Stand Up And Lead.

What is a Co-Creative Society

The Co-Creative way of life is staying connected. 

Overcoming the illusion of separation.

Co-Creatorʼs agreements.

barefoot-daytime-facial-expression-936112I have just come back from our second Unite Your Light WOMEN meeting for 2012 and what a meeting it was. Our topic was “What is a Co-creative Society?” We each shared a bit about what had happened in our lives since our last meeting.

Before long there was a low-level of frustration that began to rise.

Then it moved from frustration to stagnation, we were discussing what we could create to help others, and still, the frustration grew. What started to come out of the group discussions was also the awareness of the emerging New Woman.

My sense is that part of the frustration that was building was actually the process of creation in action. The birthing process kicked in so to speak, in a way we were like a birthing pool of midwives birthing ourselves. Each person breaking out of their cocoon to reveal their true nature. I passionately and assertively invited the group to “Stand Up And Lead” – It was incredible to experience this extraordinary ‘Lioness’ energetic force (in the first instance it was me) move around the room giving women a powerful voice, vision, and new vitality.

Then the women began to stand up and fully express what it is they want to see happen in the group and then created a plan in order for that to happen. It was a great acknowledgment that was actually fueled by the intention of our months topic. We covered and accomplished all our dot points for this month without even realizing, we allowed the unified field of consciousness to take us to a higher level.

  • We came to the conclusion that we needed to meet more often. (staying connected)
  • We pushed through some pretty old patterning around the old female archetype, that was clearly holding us in this stagnant frame of mind. (overcoming the illusion of separation.)
  • And came up with a new co-creative agreement about our meetings.
Very interesting, often we think something is not going the way it should be, but it’s actually going in the absolute right direction and we must be willing to do whatever it takes to become our true creative self. The key is to stay with it long enough so it can be brought to light – tonight’s meeting went a bit over time, but what happened in the last 10mins was so powerful, it shifted out of a soggy marsh to higher ground where we could see clearly, but first we all had to stand up and be our own leader.
We had to lead our heart to our dreams and our calling. It was indeed a challenging, bold and yet truly amazing result!
Kind Regards
I invite you to discuss what you think a Co-creative society is and how it can best serve all involved?


  1. Amen to all you’ve observed about last night’s meeting Elizabeth. Co-creative association needs us to shift out of our “comfort zone” and habitual ego spaces and overcome old and lethargic energy and old views of centralized leadership. Your reminder – as our Vision Holder – last night of the urgency for us all to Step Up to our responsibilities as collaborative Leaders was very timely. By Stepping Up (instead of just feeling chaotic, unsure, overwhelmed and insufficient for the task) we will reach group readiness for the arrival of our collective Creative Genius.

    Like all of us I have not yet felt confident in how to proceed with collaborative co-creation. I think I had a sense that our archetypes would bring a creative order eg the Visionaries and Alchemists seem to have particular strengths in the creative areas and would best Lead us and go first at this early stage, but I realize in hindsight that I have let this belief be an excuse to be cowardly in the UTL discussions and not share dreams for the new Era that have come through in my own meditations and to which I feel called even though I do not have either of these 2 cornerstones.

    And so in response to this discussion question of what is a co-creative society – it seems to me that we are currently learning that people who come together with co-creative intent need a range of methods and meeting structures to collaboratively and courageously develop their co-creation.

    Thus far in our UTL meetings we have explored Evolutionary circle and Discussion as co-creation tools – which we are discovering may not shift stagnant energy sufficiently on their own at this stage of our work together. So what else can we do to lift our group energy to co-create when we meet? The idea of a “co-creative toolkit” comes through. We have an opportunity to develop/explore some practical group exercises to facilitate collaborative co-creation. I imagine that the toolkit may contain some “old” methods that have stood the test of time as well as relatively new scientific discoveries about human capacities and the creative and manifesting process. The age-old process of story telling, and some of the multicultural problem solving methods and multisensory envisioning in Jean Houston’s recent talk are some examples that could be relevant.

    Shall we explore the value of some specific co-creative exercises/tools at our very next meeting? I boldly step forward to offer to prepare a couple of exercises for next week – I’d love to do this with one or two others so let me know if you are keen. If concerns about proceeding this way Or if an alternative way forward has come through please share them…..


  2. Hi Cherie,
    I enjoyed your articulation of events last night and wanted to share that
    I have had a simple idea to add to bringing the focus together after our song time, to add to our tool kit….something new that just came to me. I am assuming we are all getting something to contribute and would love to put all our ideas together and see how they implement. Gayle did request we all bring something next week so the co-creation is in process, hey.
    I also thank you for your request for us all to open to assistance from Spirit to show us the way through. I practiced on my way home welcoming Spirit/My higher heart to show me how I am to contribute if at all to this group and have been receiving very simple and sweet direction.
    Look forward to sharing it with you!


  3. Hi Cherie and Joy,
    For me the most important thing that came out of last night was to acknowledge we all have a Creative Self, and to fully honor the power it holds – I believe this is what the group witnessed.

    I definitely know it is what I experienced on a personal level. And the key in this discovery and process is to know we are totally Loved by our Creative Self. It is our evolutionary driver and its our passion, desire, love, joy, beauty and harmony that are its driving forces.
    I believe what happened was precisely for that purpose — the Creative Self needed to be revealed in order for us to move forward. Each archetype has its own creative process, no one is left out, when it comes to creativity. We just express it differently, thank God.
    So I guess my response to “how can a co-creative society serve all involved”, would have to be the acknownledgement of the Creative Self first, so that the ideas and different styles of creative expression can begin to flow in each person. This raises peoples self esteem, giving them the confidence to contribute freely.
    Blessings Elizabeth x


  4. Thanks Joy and Elizabeth. Thanks for highlighting Gayle’s request Joy – I had lost that in my recall of the night – I look forward to us all pooling ideas and cocreating our processes at our coming meetings.

    Thanks Elizabeth for highlighting the significance of the Creative Self – it brings us all into the creative circle together equally. No more hiding our voices. The meeting was a huge breakthrough!


  5. oh, aren’t you all beautiful in your radiance! thankyou!
    I certainly feel the resonance of the breakthrough the other night. And I am enjoying basking in the freedom that has emerged for my creative self.
    So, what do I think is a co-creative society? I think it’s a community that is free to create. Each member is honest with their creativity and so the equilibrium of our creativity is natural, organic and divine.
    And how can it best serve all involved? hmmm. this is a braintwister for me! It sounds naturally mutually beneficial…. it feels free and easy….

    Cherie I want to add that you hit a cord with me in particular in regards to having been waiting for others to lead. My Teacher has been relying on the old order or leadership. I choose to be a leader and I allow myself to be open at every moment to express my creativity.

    thanks for asking Liz – it encourages me to articulate my feelings and is very helpful.
    love you all


    1. Hey there,
      Thanks for your contributions and encouragement. – I think one of our new intentions could be to enrol a few young women to be involved – say 20 – 30 years of age. I believe it would introduce another level/kind of creativity, making the group even more dynamc. What do you think about idea. Love Lizzy x


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