knowledge needed to fulfill your part in the great design.

You are part of a larger cosmic pattern that is alive with an evolutionary force, this force has turned sub-atomic particles into you and me.

As you say YES to your Radiant Self and to your vocation, let go of the mental minds need to organize everything. Allow your deeper knowing, that flows from the larger whole to guide you without mental distraction.

Your actions will become the process of co-creating with the deeper design of creation and with one another.

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  1. How wonderful and reassuring to read your description of the Divine creative process that we can rely on in this exceptional year as we create the new. Thanks Elizabeth.


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