Where to from here?

My go to in any crisis is STORY…

And the reason being, the power of Story and Storytelling is so important for the evolution of humanity. It always was and always will be – This is because it’s the language of the Soul, actually good storytelling speaks directly to the Soul. 

A culture that looses its Story, will often loose its Soul. We only have to look at history to see the evidence. – And this is why it is so important to heal our collective story (Australia) as a National and allow the story and stories of our First Nations people to be brought to the forefront and be told and honoured. –

Cooks arrival in Australia is not what seeded our country, but rather it was the thousands and thousands of years of songs lines and stories of aboriginal people who are the vision holder’s and weavers of the original Australia. – If we continue to forget this, Australia’s culture and collective story will become so superficial and fragile that it will be blown to the wind and our souls with it. 

Storytelling is sacred by nature and alive with archetypal forces that serve the evolution of humanity and our collective mother, Planet Earth. Storytelling is there to ensure our immortality – And it doesn’t grow out of shallow verses, laden with lies and self serving recall that only serves the needs of a few. It has to connect to the Soul of others and activate their archetypal forces. – This is what having audience with another is all about. 

Having AUDIENCE is the opportunity to be heard or experienced for the purpose of evolving humanity. 

Unfortunately, right now having an audience with our government is not working because we’ve been shown many of the people in our government are a major part of the problem. When a young woman is raped in Parliament House we need to pay attention – The alleged rape of Brittany Higgins by a senior staffer after hours in Parliament House, should be setting off alarm bells for all Australians. This is fundamentally wrong on so many levels.

And I am going to sum it in my own words MISUSE of power, DISEMPOWERMENT and the STEALING of another persons power. And if this is happening in Parliment House, I would suggest there is no authentic power there at all – It is simply a continuum of power transference from one to another through the blatant act of domination over others and the overt or covert display of misogyny. – Concerning and Confronting, YES it is!

We are at a critical turning point and people are looking at our government for the change! I would suggest they are NOT the people we should be asking for support from right now, we need a totally new style of leadership because this one is clearly not working.

We need real CHANGE AGENTS who care, and believe in COMMUNITY FIRST LEADERSHIP over a pseudo power that only serves personal needs. When a person has been blinded or seduced by power they often enter the shadow side of that powers archetypal force – and that is what is happening in our world at present – ITS TIME to birth some new heros on to the planet who want real change for us all.

—And remember radical transformation is natures tradition.—

  • Crisis precedes transformation and problems are evolutionary drivers.—
  • Nature takes jumps through synergy and co-operation.
  • Old models and systems are breaking down – Making way for Breakthroughs!
  • And when a system becomes unstable, that is the time to reorder.  
  • —This is how nature evolves, and we are part of that nature.—

The community first leader does not show you how it is done, the community first leader is simply ready, willing and available to connect and create a new STORY.

Enough is Enough, its time, time for real CHANGE AGENTS!

Are you a Connector, a Collaborator or a Cultivator?

Connectors, Collaborators and Cultivators are great Community Builders…

Do you long to move beyond the competitive, win-lose culture of the past into a joyful and prosperous future where community is our number one priority?

You are not alone! There’s global evidence of a new trend emerging in humanity – They are the Connectors, Collaborators and the Cultivators. So what is a Connector, Collaborator a Cultivator?


They are the Community First Leaders of our time! 

They are an emerging group who bypass surface values to a whole new way of engaging and working with others, based on contribution, respect, and unity. The Connector, The Collaborator and The Cultivator relinquishes the need for power over others and celebrates the emergence of authentic partnership in all domains, offering a more collaborative, and ultimately more powerful and balanced way of live.

These new archetypes are ironically at our very roots and also the next wave of humanity’s evolution. As humans we have a DEEP need to belong. – It’s part of who we are and where we come from and this need goes all the way back to our cave-dwelling ancestors. We knew that safety in numbers was key to our survival. The only way to stay protected from being attacked and eaten was if you were part of a tribe, a community. Back then if you found yourself alone or abandoned by your community, you’d literally die. – Feeling like we belong is vital to our mental health because it is linked to our instincts to survive.

When was the last time you felt like you truly belonged somewhere?

Do you feel like you belong in your family or in your community or maybe an online community? – Think about that for a moment.

