Where to from here?

My go to in any crisis is STORY…

And the reason being, the power of Story and Storytelling is so important for the evolution of humanity. It always was and always will be – This is because it’s the language of the Soul, actually good storytelling speaks directly to the Soul. 

A culture that looses its Story, will often loose its Soul. We only have to look at history to see the evidence. – And this is why it is so important to heal our collective story (Australia) as a National and allow the story and stories of our First Nations people to be brought to the forefront and be told and honoured. –

Cooks arrival in Australia is not what seeded our country, but rather it was the thousands and thousands of years of songs lines and stories of aboriginal people who are the vision holder’s and weavers of the original Australia. – If we continue to forget this, Australia’s culture and collective story will become so superficial and fragile that it will be blown to the wind and our souls with it. 

Storytelling is sacred by nature and alive with archetypal forces that serve the evolution of humanity and our collective mother, Planet Earth. Storytelling is there to ensure our immortality – And it doesn’t grow out of shallow verses, laden with lies and self serving recall that only serves the needs of a few. It has to connect to the Soul of others and activate their archetypal forces. – This is what having audience with another is all about. 

Having AUDIENCE is the opportunity to be heard or experienced for the purpose of evolving humanity. 

Unfortunately, right now having an audience with our government is not working because we’ve been shown many of the people in our government are a major part of the problem. When a young woman is raped in Parliament House we need to pay attention – The alleged rape of Brittany Higgins by a senior staffer after hours in Parliament House, should be setting off alarm bells for all Australians. This is fundamentally wrong on so many levels.

And I am going to sum it in my own words MISUSE of power, DISEMPOWERMENT and the STEALING of another persons power. And if this is happening in Parliment House, I would suggest there is no authentic power there at all – It is simply a continuum of power transference from one to another through the blatant act of domination over others and the overt or covert display of misogyny. – Concerning and Confronting, YES it is!

We are at a critical turning point and people are looking at our government for the change! I would suggest they are NOT the people we should be asking for support from right now, we need a totally new style of leadership because this one is clearly not working.

We need real CHANGE AGENTS who care, and believe in COMMUNITY FIRST LEADERSHIP over a pseudo power that only serves personal needs. When a person has been blinded or seduced by power they often enter the shadow side of that powers archetypal force – and that is what is happening in our world at present – ITS TIME to birth some new heros on to the planet who want real change for us all.

—And remember radical transformation is natures tradition.—

  • Crisis precedes transformation and problems are evolutionary drivers.—
  • Nature takes jumps through synergy and co-operation.
  • Old models and systems are breaking down – Making way for Breakthroughs!
  • And when a system becomes unstable, that is the time to reorder.  
  • —This is how nature evolves, and we are part of that nature.—

The community first leader does not show you how it is done, the community first leader is simply ready, willing and available to connect and create a new STORY.

Enough is Enough, its time, time for real CHANGE AGENTS!

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