Yeah… I Said The God Word !


I have to confess for many years I wasn’t able to use the God word. I use to fumble around referring to it as the Great Spirit, the Universe ……… whatever.

I had developed, what I thought to be a very good relationship with this amazingly divine force. But there did come a time in my life when there was only one thing left to do, it was time to surrender to this wondrous evolutionary force that some call God.

What I have come to realize now, is that God is all the above names and more. It wouldn’t matter what I called God because the truth is there is no word for it. God is really beyond the human experience and the human experience simultaneously. So I have now surrendered to this force and the word God all at the same time…. hmmm interesting.

Today I am going to talk about how I work with this amazing power God. 

The God force is a living, growing continuum and is alive in us all. We have a heart that pumps our blood around our body giving us life. But we also have a Higher Heart that is also present – we don’t always acknowledge it or even feel its presence and often mistake for some sort of anxiety.

The function of the Higher Heart is similar, its function is to pump the presence of God through you and the world around you. The God force is the spiritual blood that gives you a real and purposeful life, which enables you to create a spiritual body for our planet.

We have a Human Pulse that is connected to the lower worlds (physical) and we have a Spiritual Pulse that connects us to the upper worlds (spiritual). When we are able to connect to our spiritual pulse we become powerful conductors of “life” it’s self. Not life as a mundane day-to-day experience, but rather life in its true essence; exciting. Life is our vehicle for growth, reproduction, and experience. We as humans are living in motion, how we choose to express that life is up to us.

Many times over we have heard stories of individuals overcoming extreme hardship, somehow they make it through with their spirit still intact. They have grown beyond their circumstances to a life that is an expression of dignity and jubilation. Even though their hardship they were able to connect to a part of themselves that was life-giving.

They connected to the idea that they are not their situation, they made a choice from within that was able to sustain them. This mix of Human Pulse and Spiritual Pulse becomes so powerful that it takes on a life of its own, which is greater than the individual. It becomes a current of evolution for humanity as a whole. We only have to look at some of our ancestors, they took their hardship and turned it into an opportunity to change something that wasn’t working. They turned their course of action into a new hope for future generations.

Whatever we are faced with in life is a directional tool to see our life objectively. I am not saying we don’t experience emotional pain in our hardship. But what we can do is use our emotional pain as our steering wheel and an accelerator to higher ground. Or we can just stop, turn off the engine and sit there. Eventually, our vehicle and all its working parts get rusty and stop working altogether, we literally have a lack of drive. In this state of inertia, we lose faith in what life has to offer. We become fixed on our ‘lack of’ rather than seeing our feelings as being our e-motional drivers.

We can turn our emotional, feeling state into our high octane fuel. So, while you have a full tank use it wisely and remember e-motional fuel comes in many forms sad, happy, angry, excited, generous, disappointed, courageous as you can see it is a long list. But they all have one thing in common “you feel them”.

Your ability to feel is the key to a full life, what you do with those feelings is up to you. You are the driver, no matter what your circumstances are. Don’t be afraid of your emotions, they remind you that you have a life to live. 

Life is your vehicle, live it with all your feelings present.                                                                Are you using all your feelings to live a full LIFE, share some of your insights?

Elizabeth Ellames

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