Create A New Story Of Sisterhood

Re-Post from 2012

Here is my personal story of surrender – it is a story that demonstrates the power of surrender and how every thought, action and word contributes to the social and spiritual fabric of our world.

On the morning of Sep 11th 2001 – I walked in to my youngest sons bedroom to see him witnessing the horror of the twin towers falling – he said “Mum look the US is being attacked.” I sat on the bed with him in disbelief – I wasn’t sure if it was real or not. Once I had come to terms with the fact that it was real – I then asked my self “who am I in conflict with, who is it that I need to make peace with right now.”

I knew at some level – however small, I had contributed to this madness – immediately a woman’s name came to mind, it was someone I had often been judgmental about. In that moment I handed it all to God, I said “I offer this to you God – I totally release this conflict within me and will be aware of my words from this moment on, I offer this to you to be healed.”

That morning I took my husband to the airport for work, both of us still in a state of shock. On the way back from the airport I thought I would visit St Peters Cathedral – which has a beautiful area at the back of the cathedral called The Lady Chapel. I had often visited The Lady Chapel – it is a wonderful place for women to go to when they need a little comfort and shelter from the harshness of the world.

I walked in to the chapel to find only one other person there – it was her – the woman I needed to make peace with. There we were both in the same place, at the same time, doing the same thing. She had her eyes closed, so I gently put my hand on her lap and whispered her name. She looked up at me and said so sweetly, “I thought you were The Madonna”. I smiled, made eye contact and moved on to enter my silence and be with my God. I will never forget the gift I was given that day – It was so powerful.

I tell that story often because it confirms to others and to myself the enormous power of synchronicity, I have no doubt that my experience that day was a direct message and blessing from GOD. I was given a gift; a wake up call, to get on with the work that I needed to do while here on our beautiful jewel, planet Earth.

The New Story Of Sisterhood starts with a chapter called “Surrender”.

Lets surrender up the old, so called sister story of competition, jealousy, she said, I said, what about, I hate it when and so on. Let’s say NO I don’t want to support or tell that old story anymore. The number one key to creating a new story is being prepared to let go of the old one. This is how I do it; I say to myself “give it up, give it up, give it up”. I surrender my life to the nature of God and I am free, I am free to be me.

As we confidently embrace our liberation as New Women, we can use this opportunity to connect with each other at a whole new level. We can start a new story that speaks of encouragement and tenderness toward each other as sisters. The sisters that went before us courageously made way for our liberation. Now it is up to us to truly embrace our present day sisters with our hearts wide open, proudly knowing they are our support team. I encourage you to stand naked in your truth and liberate your self some more. You have been born into a time like no other, don’t waste a second of your liberty sisters. Speak from your heart, walk tall and know that from your own personal liberty, you are helping to raise the self esteem of other women.

Our time here on earth is sacred and only a blink in the vastness of the cosmos. We are all blessed with many gifts and as we honor them in each other our power and beauty grows. Idle gossip and control tactics wont add value to any situation – our time here on earth is to love each other and express our individual passions. So let’s go forth with love and light in our hearts, bless the world with our many gifts and create a new story of sisterhood.

I invite you to share your ideas on what our new story may look like and how it is coming alive in your own life.

Where to from here?

My go to in any crisis is STORY…

And the reason being, the power of Story and Storytelling is so important for the evolution of humanity. It always was and always will be – This is because it’s the language of the Soul, actually good storytelling speaks directly to the Soul. 

A culture that looses its Story, will often loose its Soul. We only have to look at history to see the evidence. – And this is why it is so important to heal our collective story (Australia) as a National and allow the story and stories of our First Nations people to be brought to the forefront and be told and honoured. –

Cooks arrival in Australia is not what seeded our country, but rather it was the thousands and thousands of years of songs lines and stories of aboriginal people who are the vision holder’s and weavers of the original Australia. – If we continue to forget this, Australia’s culture and collective story will become so superficial and fragile that it will be blown to the wind and our souls with it. 

