WOMEN – Your Brand Is Your Love Affair With Life!


Whisper in Love, Weep with Love and Wish only for Love.

This is the Majesty and Language of the Heart.

What we really want is Real Deal freedom… a pure and undiluted version of freedom.

So, we need to create an impulse of SHE power (Spiritually Healthy Entrepreneurs)… And I believe it’s being in community that holds the freedom we are all looking for, not a stuffy, sticky or intrusive bunch of people who don’t know who they really are.

But rather, connecting to The Truth in each other and making real contact with those who understand our heart song… this is what we all long for.

And it’s our brands role to recognize the following, before we can truly connect with our tribe/audience.

  • We long for connection with all that is curious and creative.
  • We are creatures who belong to each other for reasons beyond analysis; it is our hearts desire and our life’s purpose to fulfill a worthy story.
  • We ache with a need to create or sadly the other is we become numb and indifferent.

I encourage us all to be courageously creative and connect to those who want to create with us. E.G.Ellames

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