What is New Style Leadership?

Why is New Style Leadership necessary today? How can New Style Leadership succeed in the real world? New Style Leadership is not based on the old model of just seeing results; the old bottom line system address’ only one aspect of the whole process. While the New Style Leader focuses on staying in a unity-based context, whichContinue reading “What is New Style Leadership?”

Our Story Creates Identity And Connection

Storytelling is the way we build our identity as human beings. And the weavers of those stories come in the form of traditional archetypes. Ultimately the memories we choose to tell form carefully placed scenes of our story; which then inform our life purpose. We are what we share and we only share if weContinue reading “Our Story Creates Identity And Connection”

Being A Socially Responsible Business

Why Video Content And Partnership Is Key In Being A Socially Responsible Business Being a sponsor or partner gives you and your business an opportunity to share parts of your valuable story on film, and the more video content you have that informs your audience of your social participation, the more trust you will buildContinue reading “Being A Socially Responsible Business”

Value Based Brands

12 Essentials To Growing A Value-Based Brand©…. Connect to the heart much more than the head. Have a bigger purpose that extends beyond profit. Always add value. Take time to do your best. Shaped with clarity of intention. Its embedded with truth. Make your audience the Star or Hero, not you. You don’t have to matter to everyone.Continue reading “Value Based Brands”

The Birthing Of A New Humanity

  On the 22nd December 2012 at The Sanctuary, Adelaide Zoo in Adelaide, South Australia, the Unite Your Light – Rise Up event celebrated and anchored the birth of a new humanity. Unite Your LIGHT – our future is now, was born out of Elizabeth Ellames passionate heart to help others identify and use theirContinue reading “The Birthing Of A New Humanity”

A Creative And Transformative Process

Cinema is an experience we have together. Perfect description about the screening FACES of CLAY held on March 14th, 2019 – written by CHERIE ROWETT of Heart Choice Enterprises who was our brilliant and charming MC for the night. “This week I had the absolute pleasure of MCing the inaugural screening of a short film titled Faces ofContinue reading “A Creative And Transformative Process”

Why we did this project

An Invitation To Participate In Social Change  This project is a genuine invitation to participate in a social change venture and all who have chosen to collaborate on this project are committed to creating possibility and opportunity for personal growth on many levels – Moreover, everyone on The Art Of Being Human project is growingContinue reading “Why we did this project”

How to live an extraordinary life?

There’s lots of information out there today about how important it is to have a vibrant personal and professional brand? But what does that really mean? And how do you get there?  I have explored years of personal development with my clients and on myself, but nothing beats applying “The Process Of Story” – ItContinue reading “How to live an extraordinary life?”

WHY we need STORY

We long for connection with all that is curious and creative. We are creatures who belong to each other for reasons beyond analysis, for it is our heart’s desire and our life’s dream to fulfill a worthy story. We ache with a need to connect and create or sadly the other is we become numbContinue reading “WHY we need STORY”

Do you have a purpose pitch?

Have you ever wondered what makes a great Pitch?  It’s PURPOSE! A Purpose Pitch is created out of a passionate, creative, soul-stirring script that you share when someone asks that ever-present question… “So… what do you do”? As many of you know I am a raving CONTEXT QUEEN, because I believe that context is the most important step in getting clear about your Life Purpose. I can’tContinue reading “Do you have a purpose pitch?”