Storytelling is sacred by nature and alive with archetypal forces that serve the evolution of humanity and our collective mother, Planet Earth. Storytelling is there to ensure our immortality – And it doesn’t grow out of shallow verses, laden with lies and self serving recall that only serves the needs of a few. It has to connect to the Soul of others and activate their archetypal forces. – This is what having audience with another is all about. 

Having AUDIENCE is the opportunity to be heard or experienced for the purpose of evolving humanity. 

Unfortunately, right now having an audience with our government is not working because we’ve been shown many of the people in our government are a major part of the problem. When a young woman is raped in Parliament House we need to pay attention – The alleged rape of Brittany Higgins by a senior staffer after hours in Parliament House, should be setting off alarm bells for all Australians. This is fundamentally wrong on so many levels.

And I am going to sum it in my own words MISUSE of power, DISEMPOWERMENT and the STEALING of another persons power. And if this is happening in Parliment House, I would suggest there is no authentic power there at all – It is simply a continuum of power transference from one to another through the blatant act of domination over others and the overt or covert display of misogyny. – Concerning and Confronting, YES it is!

We are at a critical turning point and people are looking at our government for the change! I would suggest they are NOT the people we should be asking for support from right now, we need a totally new style of leadership because this one is clearly not working.

We need real CHANGE AGENTS who care, and believe in COMMUNITY FIRST LEADERSHIP over a pseudo power that only serves personal needs. When a person has been blinded or seduced by power they often enter the shadow side of that powers archetypal force – and that is what is happening in our world at present – ITS TIME to birth some new heros on to the planet who want real change for us all.

—And remember radical transformation is natures tradition.—

  • Crisis precedes transformation and problems are evolutionary drivers.—
  • Nature takes jumps through synergy and co-operation.
  • Old models and systems are breaking down – Making way for Breakthroughs!
  • And when a system becomes unstable, that is the time to reorder.  
  • —This is how nature evolves, and we are part of that nature.—

The community first leader does not show you how it is done, the community first leader is simply ready, willing and available to connect and create a new STORY.

Enough is Enough, its time, time for real CHANGE AGENTS!

What does being “In The Moment” really mean?

Today I made a fantastic distinction around Diversity = Dynamic

One of the challenges of sharing ideas in family, team, and community – is we can experience control or get upset and regularly come away feeling confused by another person’s strong point of view around systems, a project or start-ups. I believe this is attributed to our different styles of thinking, not learning. We each go through our own unique thought process to come up with our interpretation of a situation.

These interpretations are expressed by the way our personal neuro pathways are fired up in the brain; an array of electrical impulses and connections that help you to express yourself. And yes, I know we have all heard about all the different learning styles, but this is different.

What I am talking about here is “how do we stay present with each other without being dominated by one person’s particular thinking process?” I believe the reason for all the discord or control in relationships, be they personal or professional and even cultural and community are due to this very thing.

I term this behaviour ‘the thinking wars’ – Dominance = Disconnect.

However, where we need to move to as a species is – Diversity = Dynamic

And of course this all sounds good on paper or on a wiz bang power point, but how do we do it in real time, real life? We must be willing to cross the bridge with one another, we literally have to drop out of our thinking for a moment or two and connect to the intelligence of our heart.

If each person present can accept that the only way they can truly understand each other and make a valuable contribution, is through a genuine heart to heart connection, this is in fact what empowers people. Because the real power is when and where lasting trust is built. Truth is, we are never going to really understand the way another person thinks because we are not that person.

Moreover, we most certainly can connect with each other through our aligned values, which are born from the heart.

Our aligned values are what make up the unbreakable connections, which can form this powerful and effective Diversity = Dynamic bridge.

The new wave of relationship in business is emerging: where people adopt a very different, but progressive model of teamwork… Because it will be through our surrender to the power of the heart that we will experience the benefits of cordial collaboration, social synergy, cohesive community and contributing more than money.

So, my dear humans take heed…

HEART to HEART CONNECTION is the currency of the FUTURE. 

The great news is, we all have one!


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Are you a Connector, a Collaborator or a Cultivator?

