Can Business Create Community?


Inspirational stones - Create

The nature of Community and Business is changing –

COMMUNITY is being strengthened by a new, more transparent, coherent, connectivity between people, while BUSINESS however is becoming a creative collaboration with in community.

Combined they are becoming the new currency, which enhances our “true value”.

A shift in what we truly value is gradually occupying our minds and hearts, this is what will create the new humanity we are looking for… one that can build a world that demonstrates a shared prosperity for all.

To achieve this it will require 3 simple but important stepping-stones.


1. YOUR LIFE equates to your vehicle.
2. YOUR LOVE equates to your purpose.
3. YOUR LEGACY equates to your contribution.

I invite you to build a community around your business or perhaps you could build a business around your community. I love this new collaborative way of creating prosperity. I say new, but my sense is it’s not so new, perhaps we have always known they are one in the same.

I think we missed a vital beat some how around this magical fusion, never mind peeps, we can bring it all to LIFE with a little LOVE and together we can confidently create a wild and worthy LEGACY for our future generations!!

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