Social and Spiritual Synergy

I now have a deeper understanding around community, an even stronger life purpose impulse, a yearning for peaceful relationships and globally I believe there has been an explosion of new style communities.

Have you noticed that practices, which use to be termed “woo-woo or airy-fairy” are now in vogue? Especially in the world of business, sustainability and leadership development. People are collaborating, resonating, connecting and exploring their soul’s purpose. Even corporations speak the language of conscious evolution, social change, and emotional intelligence.

Through my own self-exploration, I have discovered the powerful process of joining with others in what I call “Social and Spiritual Synergy”. I have spent many years in a variety of social and spiritual groups, but this is a genuine breakthrough for me and I am very passionate to share with you the importance of personal, social and spiritual synergy.

For me, the rewards of working with this practice have been Profound Love and Pure Intent. I share this experience with you and I encourage you to experience it for yourself.

The Living Attributes-Unite the Light system creates Social and Spiritual Synergy, which activates all levels of one’s being to literally incarnate their whole potential, the power that can be unleashed in a field of “union” where two or more human beings gather is life-affirming and life-changing.

By joining together with this intention there is an “energy membrane” of intelligence that begins to surround (surrounding light) or (higher energetic forces) the multi-human body (group) bringing out and connecting the unique gifts of each person.

This activates the higher frequencies of our Radiant Self, or what may be referred to esoterically as “The Light Body”, which is what joins us heart to heart. Enabling the emergence of a new whole system greater than and different from the sum of our parts: This is conscious evolution, this is the magic of Social and Spiritual Synergy in action.

I believe this process is natural to humans, in the same way, nature forms whole systems, we to are designed to co-create. Everything, everybody is so deeply connected to all others; we are symbiotic, just like our living body and our living planet. This “energy membrane” that is created through connecting in groups, intensifies our love, and our spirituality, causing a quantum jump in consciousness and capacities.

It activates a synergistic shift from You to Me to We, creating Unity in our whole planetary system.

Our role is “literally” to be the REAL DEAL and Unite The Light between us…  

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