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Life Purpose Coaching & Story Based Branding For WOMEN

Are you passionate about being on purpose, but not really clear about how to articulate and identify your gifts? You’re not alone… Statistics reveal that many people in life never really hit their full potential. Sad, yes! Confronting absolutely! So why is that? It’s simply this… lack of knowledge, invalidation and the fear of the unknown.

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Let’s discover together –

  • How you can make a difference in your own life and the lives of others by connecting to your larger story; Your Brand
  • Learn from a top industry expert who will guide you step by step, through this transition into a more purpose-driven life.
  • Why developing your gifts into a quality, a story-based brand can lead to your personal success.
  • How to find your personal presence plus your powerful message and become an expert in your particular niche!
  • Learn what it means to know yourself, trust yourself and live a larger story.

Your First Session

A 1 hr 30min session with myself, Elizabeth Ellames – In this session, I take you through the process of identifying your Primary Archetypes or your Brand Avatars. 

$180.00 for 1 hr 30mins – After your first session, you may choose to take the next step and work pro-actively with me and learn more about your life purpose and archetype patterning in your Personal Branding Package – Something to ponder?

Personal Development & Concept Branding Packages For Women

How Does It Work? – I have created a practical tool that identifies and refines your value-based brand. It’s a process of clarifying your combination of Archetypes, which collectively ignite your natural potential. You find out your life purpose, your personal brand and what your audience is truly looking for… and how that works in your life?

KNOW YOURSELF – Your Story Informs Your Purpose & Leads To Lasting Confidence

Learn what your particular Archetypes are.
Learn how to identify & share your creative gifts.
Find out what has been holding you back from being on purpose.

TRUST YOURSELF – Self-Confidence Leads To Your Creative Potential

Learn an effective daily meditation for gaining clarity and direction.
Overcome subtle but persistent limiting core beliefs and learn the powerful process of a correcting and transforming tool designed to maintain your direction, vitality, and value. Craft your own story to strengthen your personal and professional brand.

My role is to help you develop a clear and concise message around your skills, talents, story, and values; Your Brand.


4 month option / EIGHT 2 hr coaching sessions total $ 2,500.00 ($312.50 per session)

2 month option / FOUR 2 hr coaching sessions total $ 1,500.00 ($375.00 per session)

Both options are face-to-face consultations – I will guide you step by step, through your transition into a more purpose-driven life. Plus help you to identify and clarify your gifts into a quality, value-based brand that can lead to your personal success. Plus your own Living Attributes Branding Guide manual for your personal reference.

Plus A Private Facebook page with Elizabeth Ellames for the duration of your program. (applies to both options) 

Also after you have completed any of the above packages you will also be able to have extra consultations at a reduced rate of $180.00 1hr 30mins per consultation.




TEL: 040 330 9696


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