Connectors, Collaborators and Cultivators are great Community Builders…

Do you long to move beyond the competitive, win-lose culture of the past into a joyful and prosperous future where community is our number one priority?

You are not alone! There’s global evidence of a new trend emerging in humanity – They are the Connectors, Collaborators and the Cultivators. So what is a Connector, Collaborator a Cultivator?


They are the Community First Leaders of our time! 

They are an emerging group who bypass surface values to a whole new way of engaging and working with others, based on contribution, respect, and unity. The Connector, The Collaborator and The Cultivator relinquishes the need for power over others and celebrates the emergence of authentic partnership in all domains, offering a more collaborative, and ultimately more powerful and balanced way of live.

These new archetypes are ironically at our very roots and also the next wave of humanity’s evolution. As humans we have a DEEP need to belong. – It’s part of who we are and where we come from and this need goes all the way back to our cave-dwelling ancestors. We knew that safety in numbers was key to our survival. The only way to stay protected from being attacked and eaten was if you were part of a tribe, a community. Back then if you found yourself alone or abandoned by your community, you’d literally die. – Feeling like we belong is vital to our mental health because it is linked to our instincts to survive.

When was the last time you felt like you truly belonged somewhere?

Do you feel like you belong in your family or in your community or maybe an online community? – Think about that for a moment.

To be honest with you, belonging has often felt a bit of a challenge for me… My parents divorced when I was five and there were no brothers or sisters for me to learn from. If you have siblings I’m sure you know what I mean, I’m talking about those intense emotional battles that siblings have with each other, well, I never got to work through that stuff.

I spent a lot of time on my own; of coarse I also had friends that were truly valuable members of my community, but my belonging challenges still surfaced because there were always those times when friendships folded. Which set up patterns of feeling alone and not belonging, simply because there were no brothers or sisters for me at home as my backup.

This is why I am such a strong advocate of The Connector, The Collaborator and The Cultivator archetypes — and why I love being a Cultivator myself and why having Collaborators and Connectors in my life is wonderful. Having people on your team and in your life that really believe in the power of community before everything else is gold.

The Connector, The Collaborator and The Cultivator are also the builders of community…

So, I invite you to stop and look around you and see how The Connector, The Collaborator and Cultivator are surfacing everywhere today — in business, in our personal relationships and in solutions to change humanity’s greatest challenges and as we embrace the full power of these new archetypes, we can grow into our full potential as human beings.

I encourage you to say, “Yes!” to fully participating in community first, without an agenda – We often think we’ll join a community because we want to make business contacts , etc. Those days are GONE – when you understand the true essence of community practice you get to experience that all the other is taken care of organically — and another key factor to remember is the QUALITY of the community is more important, not the quantity of the community.

And your Souls need for community is more important than anything else.


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Elizabeth Ellames

What is New Style Leadership?

Why is New Style Leadership necessary today?

How can New Style Leadership succeed in the real world?

New Style Leadership is not based on the old model of just seeing results; the old bottom line system address’ only one aspect of the whole process. While the New Style Leader focuses on staying in a unity-based context, which defines and gives structure to the role of the New Style Leader as a co-creator.

The first step in becoming a New Style Leader is saying YES to the call…

What does that mean?

A New Style Leader knows that social and spiritual awareness are one in the same and play a large part in being an effective leader. Saying yes to the call is actually saying yes to your conviction as a social and spiritual entrepreneur.

People may say “but I am not socially active and I am not particularly spiritual either”. Let’s view the idea of social and spiritual – there are many definitions in the dictionary that describe spiritual, many of which are focused on religion. I suggest this is not the case for most people in society.

Here are three definitions, which I believe are how many people view the idea of being social and spiritual today.

Definition – Social

  • Pertaining to, devoted to, or characterized by friendly companionship or relations.
  • Living or inclined to live in companionship with others or in a community, rather than in isolation.
  • Have or pertaining to the life, welfare, and relations of human beings in a community.

Definition – Spiritual

  • Relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit; not tangible or material.
  • Pertaining to having a spirit or soul, different from the physical nature.
  • Having a relationship based on a profound level of mental or emotional unity, pertaining to a refined and higher quality of emotions and actions.

