Vitality and Value

The process of developing your brand crosses 4 areas.

Personal and Professional

Social and Spiritual

Together they add vitality and value to your brand by defining, designing and delivering what it is your audience is looking for. It use to be what you wore that defined your first impressions.

Today your first impressions are defined by your web presence.

Define – More and more our audience is asking us to – Be Interesting, Be Truthful and to Live Our Truth.

Design – Past are the days of pointing out the inadequacies of your audience, we have now moved toward empowerment marketing. It’s time to design a clear message with authentic themes that your audience can resonate with.

Deliver – There may be many things to dislike about our level of technology today. But there are a few very powerful outcomes that have surfaced because of our current digital area.

Here are a few –

  • Speed of delivery
  • Transparency of persona
  • More with less
  • You are what you share

Each of these elements can contribute to the amazing driving force of “Adding Value”. We can now showcase what it is we like, dislike, desire and participate in whenever we want to and to whoever we want to – And it’s literally at our figure tips. But have our lives have become a wash of digital confusion? – With millions of people tweeting, liking, sharing, blogging and taking selfies.

Amongst all this device activity there is a quiet conversation emerging asking a few concerned questions, what’s all this activity for?

Are we coming close to a level of digital overload?

I believe we have arrived at these questions not because it’s all bad, but rather because we can’t see its true value yet. I was interested to find that social media has many elements that align with Globalization, which are – the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture.

Social media may be operating at the virtual level, but never the less they are still aligned and social media were born at the same time as the onset of our latest version of Globalization, which emerged in the 1990s. You may be asking, but how are we going to resolve the accelerating dangers of world-opposed politicians and religious dogmas.

My answer is simply this… “by using our new technologies, plus our powerful instincts to truly connect with each other, coupled with the application of our creative potential we can indeed create a better humanity.” It will be through our ability to recognize and merge our powerful “human technologies” with our current technologies that will accelerate our potential growth as a species.

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