Context creates Content

If there is one thing I’m truly passionate about, it’s the value of creating a sound “Context”

People often say Content is King – Well I am here to share that Context is Queen… creating sound context is a lot like the Quest for the Holy Grail. The Grail is this amazing, magical, illusive vessel that when attained can give you eternal life.

Well, when it comes to your personal brand, like the Grail your context is exactly that, its your brands vessel or container. If you create content that is out of context with your brands values you end up confusing yourself and others.

Your CONTEXT supports your brand by creating crystal clear values and an authentic lexicon, which generates content, loyalty and longevity.

The most important step in creating a great Personal and Professional Brand is getting your CONTEXT right. I cant stress this enough, because without it nothing will sit well, what ever you are working on or forming must have a crystal clear CONTEXT that will confidently hold what ever content you choose to create. Finding your sound and authentic context may not happen over night, but it will definitely happen if you’re committed to taking the necessary steps toward developing your valued based brand from the inside out.

Are you ready to create your own unique and valuable CONTEXT?

Living Attributes and REAL DEAL seminars provide a doorway into your larger story.


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