What is REAL DEAL Leadership?


REAL DEAL Leadership is understanding and creating Social Synergy…

Here are the 10 fundamentals.

1. Leadership – New systems need a new style of leadership. By demonstrating, forming and maintaining systems that work well.

2. A Co-Creative Society – The Co-Creative way of life is staying connected. Overcoming the illusion of separation and forming Co-Creative agreements.

3. Archetype Communication – Establishing group resonance through archetypical patterning. Learning to be a spokesperson of conscious evolution and accessing our collective consciousness.

4. Vocational Excitement – Taking Vocational Excitement to a new level, forming group coherence for collective inspiration. Identify the activities and practices that bring joy and fulfillment to the group as a whole.

5. Vision Holding – Cultivate your resonance through maintaining a group VISION. Practice and explore the concepts of these four fundamentals – word of mouth marketing, quality by design, self-ordering structures and after-sales service.


6. Creating a Synergistic Project – Implementing an idea through your new style of leadership. Creating an overview and developing a concept for a co-creative project or event.

7. Premature Synergy – Expand and embrace your archetype patterning in order to magnetize co-creative partnerships. Read the signs of ineffective alliances with others and then refocus your efforts with more sustainable partnerships.

8. Social Synergy – Engage and bring forward each otherʼs highest contribution potential. As cultural co-creators, we learn to appreciate the gifts of each otherʼs archetype patterning and evolutionary abilities and discover our role in a greater design.

9. Nature of Life – Sensing when a group is not coherent. Respectfully turning discord into cooperative alliance. Recognizing the nature of evolution by identifying your own true nature, light, and shadow.

10. Fundamentals of Universal Coherence – Deepen the connection to your internal guidance system – your Compass of Joy and Impulse of Evolution.

These were the powerful principles that the Unite Your Light – New Style Leadership group explored over a 3 years period – Congratulations team!


A New Wave Of Consciousness Arising


There is a new wave of consciousness arising today – it’s not a force that we are familiar with, but rather, a powerful presence cradled by grace.

It is the emergence of the New Feminine, which is evolving in women. It is here to aid in the planetary shift of humanity. This wonderful power, that I term “ A Woman’s True Value” is birthing on our planet as we speak.

Women today are finding a new impulse to co-create, they are rising up like radiant angels ready to bless the world. This new impulse of creation is an equalizer for the balance required to create the world we want to grow from and live in and live by. What is emerging is a New Woman, she is showing the world how to live a life of balance and true order. Her unique value is equal to Man and absolutely necessary for humanities survival today.

The merging of each other’s qualities and abilities is our only hope for a better world. As each gender steps up to the platform of conscious co-operation to share their true value and gifts, a new emerging collaborative code is activated in the whole system on earth. This is how nature works, this is how it evolves, this is how we grow, after all, we are an integral part of that same system, so let’s evolve.

What we are faced with at present is one of the most powerful times known to man (woman), through the experience and awareness of many systems that are clearly not working today, we are being given the incredible opportunity to create new and effective ways of being.

The harmony of Grace and Nature are key in this game of Life. My message today is let’s nurture the grace and nature of A Woman’s True Value.
Let’s be conscious, contributors and collaborators as we move through this quantum leap that we are indeed experiencing.

Kind regards Elizabeth

I invite you to share how your evolutionary process is unfolding, as you move through this amazing time in history.

Tending to the fire of life.

Tending to the fire of life… Bring your light to the fire and we will warm the world with our love.

Unite your Light’s intention has always been around New Style Leadership and my role has been guiding women on how to best use their archetypes to serve the whole.

As Unite Your Light WOMEN’s primary vision holder it has been my role to facilitate and encourage the group to stand up and be the leaders they want to be. I have been committed to providing the structure and systems for our visions to grow.

I created the vessel or context so to speak, while the group created the content. I now look forward to seeing all their wonderful creations unfold.

Unite Your Light WOMEN was a leadership program for women, which I facilitated each week – Oct 2011 to Dec 2015

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Kind regards

Elizabeth Ellames – The Cultivator