Create A New Story Of Sisterhood

Re-Post from 2012

Here is my personal story of surrender – it is a story that demonstrates the power of surrender and how every thought, action and word contributes to the social and spiritual fabric of our world.

On the morning of Sep 11th 2001 – I walked in to my youngest sons bedroom to see him witnessing the horror of the twin towers falling – he said “Mum look the US is being attacked.” I sat on the bed with him in disbelief – I wasn’t sure if it was real or not. Once I had come to terms with the fact that it was real – I then asked my self “who am I in conflict with, who is it that I need to make peace with right now.”

I knew at some level – however small, I had contributed to this madness – immediately a woman’s name came to mind, it was someone I had often been judgmental about. In that moment I handed it all to God, I said “I offer this to you God – I totally release this conflict within me and will be aware of my words from this moment on, I offer this to you to be healed.”

That morning I took my husband to the airport for work, both of us still in a state of shock. On the way back from the airport I thought I would visit St Peters Cathedral – which has a beautiful area at the back of the cathedral called The Lady Chapel. I had often visited The Lady Chapel – it is a wonderful place for women to go to when they need a little comfort and shelter from the harshness of the world.

I walked in to the chapel to find only one other person there – it was her – the woman I needed to make peace with. There we were both in the same place, at the same time, doing the same thing. She had her eyes closed, so I gently put my hand on her lap and whispered her name. She looked up at me and said so sweetly, “I thought you were The Madonna”. I smiled, made eye contact and moved on to enter my silence and be with my God. I will never forget the gift I was given that day – It was so powerful.

I tell that story often because it confirms to others and to myself the enormous power of synchronicity, I have no doubt that my experience that day was a direct message and blessing from GOD. I was given a gift; a wake up call, to get on with the work that I needed to do while here on our beautiful jewel, planet Earth.

The New Story Of Sisterhood starts with a chapter called “Surrender”.

Lets surrender up the old, so called sister story of competition, jealousy, she said, I said, what about, I hate it when and so on. Let’s say NO I don’t want to support or tell that old story anymore. The number one key to creating a new story is being prepared to let go of the old one. This is how I do it; I say to myself “give it up, give it up, give it up”. I surrender my life to the nature of God and I am free, I am free to be me.

As we confidently embrace our liberation as New Women, we can use this opportunity to connect with each other at a whole new level. We can start a new story that speaks of encouragement and tenderness toward each other as sisters. The sisters that went before us courageously made way for our liberation. Now it is up to us to truly embrace our present day sisters with our hearts wide open, proudly knowing they are our support team. I encourage you to stand naked in your truth and liberate your self some more. You have been born into a time like no other, don’t waste a second of your liberty sisters. Speak from your heart, walk tall and know that from your own personal liberty, you are helping to raise the self esteem of other women.

Our time here on earth is sacred and only a blink in the vastness of the cosmos. We are all blessed with many gifts and as we honor them in each other our power and beauty grows. Idle gossip and control tactics wont add value to any situation – our time here on earth is to love each other and express our individual passions. So let’s go forth with love and light in our hearts, bless the world with our many gifts and create a new story of sisterhood.

I invite you to share your ideas on what our new story may look like and how it is coming alive in your own life.


  1. The challenge of surrender has been at my door of late (not without some pain) and writing poetry has helped me work through it….

    The Source
    beckons me
    moving towards the Light can blind the view ahead…
    may Love be the compass that navigates for me
    as I surrender
    again and again
    into the Radiance

    To Surrender to Self Love
    is at times so easy,
    more often so difficult,
    but always so necessary…
    for Higher Purpose and for Community.
    I pray that
    my willingness and intention
    will be enough
    to shift the worn-out inner machinations
    that limit and shrink me,
    freeing my heart to
    soar into
    the limitless expansion of self Love.


    1. That is absolutely beautiful Cherie,
      Thank you for sharing your beauty with us……

      ‘The weaving of words is a way in which the light may reach a willing mind and in time those words become action and that action becomes light filled.’

      ‘Obedience of the heart comes at an extraordinary price, when one is able to give ones life over to a greater and more auspicious power; they become the receiver and transfiguration of Gods divine intention. There is no greater Gift in ones life than this.’

      ‘Be it humble, be it pure or even profound; my love for all that is, is my insatiable longing to be in the heart and mind of my one true God, forever free to be and forever an expression of divine light.’

      ‘My responsibility to you is to be me, for as I grow beyond my manufactured self and reveal my God self, I create more light, more love, more life.’

      ‘Our life journey is simply the Souls quest to create heaven on earth and every heartfelt Desire we have is a step towards that goal.’

      ‘As I give of my heart, my mind will follow, for above the realm of reason, rests the light and love of all that is worth having in ones life.’

      ‘Only in my heart can I know God, for that is where God is. If my day becomes dark and my night a presence with out end, remind me dear angel of hope, that the sun is in my heart, a glow of pure divinity that will help me find my way home.’

      Ah poetry a gift from the heart and mind of ones Soul. Love Elizabeth xxxx


      1. I am truely blessed to spend my time today reading your wonderful words cherie elizabeth and gabriel, and how wonderfully inspiring you all are. Authenticity has been deep within me today and these words just cement that even more. Thank you Angels. xx


  2. Beautiful Elizabeth and Cherie…thank you both for sharing your heart space with me and the possibility of a new story…I feel supported in a new way by you both…and now allow my light to shine even stronger today as a result of your inspiration! Thank you!


    1. A pleasure Gabrielle,
      Its my favourite place to be.
      So glad you feel supported by our sharing.
      Blessings abound Dear One,
      Elizabeth xxxx


  3. Thanks for putting so many of your writings on this theme in one place in your reply Elizabeth. To read them again is a wonderful encouragement – their message so profound – reading them in succession feels like wave after wave propelling my soul to the shore of Light!
    So glad it all speaks to you too Gabrielle.
    Thank God for Elizabeth’s leadership in this with her “blogging”.


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