Collaboration Invites Success

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Hi there,

I am still in awe of the wonderful yet subtle connections that are made at our W.E. Women Connecting events. Which brings up the question – “Why is the live event experience so much more effective than the online event experience?”

Well, it’s because the experience of being experienced accelerates and allows the transformation process to take place in the present moment. You see transformation is way more powerful than information alone and as humans, we need to connect to each other in order to grow. In this new era of consciousness, people are ‘waking up’ at a profoundly rapid rate.
If you’re one of these awakened souls, chances are you’ve outgrown many areas of your life. Suddenly your career, lifestyle, relationships and even entire friendship circles can feel foreign.

You may be asking… What is my life purpose? or How do I create a personal brand that fits?
Be assured, if you’re embarking on an “awakened journey”, you are right where you need to be and finding your brand and tribe is indeed a fundamental part of that journey. Here are some tips on consciously creating your brand, one that fits your new reality and will support you on your journey.

Perhaps you’re passionate about being on purpose, but not really clear about how to articulate and identify your gifts? You’re not alone… Statistics Reveal – that many people in life never really hit their full potential. Sad, yes! Confronting absolutely! So why is that? It’s simply this… lack of knowledge, invalidation and the fear of the unknown.

Unite Your Light WOMEN can help you connect with your own brand and other peoples brands before your brand can work well for you, you need to know who you are first and live in alignment with the true story behind your brand.

Identify And Clarify – Make a conscious decision about who you want to be for yourself and where you are heading, what you love to do and who you want to serve. Then create the life and people around you who will support that – many times you know what you don’t want because you’ve experienced it. Now its time to focus on what really works for your spirit, by adding value to your life and the lives of others.

Add Value And Shine – Here’s the formula… Identify any personal behavior that lowers your vibration, clarify your intention and build a specific, but simple strategy around your brand. Then create unity within your tribe, by acknowledging them for what they value about your brand. And above all give your tribe and yourself permission to shine.

Unite Your Light WOMEN – Being real with people is fast becoming one of our most valuable assets. It is a proven fact that people young and old need to be in emotionally connected relationships. Yes, I said it… we still need “High touch in a High tech world”.

Our natural instincts tell us we thrive on the experience of being experienced, it is the way we grow intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually…. and studies show we actually love being experienced while being in a community because apparently, that is what matters to human beings most of all… we are in fact hard-wired to maintain a connection with each other.

I’d also like to thank Courtney Wilson from  for her stellar presentation on “Collaboration Invites Success” 

A few pic’s from our last Event on Feb 6th 2017 

Here are the details for our next event on March 20th 2017 – hope to see you there.

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