What is REAL DEAL Leadership?


REAL DEAL Leadership is understanding and creating Social Synergy…

Here are the 10 fundamentals.

1. Leadership – New systems need a new style of leadership. By demonstrating, forming and maintaining systems that work well.

2. A Co-Creative Society – The Co-Creative way of life is staying connected. Overcoming the illusion of separation and forming Co-Creative agreements.

3. Archetype Communication – Establishing group resonance through archetypical patterning. Learning to be a spokesperson of conscious evolution and accessing our collective consciousness.

4. Vocational Excitement – Taking Vocational Excitement to a new level, forming group coherence for collective inspiration. Identify the activities and practices that bring joy and fulfillment to the group as a whole.

5. Vision Holding – Cultivate your resonance through maintaining a group VISION. Practice and explore the concepts of these four fundamentals – word of mouth marketing, quality by design, self-ordering structures and after-sales service.


6. Creating a Synergistic Project – Implementing an idea through your new style of leadership. Creating an overview and developing a concept for a co-creative project or event.

7. Premature Synergy – Expand and embrace your archetype patterning in order to magnetize co-creative partnerships. Read the signs of ineffective alliances with others and then refocus your efforts with more sustainable partnerships.

8. Social Synergy – Engage and bring forward each otherʼs highest contribution potential. As cultural co-creators, we learn to appreciate the gifts of each otherʼs archetype patterning and evolutionary abilities and discover our role in a greater design.

9. Nature of Life – Sensing when a group is not coherent. Respectfully turning discord into cooperative alliance. Recognizing the nature of evolution by identifying your own true nature, light, and shadow.

10. Fundamentals of Universal Coherence – Deepen the connection to your internal guidance system – your Compass of Joy and Impulse of Evolution.

These were the powerful principles that the Unite Your Light – New Style Leadership group explored over a 3 years period – Congratulations team!



  1. Elizabeth – this evolutionary program you have created is very exciting and inspiring. I am so looking forward to 2012 shared with the ULT group. xx


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