ESTEEM TOWARD WOMEN – Community Event 2016

The essence of life and leadership lies in the way of the heart and in the conquering of negative influences that create duality. The great work in the world is achieved by restoring its social and spiritual fabric. This is the same law, the same order, and the same regularity that governs all beings and nature…
We are all created equal.

Join us in a global event to support and ensure a world free of discrimination for women, young women and girls.

What does Esteem Toward Women mean to you?
Why do you believe Esteem Toward Women is important?
How can we demonstrate more Esteem Toward Women?

Women and girls make up more than half the world’s population and are often more deeply impacted than men and boys by poverty, climate change, food shortage, lack of healthcare, and economic uncertainty.
Women and girls contributions and leadership are central to finding a solution –
NOW Leadership Academy Inc. and UN Women are focused on girls being a big part of our future. While girls hold the potential to become leaders and can effect change, their empowerment can be hindered by factors such as unwanted pregnancy, forced early marriage, gender-based violence and limited access to higher education and health services.

Date: 11th October 2016 – International Day of the Girl Child
Time: 10.30 – 1.00pm      Cost: $50.00
Venue: Adelaide Town Hall – Celebrating 150 years

Funds raised at this event will support UN Women National Committee Australia.



OUR HOST – Lisa McAksill


This year’s theme and focus will be on

  • Esteem Toward Women 

  • Women Empowering Women

  • Resilience and Wellbeing


Guest Speaker – Mia Handshin is a courageous and authentic leader known for her vision and capacity to find new opportunities in the challenges facing communities, organisations and individuals. Currently Mia offers engaging facilitation, inspirational speaking, insightful coaching and mentoring that makes a meaningful difference. As Chair of the Board of the South Australian Environment Protection Authority between 2012 and 2016, Mia led the organisation to a fresh strategic direction with a strong engagement and partnership culture. Since 2012, Mia has also been an Associate and facilitator with the Leaders Institute of SA including for the renowned Governor’s Leadership Foundation program.


Guest Speaker – Khadija Gbla is an award winning leader and inspirational speaker with 12 years experience, whose warm and encouraging message is based on her own story of overcoming small and large obstacles. She speaks confidently and frankly, exuding abundant energy and excitement. Khadija uses her story to inspire and motivate others to reach their goals and live the lives they always dream of. Because of the adversities Khadija has faced in life such as war, homelessness depression, female genital mutilation, abuse and domestic violence. She is able to help others take that first step to reclaim their lives and be survivors. Khadija is living proof that life knocks everybody down at one point or another but it’s what you choose to do with those experiences that determines your future.


Guest Performer – Souzi D.Wilson believes we all have something special to offer and that life should be an expression of what we are passionate about. She uses the power of music to invite people to feel joy, love and motivated to create an inner connectedness toward unity. She is passionate about unity and believes the way we will achieve it is by truly respecting each other as equals. She says “Yes, I am a feminist, I believe in equal rights for all and that we still have much to do…We can rise up and be generous with our love. We can speak up for those who cannot, and we can be the change right now that creates a better future”.

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016 from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM 
Adelaide Town Hall – 128 King William Street, Adelaide, SA 5000

Powered by NOW Leadership Academy Inc.

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I look foward to seeing you there!


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