Lets Meet On The Top Floor

The amazing evolutionary journey we call ‘Unite Your Light WOMEN’ has taken us to a new level of responsibility in our personal development. Working with our emotions when they come up, rather than entering into them can be a valuable accelerator in moving forward as a team. We have reached a level of evolution where our emotions are actually frequency elevators, our emotional state actually reflects the buttons that get activated to either go down a level or up a level.

We can choose which way we want to go and if we don’t, we can literally stay stuck there with the door shut and seemingly no way out. Just like in a real elevator, it will sometimes take a few shots at pressing the button before we get to the right floor, but thankfully, before too long we get to the level we were after.

There are a few ways to look at this metaphor –

We can stay on the lower levels always wondering what it is like on the top floor, which we know has a great view. We can also get in the elevator, go up a few levels and have a look at some of the view from there. We can also get uncomfortably comfortable in the basement, which has no windows and is disconnected from the outside world. But then there’s the option of pressing the button to the top floor, the one that takes you to the deluxe penthouse. You cant wait to get there, you know that’s where you need to be, you know it has a panoramic view, but most of all you want to be there because you know your closest friends are there having the party of a lifetime!!

So my friends come and join in the greatest party there is; your LIFE.

How do you like to party and what do you want to bring to the party?

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