Tending to the fire of life.

Tending to the fire of life… Bring your light to the fire and we will warm the world with our love.

Unite your Light’s intention has always been around New Style Leadership and my role has been guiding women on how to best use their archetypes to serve the whole.

As Unite Your Light WOMEN’s primary vision holder it has been my role to facilitate and encourage the group to stand up and be the leaders they want to be. I have been committed to providing the structure and systems for our visions to grow.

I created the vessel or context so to speak, while the group created the content. I now look forward to seeing all their wonderful creations unfold.

Unite Your Light WOMEN was a leadership program for women, which I facilitated each week – Oct 2011 to Dec 2015

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Kind regards

Elizabeth Ellames – The Cultivator


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  1. Thanks Elizabeth – Your divine gift as Vision Holder provides us safety and liberty at the same time. I feel blessed! Cherie xx


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