Establishing Equitable Exchange

The Key To Valuable Relationships And Good Business

Many years ago Indians of the Chesapeake Bay and Carolina Sounds regions participated in a gift-exchange economy. Rather than the trading or selling of goods in exchange of something for something, as the Europeans did, they gave gifts.

Such offerings appeared to involve something for nothing, but they did actually require return gifts, presented at a later date. In fact, Indians lived by the rule and promise to give, accept, and reciprocate, and failure to fulfill any part of the transaction might lead to various forms of punishment.

Those participating in the gift economy prized relationships over things, and as a result, the identity of who owed a debt was of far more importance than what was owed. Furthermore, goods were not individually owned in a gift society; they continued to be circulated among the community and often ended up as offerings to the Spirit World.

Just as successful gift exchange pulled groups together, failed gift offerings often pushed people apart, resulting in hostilities. Although the rules and consequences of gift economies varied by culture, they followed a general pattern.

The failure to give, accept, and reciprocate dissolved the bond between exchange partners and routinely resulted in a separation between the individuals or groups. This abandonment was not immediate, because gift exchange required that a certain amount of time elapse between the initial offering and reciprocation.

This sort of established exchange of energy/goods wasn’t exclusive to North American Indians; in fact, it was common practice in most ancient cultures all around the world.

I call this practice Established Equitable Exchange and believe it is to do with acknowledging quality, principles, resonance, value and the importance of creativity.

The exchange of the “gift” was for the purpose of creating a connection between people within the community; this built strong relationships, which had a sound energetic value.

These relationships were, in fact, contributing on many levels of reality. This history very clearly states that it was not about what was given, but rather the quality and intention of who was giving it.

This suggests the creative process was of great importance; the ancients understood that when they were creating things of beauty, they were actually in touch with the forces of creation; the Creator.

Creating and giving something that was of no real value was offensive not only to the community but it was also offending God. Not to mention how the receiving of gifts without then establishing an appropriate and equitable level of exchange was also inappropriate.

This presents the idea that on many levels, the lack of reciprocating also would have been viewed as very offensive to the giver… Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually; this is how the ancients operated, they lived a much more expanded view of life than we do today.

I think these exchange principles are still there today; they are buried deep, deep beneath the layers of many years of cultural misinterpretation.

And I am confidently using this example because I believe the lack of Established Equitable Exchange is the number one factor that drives all relationships and business agreements to their edge of destruction. When we feel out of exchange we will in time…  give up, walk away or just back out.

So what does this all mean?

Try this on for size… When there is not enough energetic current running between the exchange points… it will find another point to connect to in order to maintain its currency; that’s the law of energy exchange. And after all that is what science keeps telling us “Everything is Energy”.

Might sound to simple to be true… well I know when someone keeps taking, taking, taking from me energetically, or they keep giving me crappy stuff in return, that is the time I re-treat, recognize, and re-connect with a currency that values me and is of value. We are not talking about objects here, you can see how it can cross over into people’s behaviors as well; it is ever-present in the way we relate to each other.

If we know who we are, what our value is and what our contribution needs to be there is no lack or excess. And with that type of consciousness comes a natural flow of prosperity…

The fundamentals have always been there; the amount of lack and excess in our world today has confused us. The extremes are enough to make anyone go a little crazy…

I think it is time to remember what we know deep down in our cells, which is, that we can all survive if we establish an equitable exchange of energy. This is the only way we can nourish and flourish a new humanity.

For many years now we have been living distorted versions of these so call truths…

“What’s in it for me”

“No such thing as a free lunch”

These kinds of statements have contributed to a false energetic economy.

Truth is we do need to pay it forward at some point… if we all Establish Equitable Exchange with our family, friends and our business relationships the pristine quality of the energy/frequency generated from that exchange would rapidly spread worldwide creating more peace and prosperity than ever before.

Now that’s worth some concentrated effort I say!!

What are your thoughts on the idea?

Elizabeth Ellames

(note: I actually wrote this back in 2013, but felt I needed to re-post today)

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