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I created REEL DEAL Productions, to encourage people to take their idea and turn it into an awesome message, cause or a thriving social business. My intention is to shift a society that is way too focused on rewarding financial and celebrity success and move toward making it easier for everyone to have a go at authentic greatness. We simply can’t let those old ways hold us back from making a difference in the world with our ideas, dreams, visions, and actions – the world needs us to lead the way today.


Factual and Fictional Film is my favorite medium, it’s where I creatively and professionally draw a person into their safe space, breaking down barriers to reveal the person inside and the significance of their story or character, giving inspiration and meaning to their journey and validating their place in the world.


My focus is People, Place, and Purpose and my skill as a storyteller in film comes from a career spanning over 30 years in the world of personal development and a passion for social change, combined with an extensive study on the theory of cinema/film, I have applied this body of knowledge in becoming an expert in the field of archetypes, narrative, and character development. I love creating new worlds for an audience to experience, by uncovering candid emotions that ignite our hunger for real humanity, giving the viewer an encounter that induces a healthy longing.

I love these words from Natalie Portman – “As an actor, your job is to imagine some else’s life. That is what we do. We say I wonder what that person feels and thinks. And that’s the experience in a movie theatre. We’re sharing this social experience with other people for 2 hours, caring about someone else’s life. It’s the act of empathy.” 

And that’s why I love the power of the cinema… it’s still an amazing, conscious evolutionary experience that we can have together. – Elizabeth Ellames


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