To be honest with you, belonging has often felt a bit of a challenge for me… My parents divorced when I was five and there were no brothers or sisters for me to learn from. If you have siblings I’m sure you know what I mean, I’m talking about those intense emotional battles that siblings have with each other, well, I never got to work through that stuff.

I spent a lot of time on my own; of coarse I also had friends that were truly valuable members of my community, but my belonging challenges still surfaced because there were always those times when friendships folded. Which set up patterns of feeling alone and not belonging, simply because there were no brothers or sisters for me at home as my backup.

This is why I am such a strong advocate of The Connector, The Collaborator and The Cultivator archetypes — and why I love being a Cultivator myself and why having Collaborators and Connectors in my life is wonderful. Having people on your team and in your life that really believe in the power of community before everything else is gold.

The Connector, The Collaborator and The Cultivator are also the builders of community…

So, I invite you to stop and look around you and see how The Connector, The Collaborator and Cultivator are surfacing everywhere today — in business, in our personal relationships and in solutions to change humanity’s greatest challenges and as we embrace the full power of these new archetypes, we can grow into our full potential as human beings.

I encourage you to say, “Yes!” to fully participating in community first, without an agenda – We often think we’ll join a community because we want to make business contacts , etc. Those days are GONE – when you understand the true essence of community practice you get to experience that all the other is taken care of organically — and another key factor to remember is the QUALITY of the community is more important, not the quantity of the community.

And your Souls need for community is more important than anything else.


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Elizabeth Ellames

Purposed Based Brands

The 12 Essentials To Growing A Purposed-Based Brand….

  1. Connect to the heart much more than the head.
  2. Have a bigger purpose that extends beyond profit.
  3. Always add value where ever possible.
  4. Take time to do your best.
  5. Shape ideas with clarity of intention.
  6. Its embedded with truth.
  7. Make your audience the Star or Hero, not you.
  8. You don’t have to matter to everyone.
  9. Give your audience something to talk about and give them something to believe in.
  10. Develop a community of Tribe-Talkers.
  11. Make your audience feel like they belong.
  12. Share yourself with your audience.

If you want to know more…

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Do you have a purpose pitch?

Have you ever wondered what makes a great Pitch? 


Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.

A Purpose Pitch is created out of a passionate, creative, soul-stirring script that you share when someone asks that ever-present question… “So… what do you do”?

As many of you know I am a raving CONTEXT QUEEN, because I believe that context is the most important step in getting clear about your Life Purpose. I can’t stress this enough, because without it nothing really fits, whatever you are working on or forming must have a crystal clear CONTEXT that can confidently support whoever you want to be or whatever you choose to create.

But it can’t be like the old style elevator pitch… No Way! (boring/phony) Today your pitch has to be alive with the very essence of who you are.

It literally has to be born from your Spirit!

We now know that fully understanding your own story can build an effective personal brand, because it highlights your strengths and value as an emerging influencer.

Your ability to Dream, Create, Feel and Live your vision lives or dies on having an authentic Purpose Pitch that inspires people to think differently.

Here is my Purpose Pitch….. I love helping people connect to the value of their own STORY; their brand, their purpose.

Because that’s what I do best. I also love to partner up with people who practice adding value… through demonstrating trust and cordial collaboration.

Here is my personal formula –

My gift is… I see the Truth

What I love to do… Conceptualize ideas spontaneously and effectively to reveal that truth, through a process of pattern recognition and trend forecasting. 

What I’m here to correct and transform in the world… Mediocrity, Mendacity, and Misogyny.

My role and mission is to activate in people a desire to live their Life Purpose 

Do you know or want to know your Life Purpose?

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Elizabeth Ellames


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It is your ATTENTION and INTENTION that creates UNITY within you and around you.

Here are some key points I discovered and applied when forming the New Style Leadership program for Unite Your Light WOMEN – These questions are vital to staying on purpose and connecting in a community or on a team… I invite you to take the time to write down these questions and your answers for further reference. 

  • Do I Foster Cordial Collaboration?
  • Where Do I Promote Compassion?
  • Do I Connect Heart To Heart
  • Who do I know That Inspires Purpose?
  • Am I Creating Something Of Value?
  • Can I Focus On What Works?
  • Where Can I Create Opportunity?
  • Do I Understand Social Synergy Systems?
  • Is My Life Full Of Encouragement And Nourishment?
  • Where Can I Contribute More Than Money?
  • Am I Creating A Cohesive Community
  • Have I Made A Promise To Myself That I Want To Keep?

