Attention and Intention are my favorite dynamic duo and I believe one of the most powerful gifts human beings have and precisely why I’m sharing this story with you.

It is fives years today since the first Unite Your Light meeting – each year I send out a post in honor of my attention and intention to empower women to unite their light by adding value to their own lives and the lives of others!

Hello I am Elizabeth Ellames


Why I seeded this idea – For many years it’s been my vision and passion to create positive social change in the world. Naively I thought I could do it on my own, but fortunately, I came to the conclusion that in order for my vision to become a reality, it would require building a community of like-minded people…

I needed to align my vision with the visions and hearts of others.

So in 2011, I shared my heartfelt vision in Adelaide, South Australia, I simply emailed 24 women from my social and professional networks, inviting them to participate in a 12-month social synergy venture, whereby they would learn a new way of contributing and collaborating.

I invited them to come together for the purpose of co-creating a Global Community Event, which they’d present at the end of the 12 month period. The focus of the event was to promote and demonstrate the idea of growing a better humanity, which we did achieve.

Over the next 5 years, the original seed idea continued to grow – It grew into The Unite Your Light New Style Leadership Program and United Projects Initiative, which has now formed a SOCIAL INNOVATION SYSTEM for the people of the NOW Leadership Academy Inc.

What follows is the original 2011 invitation –

Dear Friends,

This is an invitation to participate…

Lets be conscious contributors and collaborators, as we move through todays rapidly changing world. We can be the generation that fulfills the dream of a harmonious and peaceful world.

To make that dream a reality, it will take ALL of us coming together in different ways, to learn and teach the true benefits of UNITY. We need to experience how coming together for the greater good, creates an environment that invites conscious evolution. That’s why I am so excited to share this initiative with you, which I see as a celebration of visionary thinkers and collaborators, who have sound solutions and specific expertise to aid in creating positive change.

This united initiative will mark a time of crossing to a new way of thinking and being; our intention will be to create social synergy through cohesive collaboration and co-creation. The project will consist of groundbreaking ideas and speakers designed to help people deepen their personal awareness of unity, build bridges between the old and new and teach future generations to live creative and compassionate lives. My intention is to bring together a team of people who have a strong sense of purpose.

Here is an example of what we hope to deliver.

  • Personal practices for cultivating inner peace.
  • Encourage women to fully step up and demonstrate their natural leadership.
  • Steps toward creating true unity in family and in communities.
  • Ways to incorporate co-creation, co-operation and collaboration in business.
  • Insights on healing our collective wounds and cultural differences.
  • Ideas for generating unity and leadership among our youth.
  • New perspective on currency and creativity.

– our first meeting will be on Oct 13th 2011

Kind regards Elizabeth Ellames

And by the way, all these dot points have indeed been seeded and achieved over the last five year by a number of the women in the Unite Your Light tribe!

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