Women On Purpose

Now more than ever before we as women are being called to activate our life’s true purpose. We are being asked from deep within our souls patterning to rise up from the past and take heed to a call of action, which is infused with an intense need to make a difference. Women have been the sustainers’ of life through out time – They have been the mothers’ and nurturers’ of life.

That has now shifted from the stereotype of maternal/caregiver of the past to a more active role in our society. Fighting for our equality has aided in our progress but it is now time to really use that equality to fully stand up and stand strong in what it is we know how to do best and that is ‘sustain life’. We are encoded with this tremendous gift not only to sustain life but to also co-create life. The time has come for that amazing inner power, to be heard, be ready and willing to give birth to our new world.

How do we do that? We first have to feel that life force, that spark of light within us. Then allow it to grow, nourish it and acknowledge that it is a gift of Creation. We then ready our self to give birth to that light into the world. We do it with true confidence, knowing we have infused it with our passion, our hope, our love and our devotion.

Our Mother Earth has been patient with her children – she has been waiting till we, as women were of spiritual maturity and strength. There is no more time for why or when; the time is now to take action on how to live your full purpose. If you have ever thought you had something to offer the world – this is your time, not when you have enough money, not when you have the right man in your life or when you retire or when the kids leave home – It’s now! Find that place in your heart that is connected to your source, that place that keeps your true purpose alive.

Remove everything from view that is in the way of your true mission or message and if that is someone you thought was a friend ‘so be it’. If you don’t have people around you who fully support your vision it will begin to fade for sure. If you don’t feel safe enough to share your dream, your light will begin to dim. You are a custodian of that light and its true nature is designed to serve humanity, your responsibility is to keep it alive, just like a newborn placed in your care. That is why women are being called to rise up from their past traditional roles to become the true Hero’s, Visionaries, Teachers and Artists of our time. They know deep within their soul how to sustain life.

It is time to build your team/family that are aligned with your purpose, your passion and light. Find people you trust and respect because the profound discovery will be, that as we support each other our individual dreams are actualized. This is why it is imperative to align yourself with those who are on the same path of birthing a new and beautiful world for all, one that gives life to it’s inhabitants and respects the needs of its Mother (Planet Earth).

Women all over the globe are waking up to their call to action and only together can we build a vibrant new future for the generations to come. Come and join in the greatest story in the history of our Earth and contribute your greatest gift, your Divine Heart.

Please share if you feel a call to action with in your own being, does your soul speak to you regularly and are there conditions you place on its calling?

Elizabeth Ellames

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  1. I’m feeling the calling loud and clear. It is like a spark has been ignited inside me and there is no turning back-no pretending or questioning whether it’s happening. I’m ready, I’m fully committed and the process is already in motion, as Sally said in another post, quite organically. It’s almost like watching myself from ‘outside’ when I’m moving into this new woman but I guess it’s more that I’m fully present and being my authentic self… Sometimes I feel likeI’m hurtling along in a finely tuned racing car (very exciting) and then plop! I’m lugging an old jalopy. The process of energy moving through (or not) my body is not always easy- I’m guessing it’s because I’m not fully in the flow…

    Thanks for your amazing, inspiring posts Liz.
    Love and Light to you.xxx


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