Being A Socially Responsible Business

Why Video Content And Partnership Is Key In Being A Socially Responsible Business

Being a sponsor or partner gives you and your business an opportunity to share parts of your valuable story on film, and the more video content you have that informs your audience of your social participation, the more trust you will build – And trust translates to shared values and onto possible sales.

There are benefits on both sides of being a socially responsible business. We all like to connect with good people, as do customers, who also prefer to associate with good businesses. And being a socially responsible business is a great way to attract positive attention to your organization, and also make your employees feel proud to be part of your enterprise.

People share emotions, not facts – Which simply means, “People share if they care”

You Need To Build Your Brand From The Inside Out

Being socially responsible is a great way to build your brand, and create a positive name for yourself in your community or even globally. Things like trust and an overall positive image are possible through being socially responsible. If you support the right type of cause, there can also be many co-branding and marketing opportunities. This is why being a sponsor or partner on the appropriate REEL DEAL Production or cause is the perfect way to build your profile as a genuine social change influencer.

Good people create great businesses, and great businesses create thriving communities.

Here are some tips on how to be a socially responsible business

Choose A Cause For Impact

If the nature of your business or industry causes harm in some way, it would be useful to choose a cause that helps improve that area. Find something that is meaningful to your team. And supporting something that you don’t connect with will take the passion and success out of the initiative.

Be A Responsible Social Influencer

Being socially responsible is an ongoing process that starts from within and extends outward. If you are going to do it be mindful of what, why and whom you want to inspire, influence and create impact for. Avoid one-time events or annual donations that support a cause. These don’t necessarily qualify as being socially responsible.

Set A Social Intention Into The Culture Of Your Business

Every decision that’s made should address your social intention so that it becomes part of your culture, and not just an outside initiative. It should be part of your business’s journey, not just a standalone project. Whenever possible, think about how decisions might affect this cause, or how new initiatives can include the social intention in the planning.

Get Your Team Enthused And Onboard

Get the whole team involved and participating in the cause. It is not only up to management to drive the initiatives that make your business socially responsible. You can set up a fundraising committee that allows team members to be hands-on with organizations, which will give them a sense of ownership.

Give Your Staff ‘Social Change’ Time Off

There are a lot of other cool ways that you can give back, such as SCO (social change time off). Preferably, the cause that the staff member is volunteering for is their choice. The great thing about being a socially responsible business is it doesn’t necessarily take money to be socially responsible. The idea here is to give staff a paid day off so they can participate in some social change services.


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