Here and Now


The REAL DEAL community has a practice called the “HERE and NOW”…, which means speaking the TRUTH in the present moment. It requires moving from communicating from our head to connecting to our heart and the heart of another. When we are able to do this we deliver what we need to say with CLARITY and COMPASSION.

Here is something to consider…What if when we are thinking, thinking, thinking about what to say or how to say something, we are creating an unnecessary storm of neurological activity in our brain, which just keeps connecting us up to the same old neuro-pathways that STOP us from connecting heart to heart. We could commit to interrupting that storm of senseless connectivity by connecting to our hearts; our true emotions. This is how we create COMPASSION, CLARITY, COHERENCE, and CONVERSATION. When we are able to live from this place of “Here and Now” we create true and lasting connections.

Let’s stop waiting for the perfect moment.

YES… it takes COURAGE


And YES…it needs to be communicated through the light of COMPASSION.

Speaking the TRUTH in the here and now brings great power to any situation, it gives us the FAITH, FORTITUDE and FREEDOM to be the leaders we were born to be.

If we are not able to speak the TRUTH in the present moment-

  1. People find it hard to connect with us.
  2. We waste a lot of precious time stuck in our heads.
  3. We very quickly lose sight of the WHAT, WHY and HOW of our LEADERSHIP VISION.

The idea of “getting connected and staying connected” is much more powerful than we think…The truth is we are all connected anyway, it’s our illusion of separation that is the problem.

Imagine if we made “United Heart Reality” the preferred way of communicating in a relationship, business and politics, we would be living in a very different world indeed. And the truth is it starts with you and me; we.


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