A New Wave Of Consciousness Arising


There is a new wave of consciousness arising today – it’s not a force that we are familiar with, but rather, a powerful presence cradled by grace.

It is the emergence of the New Feminine, which is evolving in women. It is here to aid in the planetary shift of humanity. This wonderful power, that I term “ A Woman’s True Value” is birthing on our planet as we speak.

Women today are finding a new impulse to co-create, they are rising up like radiant angels ready to bless the world. This new impulse of creation is an equalizer for the balance required to create the world we want to grow from and live in and live by. What is emerging is a New Woman, she is showing the world how to live a life of balance and true order. Her unique value is equal to Man and absolutely necessary for humanities survival today.

The merging of each other’s qualities and abilities is our only hope for a better world. As each gender steps up to the platform of conscious co-operation to share their true value and gifts, a new emerging collaborative code is activated in the whole system on earth. This is how nature works, this is how it evolves, this is how we grow, after all, we are an integral part of that same system, so let’s evolve.

What we are faced with at present is one of the most powerful times known to man (woman), through the experience and awareness of many systems that are clearly not working today, we are being given the incredible opportunity to create new and effective ways of being.

The harmony of Grace and Nature are key in this game of Life. My message today is let’s nurture the grace and nature of A Woman’s True Value.
Let’s be conscious, contributors and collaborators as we move through this quantum leap that we are indeed experiencing.

Kind regards Elizabeth

I invite you to share how your evolutionary process is unfolding, as you move through this amazing time in history.


  1. Liz what you say feels so right to me. I hadn’t in the past been consciously aware of this shift, but upon reading your words I see how this is reflected in my life.

    I see that my life works “best” when I am being genuine/real/honest – true to my nature.

    And I see that organically I am creating a life where community rules. Where I am involved in my families, and we rely on each other – calling on each other for support and to inject our gifts.

    Thank you for bringing consciousness to this evolution.

    I promise you I will be me. with love.


  2. Yes – so true,
    And I would also like to add that even when we do recognise that a shift is happening, we can forget that it is also occurring in us at the same time. That in fact we are the shift, you, me, mother earth and the cosmos, its all happening at once. How cool is that!
    Thanks for you response Sal,
    Love Lizzy x


  3. Again I can FEEL the truths in what you write Elizabeth – thanks for revealing your gifts again. The third paragraph feels particularly profound today – as I am really noticing in all areas of my life how the shift from comparison to collaboration and cocreation offers liberation to be authentic and has profoundly improved my expectations of myself and others – as individuals we are each “enough” for together we make the whole – and how magical that the sum is always greater than the whole especially when we embrace the possibilities with pure intent and step up. xx


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