When you are faced with a moment of conflict within a group or even within yourself, you can connect to your vision and these questions – to see why the conflict has arisen. It doesn’t mean the conflict will disappear immediately, but rather you will see that the conflict may actually be a creative conflict and a necessary part of your evolution. It is at this point of choice where your life and vision can start to evolve into a reality.

Creative conflict is often a re-aligning mechanism and in the process of correcting and transforming the creative conflict, you actually become the new reality you are seeking.

In regards to how a community can work together, this concept is leading edge. A community’s true function is unity and activity and I believe the science of community is connectivity and coherence with each other.

You Are What You Share

We all know personal branding is important for most people today, not just celebrities and entrepreneurs.

Today when someone connects with you about your business or career, they need to understand who you are; they want to know what you’re about and whether you can add value.

Many people fall short though; either by ignoring their personal brand, thinking their work will somehow speak for itself… I have spent several years designing what I believe to be the best possible formula to identify the very essence of one’s personal branding. Over the last 20 years, I have explored branding through a few different avenues.

One is the development of Living Attributes, which is a typology (tool) that helps you to identify the value of your unique story; your brand. Its design and application build a lasting confidence by uncovering your true potential. Purpose-Based Branding goes way beyond the usual landscape of conventional branding, which only focused on highlighting a person’s professional identity. The refreshing approach to Purpose-Based Branding invites you and your audience or community to develop a quality relationship built on integrity and empowerment.

Secondly, over a three-year period, I had the privilege of working closely with an amazing team of women. In our third year together, with great conviction, they identified and developed their “Purpose-Based” brand from the inside out. As the facilitator of their powerful process, I also learned a wealth of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating a brand based on your values. Each of these women has now moved on to form their own business and are forming communities around those businesses, they are indeed a shining example of Purpose, Passion, and Promise.

Here are my top insights on where people can fall short around their personal branding – and how you can avoid those mistakes.

#1. Distinction – The importance of creating a relatable and engaging story.

Most people assume that others will just “get it” when it comes to their brand: “Can’t you just work it out… can’t you see what or why I’m doing it?” Well no… Not really. Unless you take the time to explain yourself and fill them in, they probably won’t take the time to work it out and will come up with a conflicting version of who you are or won’t think much about your brand at all.

Tell your own GREAT STORY – don’t leave it to others to do it on your behalf, unless they have the full story and are telling it for all the right reasons. Remember your STORY informs your PURPOSE and creates your VALUE. This is a vital starting point that can make all the difference to how you present your message to the world.

#2. Distinction – The importance of finding out everything about your personal brand.

It is so easy to think we know and understands our personal brand. It’s basically who we think we are, yeah? Of course, when we take a deeper look, it’s easy to see the misconception.

Your personal brand isn’t just who you say you are; It’s actually all about…

  • identifying and clarifying WHAT your real talent is,
  • specifying HOW you love to express and share that talent
  • and WHY it is so very important to you
  • and WHO your brand is for…  and does it add value to their life.

Once you know your WHAT, HOW and WHY… your WHO it’s for, becomes much clearer. I have found the following to be the best way to uncover all of the above.

By applying the simple formula of… IDENTIFY, CLARIFY, SPECIFY, EDIFY and UNIFY you become crystal clear about what your personal brand looks like, feels like and what it communicates to others.

#3. Distinction –  The importance of living the core values of your brand.

The days are gone where creating a personal brand was just coming up with a clever resume, getting yourself a stylish makeover and a reasonable elevator pitch. Your personal brand is indeed far more than just what you say about yourself. It’s all about how people feel about you, what they perceive about you and what they find out about you based on your web presence. They want to know how you relate to them and others, what kind of tribes you associate with, what kind of leadership roles you’ve taken on, the type of content you share, the concepts and the new ideas you circulate.

Inspirational stones - Create

Key Principles:

  • You are WHAT you SHARE
  • Your STORY informs your PURPOSE 
  • And your PURPOSE is to ADD VALUE 
  • Which then CREATES your REAL VALUE

A lot of unsuccessful entrepreneurs figure that as long as they talk the current lexicon, they will be seen to be in the know. But it doesn’t work like that anymore. This new way takes effort, focus, and transparency to work, and that means living out your brand values consistently, each and every day. If people sense even the slightest bit of discord or imitation, it renders everything else you do as fake.

