It is your ATTENTION and INTENTION that creates UNITY within you and around you.

Here are some key points I discovered and applied when forming the New Style Leadership program for Unite Your Light WOMEN – These questions are vital to staying on purpose and connecting in a community or on a team… I invite you to take the time to write down these questions and your answers for further reference. 

  • Do I Foster Cordial Collaboration?
  • Where Do I Promote Compassion?
  • Do I Connect Heart To Heart
  • Who do I know That Inspires Purpose?
  • Am I Creating Something Of Value?
  • Can I Focus On What Works?
  • Where Can I Create Opportunity?
  • Do I Understand Social Synergy Systems?
  • Is My Life Full Of Encouragement And Nourishment?
  • Where Can I Contribute More Than Money?
  • Am I Creating A Cohesive Community
  • Have I Made A Promise To Myself That I Want To Keep?

When you are faced with a moment of conflict within a group or even within yourself, you can connect to your vision and these questions – to see why the conflict has arisen. It doesn’t mean the conflict will disappear immediately, but rather you will see that the conflict may actually be a creative conflict and a necessary part of your evolution. It is at this point of choice where your life and vision can start to evolve into a reality.

Creative conflict is often a re-aligning mechanism and in the process of correcting and transforming the creative conflict, you actually become the new reality you are seeking.

In regards to how a community can work together, this concept is leading edge. A community’s true function is unity and activity and I believe the science of community is connectivity and coherence with each other.

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