My new best friend – The Unified Field


IMG_2020Our Unite Your Light meetings often started with a process that was both connecting with and informing the Unified Field of Consciousness.

One of the defining factors of the Unite Your Light group has been that we willingly participate with “the Field” to advance any of the development of our projects. This week we invited the field to connect to our individual archetypes and larger vision. Participating with the field in this way helps to maintain a strong conscious connection with our individual and collective visions.

We have been called to action many times thus far by the field, here are some of those actions.

  • Letting go of old controlling female behaviors.
  • A new style of leadership.
  • The birth of the New Woman.
  • Co-creative Chanting with the Field. (amazing experience)
  • Building coherence through transparent/truthful relationships.

I call The Unified Field my new best friend because it connects me to all that I love and value. I never knew how co-operative and how exciting it was to have around. Seems to be the more we connect with each other and the more we connect with the idea of creation, the more The Field gets involved. Every week I mention how important it is for us to stay connected, now I know it’s The Field reminding us that there isn’t really any separation out there, its really only in our heads. The more we stay connected, the more we have available to us for the purpose of evolution.

I know some may say “Sounds to me like you’re talking about God”. And yes perhaps I am. Maybe “The Field” is an amazing aspect of God and we have now evolved to a level of consciousness, which lets us partake in some of Gods infinite creation. What an incredible time to be on our planet.

Elizabeth Ellames

I invite you to share your experience with the Field?


  1. Thank you Elizabeth for articulating this gift in this way. What a wonderful time to be here, there and everywhere. We are truly blessed. xxx

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  2. yeh…I agree Elizabeth…your words ‘it connects me to all I love and value’ really resonate with me to…and it is a blessing indeed to be able to be conscious of our connection with each other and with the Unified Field – even as I type this reply I realise that using the phrase ‘ each other’ is representative of separateness in an illusory way…and so…Divine Guidance and Delicious Creativity to us all in the Oneness…xxxxx

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