When you think you have it all…


Hi there Social and Spiritual Synergy Spinners,

Well yes Adele we do think we have it all till we see our brothers and sisters, our children, our animals and our environment suffering, then we know deep, deep in our soul we don’t have it all unless our whole planet has it all.

I am deeply in love with my Husband, my Sons and my World around me. In fact I am in love with a life that has been wounded by insane speed, greed and needs. What we all want is real FREEDOM… a pure and undiluted freedom. I really love the urgent and heavy heart beat of this song, it makes me want to get up and demonstrate my PASSION for such a wonderous LIFE.

It creates an impulse of SHE power (Spiritually Healthy Entrepreneur)… I believe it is community that holds the freedom we are looking for, not a stuffy, sticky or intrusive bunch of people who don’t know who they really are. See the truth is we all long for contact with those who understand our heart song,

  • We long for connection with all that is curious and creative.
  • We are creatures who belong to each other for reasons beyond analysis, it is our hearts desire and our life’s dream to fulfill a worthy story.
  • We ache with a need to connect and create or sadly the other is we become numb and indifferent.

Be a courageously creative creature and connect to those who want to create with you.

Thank you Goddess Adele, your expression of the feminine is amazing !

Heart to Heart Elizabeth

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