Do your LIFE !

When we are faced with a conflict with in a group or even within ourselves, we need to go straight to the collective vision to see why the conflict has risen. It doesn’t mean the conflict will disappear immediately, but rather you will see that the conflict is actually a creative conflict and a necessary part of the conscious evolution as a whole. It is from this point of choice that your vision starts to evolve into a reality. The creative conflict is a re-aligning mechanism and in the process of correcting and transforming the creative conflict, you actually become the vision. In regards to how community needs to work together, this concept is leading edge.

A community’s true function is unity and I believe the science of community is connectivity and coherence with each other. It is in our willingness and ability to correct and transform that brings us together as a community. The beauty of our collective outcome becomes a genuine part of the natural order and process. We as human beings are literally encoded and designed to successfully contribute to the evolution of humanity. As we move forward on this journey of evolution lets be mindful of what we are contributing to the whole, are you clear about your purpose, your function and the possible outcome of your actions. Do your LIFE and lets be creative together.

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