If not you, then who?


They say there is only one failure and that is the failure to participate.

We all want the same thing. A life that makes us happy. So why don’t we think we can get it?

Perhaps we have been going after the wrong stuff. We have now come to a point in our evolution, where we can, at last, be and celebrate UNITY.

Yes, its UNITY, UNITY, UNITY that’s our ticket to happiness. 

The light of Unity is indeed upon us; next step is to find that light in our heart, gather the energy and stay connected to it. Then connect with the TRUTH, which is in yourself and in another and stay connected. When we can do this the God or Goddess in us wakes up. Yes that’s right we are made from GOD stuff, human beings are animated and encoded with the story of creation.

We are the voice of humanity. 

When we make the connection… that when two or more are connected in TRUTH resonance, your life, our life will change forever.

This is why I go on about this stuff every day of my life, it seems. It has been my vision and passion to create the world that works….and of course, it was so hard doing it on my own!!

Thank goodness there is a new trend on the planet called Social Synergy, which is driving people to connect. It is not only a great idea to connect to people who you resonate with, it’s vital to connect to and focus on what systems are working….then connect the dots. (the people and the systems).

There have been several well-being trends bantered around for a few decades now …..health, work-life balance etc. But the new trend that is truly growing is SOCIAL WELL-BEING, the ability to connect to our own heart and then to another in the same resonance. And it doesn’t have to be in our family or even our neighborhood.

Social Synergy can be a global heart to heart resonance that creates transformation through us all consciously participating and collaborating in our own human evolution.

Now that’s cool…. it beats the hell out of trying to do it alone.

So, go find out for yourself and see how far along the evolutionary path you can go…… it may awaken the God or Goddess in you.

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