What I am suggesting here is the idea of being dedicated to social and spiritual awareness, which are at the heart of every New Style Leader and one cant create long-term effective change in the world without these two very powerful and necessary elements.


Social and Spiritual  

We have turned to many metaphor duets over time and Social and Spiritual can indeed come under that category.

Here are just a few popular examples – as above/so below, within/without and the micro/the macro. The connection between Social and Spiritual awareness plays an important part in our human experience, we are much more than our immediate world of material matter, we are also made up of our inner more sensitive world of emotions, which are connected to our thoughts, feelings, desires, and visions for a promising future.

However, the moment one starts to talk in these terms, their audience often becomes dismissive, defensive, and disagreeable. Perhaps that’s because people have thought you must keep social and spiritual concepts separate.

But what if keeping them separate has actually created many of the hardships we are facing today. I believe there is no separation between social and spiritual; unfortunately, humanity is repeatedly creating this illusion of separation, which is supporting our unstable and disturbing reality.


The New Style Leaders role requires bringing these two worlds/realities; social and spiritual together. It doesn’t involve becoming a preacher or religious person. All it requires is the desire to cultivate a promising future for humanity, one where both social and spiritual needs are met and respected.

It is acknowledging, honoring, and participating in the process of creation…

Every culture throughout early civilization was centered on a creation myth of some kind. A creation myth (or creation story) is a cultural, traditional or religious myth, which describes the earliest beginnings of the present world. Creation myths are the most common form of myth, usually developing first in oral traditions, and are found throughout human culture. A creation myth is usually regarded as conveying profound truths, although not necessarily in a historical or literal sense.

They are cosmology myths, which describe the ordering of the cosmos from a state of chaos or nothingness. What I am suggesting is that all human culture was originally based on similar concepts, like the social and spiritual connection. This is not a new or unusual concept; perhaps we have just forgotten the nature of our origins. I’m not saying we need to return to such ancient practices, but rather we can draw on these ideas that were unity-based.


Here are three simple definitions that I believe are aligned to the social and spiritual model of leadership. I see the concept and application of creation and co-creation as being a very valuable tool in our world today.

Definition – Creation

  • The act or process of creating.
  • Something that has been brought into existence or created.
  • The act of creating or engendering; give rise to.

These three neutral definitions of creation also provide a great platform from which to form a new and stronger style of leadership. The idea of creation is the combination of being in the continuous process of social and spiritual activity. Creation could, in fact, be the process and the result of how we grow as human beings.

We are creation its self, so through the process of becoming socially and spiritually creative, it enhances our ability to create even more. Creating a new, creating together, creating social systems and creating spiritually sound relationships. This is how we grow a vibrant and creative new humanity.

I don’t see an end to the process, but rather it requires a commitment to stay in the process until your time is up; your personal life cycle is complete. We need to stay in a continuous process of creation in order for the new humanity to remain just that; it must always remain in a state of new.

New Style Leaders collectively have the what, why, how and vision to respond to the call of creation.

So, in conclusion, I suggest that social and spiritual are actually one of the same and do need to co-exist. We require social structures that have a sound unity-based context, in order for the refined qualities of our human spirit to be creative and fully expressed. The New Style Leader is committed to maintaining and repairing the social and spiritual fabric of humanity. The New Style Leader is prepared to stay in the process of creation for as long as it takes to fulfill their life’s purpose.

If we are able to observe the perfected patterns of nature; Creation, desirable results form organically and the true nature of success takes up its rightful place in community and humanity.

From a paper written by Elizabeth Ellames | Oct 2013

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Our Story Creates Identity And Connection

Storytelling is the way we build our identity as human beings. And the weavers of those stories come in the form of traditional archetypes.

Ultimately the memories we choose to tell form carefully placed scenes of our story; which then inform our life purpose.

We are what we share and we only share if we care –

So, it’s simply inappropriate to brush off our experiences as dull or insignificant. How we choose to connect to our stories is what makes an interesting meaningful story arc.