People want the REAL DEAL today –

Ensure that every action you take is aligned with how you want to be seen by your tribe and peers. However, it’s been my experience that not everyone is willing to make that kind of commitment to their brand.

Do you want to stand out, get noticed and be an influencer?

If so, you have to commit to your purpose, your passion, and your promise… for example, you need to be writing blog posts about trends YOU see in your industry, connect with other groups of people or perhaps create your own community or group, and start speaking at events to share your vision. When people see you living out your message, your brand, that’s when your brand will really become a valuable asset in your life and the lives of others.

Avoiding these mistakes will help others know what you are offering them, and allows you to be a leading edge contributor.

Take your brand to the next level and contact me – Elizabeth Ellames 

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Collaboration Invites Success

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Hi there,

I am still in awe of the wonderful yet subtle connections that are made at our W.E. Women Connecting events. Which brings up the question – “Why is the live event experience so much more effective than the online event experience?”

Well, it’s because the experience of being experienced accelerates and allows the transformation process to take place in the present moment. You see transformation is way more powerful than information alone and as humans, we need to connect to each other in order to grow. In this new era of consciousness, people are ‘waking up’ at a profoundly rapid rate.
If you’re one of these awakened souls, chances are you’ve outgrown many areas of your life. Suddenly your career, lifestyle, relationships and even entire friendship circles can feel foreign.

You may be asking… What is my life purpose? or How do I create a personal brand that fits?
Be assured, if you’re embarking on an “awakened journey”, you are right where you need to be and finding your brand and tribe is indeed a fundamental part of that journey. Here are some tips on consciously creating your brand, one that fits your new reality and will support you on your journey.

Perhaps you’re passionate about being on purpose, but not really clear about how to articulate and identify your gifts? You’re not alone… Statistics Reveal – that many people in life never really hit their full potential. Sad, yes! Confronting absolutely! So why is that? It’s simply this… lack of knowledge, invalidation and the fear of the unknown.

Unite Your Light WOMEN can help you connect with your own brand and other peoples brands before your brand can work well for you, you need to know who you are first and live in alignment with the true story behind your brand.

Identify And Clarify – Make a conscious decision about who you want to be for yourself and where you are heading, what you love to do and who you want to serve. Then create the life and people around you who will support that – many times you know what you don’t want because you’ve experienced it. Now its time to focus on what really works for your spirit, by adding value to your life and the lives of others.

Add Value And Shine – Here’s the formula… Identify any personal behavior that lowers your vibration, clarify your intention and build a specific, but simple strategy around your brand. Then create unity within your tribe, by acknowledging them for what they value about your brand. And above all give your tribe and yourself permission to shine.

Unite Your Light WOMEN – Being real with people is fast becoming one of our most valuable assets. It is a proven fact that people young and old need to be in emotionally connected relationships. Yes, I said it… we still need “High touch in a High tech world”.

Our natural instincts tell us we thrive on the experience of being experienced, it is the way we grow intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually…. and studies show we actually love being experienced while being in a community because apparently, that is what matters to human beings most of all… we are in fact hard-wired to maintain a connection with each other.

I’d also like to thank Courtney Wilson from www.cultivateconnection.net  for her stellar presentation on “Collaboration Invites Success” 

A few pic’s from our last Event on Feb 6th 2017 

Here are the details for our next event on March 20th 2017 – www.eventbrite.com.we-women-connecting-tickets hope to see you there.



Some other choices in this category could be Adviser, Guide, Guru and Counselor.

You present with upmost clarity, which you define by your life experience. You are clear about what you are offering. You have unique gifts, talents, and skills to offer in any situation, which no one else could possibly bring. Precisely because no one else has walked your path, you embody expertise and wisdom that is incomparable. You pass on your wisdom and aid in refining the character of others. Clarity Fosters Your Leadership.


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What do you wear and share?

Beautiful Photographs of Madonna in New York City 1982 (18)

Sublime Style 

Fashion is nothing to do with sex, fame or status and everything to do with your Attitude and Creativity – The way one presents to others is only ever related to the person wearing it. Indeed, we are what we wear – as we are what we share.

E.G. Ellames

Are you connected?



Community is where you build your style of leadership. It is through your community that you see how your vision and talents as a new style leader benefit others. By creating a community you are enrolling others to support your leadership and vision as well as their own.

Community needs leadership.