The Power of Mentoring


About 10 years ago I was asked by a beautiful and enthusiastic young woman if I would be one of her spiritual mentors.

At first, I thought “Do I have time for it? ” “Am I good enough to do such a job?” “Does one get paid for something like this?”

You know how it is – Blah Blah Blah! 

Because it set off so many different thought processes, I knew I needed to step back and have a good look at what was really happening here. I then saw how my ego (fear) was tripping me up.

Once I had given myself some time to be still and see what I was really being asked to do – it was clear. For someone to ask you to mentor them is a God-given privilege and an honorable duty to be accepted with grace.

The process of meeting with this delightful young woman was actually a gift to me as well; it has moved me forward on my own journey. It became very clear to me that it is a natural and essential way for humans to interact and grow.

Since then I have been asked to mentor 2 other young women and I look forward to each of their visits with absolute excitement. I am sure that it is our lack of connection with each other, which has caused most of our social problems.

Unfortunately, some parents don’t even recognize that they are mentors for their children and I think if the aged population had a young person visiting them for mentoring once a week or fortnight they to would be alive with purpose and act in ways they didn’t know were possible. Simply listening to the thoughts and perspectives of a young person would help to stimulate their thinking and expand their world.

And of course, the wisdom and stories that an elder can pass on are equally as valuable to our youth.

After my first year of mentoring… I came to the conclusion that  ‘If we are not mentoring, we need to be mentored’ it is a continuum so to speak. A giving back to the world, your community, through your life experiences. A giving and receiving process that comes with a level of respect that one can’t find anywhere else in life.

I strongly believe that the rightful practice of mentoring in our world is the key to true human sustainability. What follows is a small piece I wrote on the matter:


Through the simple act of being a Mentor or being Mentored, we uncover our true purpose in life. It is from this revered action of commitment and appreciation that an individual’s generosity and integrity abound. From our somewhat hidden nature, we find strength and gain unity. We miraculously blossom and move forward with hope in our hearts for the generations to come.

Heart to Heart Elizabeth Ellames

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