What we choose to say and share is extremely important, whether its last weeks school graduation as a meaningful event, the birth of a child or the death of a loved one as a turning point, it doesn’t matter what the event, but rather it’s the essence, the emotion, the spirit that’s expressed about the moment that really matters.

Finding a genuine, formative moment in your story is always going to be a powerful and valuable contribution to your reader or audience. Our stories are what teach us and guide us toward our humanity.

Do you have a story that needs to be shared?

Being A Socially Responsible Business

Why Video Content And Partnership Is Key In Being A Socially Responsible Business

Being a sponsor or partner gives you and your business an opportunity to share parts of your valuable story on film, and the more video content you have that informs your audience of your social participation, the more trust you will build – And trust translates to shared values and onto possible sales.

There are benefits on both sides of being a socially responsible business. We all like to connect with good people, as do customers, who also prefer to associate with good businesses. And being a socially responsible business is a great way to attract positive attention to your organization, and also make your employees feel proud to be part of your enterprise.

People share emotions, not facts – Which simply means, “People share if they care”

You Need To Build Your Brand From The Inside Out

Being socially responsible is a great way to build your brand, and create a positive name for yourself in your community or even globally. Things like trust and an overall positive image are possible through being socially responsible. If you support the right type of cause, there can also be many co-branding and marketing opportunities. This is why being a sponsor or partner on the appropriate REEL DEAL Production or cause is the perfect way to build your profile as a genuine social change influencer.

Good people create great businesses, and great businesses create thriving communities.

Here are some tips on how to be a socially responsible business

Choose A Cause For Impact

If the nature of your business or industry causes harm in some way, it would be useful to choose a cause that helps improve that area. Find something that is meaningful to your team. And supporting something that you don’t connect with will take the passion and success out of the initiative.

Be A Responsible Social Influencer

Being socially responsible is an ongoing process that starts from within and extends outward. If you are going to do it be mindful of what, why and whom you want to inspire, influence and create impact for. Avoid one-time events or annual donations that support a cause. These don’t necessarily qualify as being socially responsible.

Set A Social Intention Into The Culture Of Your Business

Every decision that’s made should address your social intention so that it becomes part of your culture, and not just an outside initiative. It should be part of your business’s journey, not just a standalone project. Whenever possible, think about how decisions might affect this cause, or how new initiatives can include the social intention in the planning.

Get Your Team Enthused And Onboard

Get the whole team involved and participating in the cause. It is not only up to management to drive the initiatives that make your business socially responsible. You can set up a fundraising committee that allows team members to be hands-on with organizations, which will give them a sense of ownership.

Give Your Staff ‘Social Change’ Time Off

There are a lot of other cool ways that you can give back, such as SCO (social change time off). Preferably, the cause that the staff member is volunteering for is their choice. The great thing about being a socially responsible business is it doesn’t necessarily take money to be socially responsible. The idea here is to give staff a paid day off so they can participate in some social change services.


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Purposed Based Brands

The 12 Essentials To Growing A Purposed-Based Brand….

  1. Connect to the heart much more than the head.
  2. Have a bigger purpose that extends beyond profit.
  3. Always add value where ever possible.
  4. Take time to do your best.
  5. Shape ideas with clarity of intention.
  6. Its embedded with truth.
  7. Make your audience the Star or Hero, not you.
  8. You don’t have to matter to everyone.
  9. Give your audience something to talk about and give them something to believe in.
  10. Develop a community of Tribe-Talkers.
  11. Make your audience feel like they belong.
  12. Share yourself with your audience.

If you want to know more…

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The Birthing Of A New Humanity

On the 22nd December 2012 at The Sanctuary, Adelaide Zoo in Adelaide, South Australia, the Unite Your Light – Rise Up event celebrated and anchored the birth of a new humanity.

Unite Your LIGHT – our future is now, was born out of Elizabeth Ellames passionate heart to help others identify and use their gifts to make a difference in our world.

Unite Your Light has built a community of innovators, practitioners, teachers, artists, leaders, and everyday angels of compassion; a living example of the power that true unity in our communities creates.

