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Why Video Content And Partnership Is Key In Being A Socially Responsible Business

There are benefits on both sides of being a socially responsible business. We all like to connect with good people, as do customers, who also prefer to associate with good businesses. And being a socially responsible business is a great way to attract positive attention to your organization, and also make your employees feel proud to be part of your enterprise.

Build Your Brand From The Inside Out

Being socially responsible is a great way to build your brand, and create a positive name for yourself in your community or even globally. Things like trust and an overall positive image are possible through being socially responsible. If you support the right type of cause, there can also be many co-branding and marketing opportunities. This is why being a sponsor or partner on the appropriate REAL DEAL Production or cause is the perfect way to build your profile as a genuine social change influencer. Being a sponsor or partner gives you and your business an opportunity to share parts of your valuable story on film.

We all know how compelling a great story is and at REAL DEAL we only invite partner’s who have a great story that aligns perfectly with our values and the video content or production we are creating. This is what we call a Win | Win | Win picture  – You Win, We Win and the Community or Cause Wins.


Attract And Engage Great Talent

Gen Y and Gen X are generally suspicious of big business, the government, and the media. And are often committed to working for socially responsible companies. Millennial case studies show that around 80 percent of 13- to 25-year-olds surveyed want to work for businesses that care about their effect on society. Other studies have found that MBA graduates would prefer to sacrifice on average $11,000 of their annual salary to work for a socially responsible establishment.

The current trends show that people really do want to make a difference in the world, and being socially responsible is the best way to attract and engage great talent in your business. When staff members are proud of where they work they feel a sense of loyalty, which makes them ambassadors for the business. And video content is indeed the “go to” today for information and entertainment. – Video is a brilliant way to connect with your audience by providing a more engaging experience.


People Love Socially Responsible Companies

Many studies have found that 50% of consumers, surveyed worldwide would be willing to pay more for goods and services from socially responsible companies. The caution is, and this is important for businesses to think about, is that in countries where there was already some disbelief, the willingness to spend more was lower. This means that businesses and the initiatives you’re applying need to be totally authentic. It’s extremely important to always be demonstrating “inclusiveness, kindness and transparency,” in everything from your business culture to your promotional campaigns. 
- This is where video and story are extremely useful.

It Keeps Your Business Innovative

Choosing to have a unique and value-add impact, as a business, and doing things differently to your competitors helps your business stand out more. This applies to all areas of business, including a socially responsible business. Your relationship with society is as important as your relationship with customers, simply because they are the same. Sharing your strong vision and connection to a cause on video can make a positive impact that provides a genuine “value add, caring, and innovative advantage.”

Collaborative Leadership For Good

Being a small operation or a ‘sole trader’ needn’t hold you back from becoming a socially responsible business. The same principles apply whether your business is large or small. You can still be an inspiration, influence others and create social impact by simply collaborating with other small business owners, consultants, and sole traders that have aligned values and who are equally passionate about making a positive difference in the world. Together you could align and create impact through a collective message on video. – The statistics also show that video is a very powerful medium, 84% of consumers have bought something after watching a video. It gives people time to connect, think, feel and then act.

Good people create great businesses, and great businesses create thriving communities.


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