What is your personal style saying about your brand?

What are you saying to your audience, by the way, you put yourself together?

Is how you look aligned with your brand; Your message?

If not… Then Change it!

Yes… It is important that what you stand for is reflected in your brand and your personal image because what you wear can express just as much as what you say.

Let’s be honest, we mostly sum a person up in the first 5 mins of meeting them. I know you want to say “No way, not me I’m not like that at all.”

Sure we all like to think we’re not that superficial, but the level of advertising around self-image, along with the “selfies” culture that’s rampant on social media suggest we are extremely influenced by what we look at.

The first thing we LOOK at in a person is how they present. We either meet them, then look them up online or we look them up online then want to check them out in person if we like what we see.

Sure we might be wrong sometimes, but it’s human nature to do a quick scan, next we tune in to what language (lexicon) they speak in order to see if they are part of our tribe.

– That’s why first impressions matter.

– That’s why being the real deal on all levels counts.

– That’s why the way you wear your brand can make you either leading edge or just mediocre.

This is the first step people take to see if you can add value to their life.

Sadly, once you make an impression it’s often hard to change it and that’s why it’s vital to absolutely be in touch with who you are and what you have to offer.

Look at it this way, if you say you are a highly creative progressive person and your brand is all about empowering people, yet you show up in shabby attire, no makeup or bad hair. People are going to think something is not quite right here… Yes?

Remember, a picture paints a thousand words… you starting to get the picture.

Just like actions speak louder than words, so does the way you show up in life.

This is what happens for your audience/clients/customers when you show up out of sync with your brand… they have what we call in the industry as a “visual disconnect.”

What this does is breaks down your street credibility, they stop trusting you. It’s a subtle and innocent observation most of the time.

See on these subtle levels we are afraid to take a risk and trust up front, so we are constantly assessing and secretly checking to see what’s out of alignment, humans are much more instinctively wired than it may appear.

So peeps, protect yourself and your brand from people’s subtle projections by simply “Building Your Brands Integrity” it’s what makes you unique and why people will follow you.

You are what you wear

You are what you share

And the real gold is… people share if they care.

So engage with your tribe, be bold, be brave and always give them the very best version of you and your brand.

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