Do you know your Tribe Talkers?


Get Emotionally Involved With Your Tribe-Talkers…

As New Style Leaders we tend to get lost in activities like designing flyers, writing blogs and growing a Facebook following—this can make us forget the more important stuff.

What I am about to share may be hard to hear and so it’s hard to write too because I know it may not be the answer you’re looking for.


We all want the right answers, the step-by-step, the foolproof, guaranteed-not-to-fail method.

The truth is, if there was one then we’d all be telling our stories like dizzy drones without connecting to our audience and community.

The key is not to see our leadership as ‘a campaign’ that starts and ends, or as a process that you’re just getting through, but to think of your leadership role or your product launch as a love affair with life, which creates an emotional connection with your audience.

Our role is to connect heart to heart with our audience and deliver their desires.

Walk into an Apple store, pick up any item or device and feel the design and quality talking to you through your hands straight to your heart.

Every curve, screen, and tiny detail says, “we cared enough to know you are a creative person” to each of their customers.

What would you want to say to your audience if you were face to face?

What can you share with your audience that they want to hear… which other brands or business just don’t have?

What are your peers or competitors too afraid to try?

Your role it to “Say” and “Do” that thing.

We all just need to get out there and be the Real Deal, because my friend that’s really all that matters.

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