GOING | live

There has never been a more important and powerful time to heal our past and connect to our soul’s calling. 

We are living through extraordinary times, which has also caused people to struggle quietly, on so many levels. – And that’s why I decided to offer this raw series. – I invite you to watch this heartfelt series of video conversations with myself, Elizabeth Ellames and people from my community.

GOING | LIVE is the perfect place for a little restful inspiration. I encourage you to come and hear what I have to share about SOUL DEVELOPMENT FOR YOUR HIGHER PURPOSE AND HUMANITY and while you’re there you might connect with your own inner spirit as a Change Agent, a Connector, a Humanitarian or perhaps even a Mentor!

Now is not the time to be waiting or pretending that your purpose doesnt matter, in fact right now is exactly the right time to fully wake up and feel your Soul’s Calling.

YOUR HOST – Elizabeth Elizabeth is an Archetype Activator for people who want to know and live their true purpose in life. She has created a comprehensive system called the Living Attributes Typology, which is a tool that identifies your personal archetypes. Designed to be used on a daily basis; it’s your personal process, compass, and map for exploring and expressing your innate gifts and talents. Knowing your personal archetypes helps you identify your leadership style, which activates, motivates and aligns you with your higher purpose. 

What people are saying…

“I was recently interviewed by Elizabeth Ellames where we had a great chat on the idea of GOING | live. We talked about shifting from our default programming towards writing a new script of how we consciously choose for life to move forward. We also talked about homeschooling and the way that I really believe that as I have awakened my true life purpose, it has given my children permission to do the same. – Susan Knapp

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