Dont give up…

Are you someone who knows with all your being that you have a life purpose and genuinely want to create positive change?

But unfortunately – Even though you know this about yourself you still have those times when you just want to give it all away for the easy life. You know… that life that seems like it is always greener, brighter, happier on the other side. The one you think everyone else has while you are busting your cute arse trying to make a difference.

Well the truth is we’re always going to have those times when we want to give up… The key is knowing how to manage them.

Here is a tool to overcome this persistent obstacle –

WHAT causes it to happen?… Your Flawed Character has become dominant.

WHY do you buy into it?… You are emotionally addicted to the behaviour.

HOW do you overcome it?… Like any addiction, you have to be the master and discipline your energy.

The nature of ones flawed character, which can be a large percentage of who you are or a very small percentage, all depends how much you give into it or deny its presence. The ability to manage ones flawed character does take some discipline and some devoted attention. Truth is your shadow doesn’t have to be viewed as ugly; there is indeed tremendous BEAUTY in the complexity and fragility of the human spirit/experience. Its in owning and revealing the flawed part of your character that your whole character beings to experience true freedom.

In a lot of ways a “HEALTHY” shadow is what makes us attractive, exciting and alive. You need it to be creative.

Once you are able to see and accept this is part of your human condition… the intoxicated, distorted reality becomes a clear, concise and compassionate part of who you are.

With the acceptance of “Ones Flawed Character” comes a calm like no other…. the power that was once channeled into keeping the addiction alive and strong can then be set free.

Not fuss or fan fare, just plain old acceptance of living a life with the reality that you have a flawed character. No big story attached to why you have it, but rather only a few defining moments that caused the flaw.

Skipping back and forth from reality to reality makes things difficult. The more you are able to stay “plugged-in” on all four levels….(Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Celestial.) …. the easier the process of owning your “flawed character” is….. Being fully integrated is what shifts the emotional addiction and gives you the truth of why it’s there in the first place…

There is no getting rid of ones flawed character… It is owning it that creates your unique creative abilities and with that comes the wonderful feeling of contentment, which is evidence of true coherence! There is much value in discovering that ALL of you is meant to be… ready, willing and available to serve humanity.

So if you are a Change Angel (woman), who wants to know how to identify your Flawed Character and your True Purpose contact me – Elizabeth Ellames 


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