Identify, Clarify, Specify, Edify and Unify


UNITED KNOWLEDGE EVENT… was a huge success!!

The New Legacy Stellar – Jodi-Anne Smith, Tina Renfrey and Trish Herreen delivered a brilliant presentation on the topic “The True Nature Of Community”

Prior to the event, the team committed to correcting and transforming any issues that may surface. Their intention was to find a way to reveal and share the truth and purpose of community… and they achieved that goal beautifully, they were vivacious, vibrant and victorious.

If any emotional or personal challenges arose they just faced them…they told the truth, expressed their fears and kept moving right along… they were able to do this because they never lost sight of their united vision, which is to serve and grow a healthy humanity and live their life purpose.

As a result, the lead up to the event and the event created a shift and progression toward true collaboration among the women in Unite the Light…… My self and the women now re-cognise how much fear and shame women generally carry about expressing who they really are….. “Light and Shadow”.
Owning one’s shadow is “clearly very challenging” for many women….. The fear of totally revealing all sides of one’s self can be terrifying.
This was my discovery “Projection” and “Protection” that was the big Gold nugget that surfaced for sure !!!
The Unified Field Of Consciousness doesn’t care about that though…… It just wants the Truth… wants the Truth to come forth so the evolution of humanity can occur.
And with that comes a new wave of feminism, this time it is Self Liberation of the female nature/species… SHE is not only sugar and spice and all things nice… SHE is also crazy, lazy, spooky, wild, stealth, bold, outrageous, miserable and incredibly courageous.  A lot of the time her true nature is masked by her now chronic addiction to “Project or Protect”…… don’t worry girls, this addiction is on its way out. We have a new Style of being, which has only one label…. its Tres’Authentic.
You can wear it to the theatre, to the movies, out to dinner and you can even wear it to the office. Yes, ladies, it is the most versatile piece you will ever buy and truly value. There is one in every size, every colour and it is always a perfect fit. Tres’Authentic… it’s the only way to wear/bare your soul comfortably.
The other discovery I had recently is this great little formula, which is an absolute necessity in forming a stable community, it is the ability to Clarity, Specify, Edify and Unify.
If we can’t Identify, Clarify, Specify, Edify and Unify…… in each others company…. We can’t collaborate effectively. We need to Identify, Clarify, Specify, Edify and Unify in order to commune in unity and this is how we form the true nature of community. These are the simple but effective elements that create awesome heartfelt connections.
Our event last week created a platform for higher evolutionary activation to occur in community… Metaphorically speaking, we are now being called to stay on the top floor…. only coming down to the ground floor occasionally for our necessary logistical and replenishment requirements.

Here are some of our delightful photos of our growing community….. look forward to seeing at our next event.


Here is what some people shared about the evening……

“I really related to the last speaker. I have a lot going around in my head and expect I’ll be awake most of the night as it settles”
“I was awake through the night and flushed out by all the light delivered throughout my body”
“You are a great speaker Trish. I could listen to you all day”
“You ladies were terrific”

“Two things that have stayed with me are – Courage and Communing in Unity”


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