Elizabeth, the Primary Vision Holder along with five Stellar Teams each consisting of a Vision Holder, Stellar Coordinator and complimentary team members formed in January 2012 to develop the content for this event. With a goal to embody unity-based principles at every level and truly serve in the transformation of humanity: for the individual, the community, and the world.

The event was designed to raise positive awareness in people, as well as raise funds for the “Because I am a Girl” campaign, which is connected to Plan International which is a development charity working with communities in 45 countries to alleviate child poverty.

Asking the questions throughout the year, “Who and what does it mean to be The New Woman, The New Man, The New Story, The New Family, The New Child, The New Business and The New Style Leader, this leading-edge project created a new understanding around the power of community.

It was an honor to experience young Kaurna and Narrunga man Vincent ‘Jack’ Kanyana Buckskin performing the Traditional Welcome to Country in his native tongue of Kaurna, the Kaurna Peoples being the traditional custodians of the Adelaide and greater Adelaide plains region of South Australia.

Jack Kanya Kudnuitya Buckskin is a proud Kaurna and Narungga man who has dedicated his life to learning and passing on his knowledge and language of the Adelaide Plains to future generations of Kaurna people.

Jack is a strong icon in the revitalization process of Kaurna language through managing and performing song and dance and through teaching Kaurna language.

He believes that as Kaurna language has come from the land this is the only place in the world you will find it, it was in the country before we were born and it is our duty to ensure it continues by learning and using it together.

The Unite Your Light attendees were privileged to have Jack and ‘Kuma Karro’ perform a traditional smoking ceremony and a number of their first-class traditional dances as they looked on holding their ‘united lights’ (lanterns gifted by the Unite Your Light women to all attendees at the conclusion of the event).

Sacred ceremonies, video clips, performers, and presentations by guest speakers including the renowned Brandon Bays speaking on the New Consciousness & Elder Brian Butler talking about the ‘Decade of Lateral Love around the World 2012 – 2022′ along with Mia Handshin and Khadija Gbla from ‘Because I Am A Girl’ were all captured on the night.
All of humanity’s next phase of development will need to be imbued with Lateral Love in the Light of Unity. How we all contribute will be important.

It is time to truly connect with each other and Unite Your Light through the principles of the Decade of Lateral Love Around the World 2012 – 2022.

Click the link for more information on

From Lateral Love  – Congratulations Elizabeth and all of the Stellar Groups, Unite the Light was a great achievement and a success, we are proud to have been included in your vision. Brian & Nicola Butler

Jack Kanya Kudnuitya Buckskin –


A Creative And Transformative Process

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Cinema is an experience we have together.

Perfect description about the screening FACES of CLAY held on March 14th, 2019 – written by CHERIE ROWETT of Heart Choice Enterprises who was our brilliant and charming MC for the night.


“This week I had the absolute pleasure of MCing the inaugural screening of a short film titled Faces of Clay by Elizabeth Ellames and Harvey Newland-Harman. The film captures the creative and transformative process involved in making some of the art pieces for The Art of Being Human exhibition in the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival. The art exhibition was a project developed by Serafina Tané to strengthen community and collaboration in Adelaide CBD.

The remarkable sculptures produced by Scott Eames for the exhibition were the focus of the film “Faces of Clay”, and were on display in the foyer of The Mercury cinema on the night. To hear in the film the life stories of Angela, Wolf, Bushy, and Jill, who were the subjects of the sculptures, was to be granted powerful insights into human vulnerability and human resilience alike.

Each of the sculptures will now reside in agencies that assist people through the most fragile times – Hutt St Centre, MOSH, Catherine House and Baptistcare. My sincere congratulations to the artists and everyone involved in the art exhibition for your talent and commitment to strengthening community, to Scott Eames for your amazing sculpting talents, and to Elizabeth and Harvey – the “Faces of Clay” filming and production team – for your commitment to telling stories that matter with such beautiful technique and tenderness.

The night was complete with original live music from Souzi and the Cool Mints in the foyer before the screening, a tastefully run auction by Dale Gray, and the great audience. It was indeed a memorable evening of connection and celebration, and I have much gratitude for being invited to MC the event.”