What is truth and trust?

That is an interesting question indeed, I now have a new reality on what truth and trust actually is. 

It’s not just a case of saying what you think is true …… I actually think the attributes of truth and trust are like some sort of energetic universal substance, which makes everything in the Cosmos work better.

What if the combination of truth and trust is an energy force, which is connected to what ever needs to be corrected and transformed. What if truth is another name for the unified field, constantly correcting and evolving everything it is connected to. Our experience so far in our Unite the Light venture has been a journey of precisely that.

Truth has been entering the Unite the Light consciousness like a powerful lioness, she arrives, takes charge and is always fully present to her task at hand. But if we, as a team are not fully present to the powerful call of truth, things begin to get congested and jam up, people get tired and frustrated because of the lack of energetic flow. Once truth arrives and reveals its message, it magically transform its self into trust. Proof that we can’t really trust until we first fully know the purity of truth. That is the key factor; truth is fundamentally pure.

Which brings me to the conclusion that some how we have forgotten that particular words, like these attributes are in fact patterns of light working with us to create a better world. They are a part of the light that connects us to expanding levels of consciousness, other worlds and new horizons.

This says it all really “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Love Elizabeth

I invite you to share your discoveries about truth and trust.


  1. I love the idea of truth constantly correcting, like when we thought the earth was flat, then found it was sphere. Wont it be great when our justice system is working out of this evolving truth!


    1. Thanks Tina – I think the true power of words has been lost, but as a agents of conscious evolution in Unite the Light we can hopefully bring in some real transformation. Love Elizabeth


  2. this is great Liz. We can be so presumptious/blazae about the meanings of words so it’s really great to learn more. I felt comfortable with Truth but realised I was a bit hazey on trust – maybe because it is something that feels instinctual. But I hadn’t questioned it. Now I know when I dont feel trusting it’s because I know the Truth isn’t present. I now have the tools, I can call in the Truth. Thanks. x


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