New Dimensions Of Self

Our Unite Your Light meetings were very powerful. We’d arrive and were straight into a sacred process of bringing the New Woman Archetype fully into our being. This New Woman archetype has been a hidden dimension of women that has been patiently waiting until we were ready to let Mama Control go. The characteristic of Mama Control is basically women behaving badly.

  • The old divide and conquer tactic – Split the group through malicious or petty/idle gossip. (control)
  • Overt or covert displays of suffering – Constant complaining, comparing or judging of others. (control)
  • Seduction of another person’s loved ones – Husband, friends, or family. (control)
  • The subtle belittling of a person’s abilities and personal appearance. (control)            

The New Woman archetype, however, has been waiting to hear her call of “stand up and lead”, for her characteristics are very different. She no longer needs to control the people and environment that surround her in constant fear of retribution. She is free to be because the brothers and sisters of liberation that came before her have generously cleared her path. She said YES, I can hear you, grabbing the hand of the Creative Self as it pulled her up and out into the new world. Like any new experience or new environment, the terrain can feel a bit unusual or foreign, but at the same time, it can feel incredibly exciting and liberating.

We have now reached a new level of self. The way back is fading and it is time to stand strong in the energy of the New Woman. Our actions and pure presence gives other women the courage to find the New Woman within them self. The simple idea of focusing on what works will be a guiding force, which graciously lifts us to higher levels of consciousness. The processional effect of this birth is igniting new life on many levels, giving inspiration and motivation to others who are also willing and able to stand up and fully utilize their leader from within.

Elizabeth Ellames


What do you feel and think are some of the characteristics of the New Woman?


    1. Thanks Sally – The new woman for me feels like a mix of The roman goddesses Venus and Diana. Also know as Aphrodite and Artemis in Greek myth. Both have a strong feeling of freedom and personal identity for me. I guess if the old archetype was all about having control and being controlled, the new archetype must be about surrender – that gives me such clarity. The New Woman, I believe is about surrendering to my passion, to my true nature and to my creativity. Wow that sounds like fun! Love Lizzy x


    1. Hey Sally
      Yeah the catch word for me today would have to be “Feel”
      I feel really different – I feel content – I feel confident – I feel peaceful – I feel connected. It feels familiar, but not sure from when or where, just know its right and has given me the strength to fully live my life. Love Lizzy x


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