Creating a new chapter in your story.

Violation in relationship is violating creation. When a woman seduces a man who is still in relationship with his wife or partner, is violating the equilibrium of the Sisterhood. As is a man who claims an other mans wife or partner. This is a violation of the Brotherhood. Both acts are violating sacred union between two human beings.

When it happens in community between friends it is a violation and dismantling of the interconnected Self. Through our quality connections we maintain the balance of Light that streams through the whole web of creation. There is no separation between us really, so when we create discord it literally affects the whole system.

I believe that words create and up hold most of the social and spiritual fabric of life, they literally vibrate throughout the cosmic lattice. That’s what “living attributes” are, they are the threads that create our quality of life. Words such as Courage, Strength, Integrity, Faith, Compassion, Dignity, Kindness, Respect and Honour add great value to our life. They are “light-giving” attributes, which also define who we are.

I refer to these packages of Light as deity; angelic forces that create a life beyond the material. What is extraordinary is they are free and available to us in every moment.

Is the word our new currency?

Or perhaps it always was and we have just lost sight of its true value. With out the word we have no story to tell. And when I say story that means all story: conversation, art, music, theatre, film, and literature. At the end of the day, our story is all we really have to offer the world, our story is our real value and only contribution to the larger story of humanity.

We weave our light through our beloved connections, which is indeed the key to creating Heaven on Earth. We are designed to create life. Lets re-cognise our ability to create.

We can simply create a new chapter in our own story, there is always the opportunity for correction in our life. For example if we have played roles such as pathetic, betrayal, violation, control or manipulation, we can re-cognise them and turn them into the back story of who we were. From the view-point of a new chapter in our story we can bring in words such as surrender, resurrection and redemption. This is the infamous turning point in good storytelling, it is refered to as the character arch in the hero’s journey.

We will be require to be become the hero of our own life – that is just how it is.

And when we are able to do it together, humanity finds its collective heroic nature.

A day will come when we remember that our story is all that matters: today, tomorrow and for eternity.

Blessings Abound Elizabeth

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