Faces of Clay Trailer

Elizabeth Ellames and Harvey Newland-Hayman teamed up to create a film that highlights the archetypical qualities of the Activist, the Artist, and the Outcast and gives the audience insight into how they often merge as one. This merging of archetypes reveals how we can heal our own humanity as well as our larger community.


Elizabeth Ellames, Lisa McAskill, Cherie Rowett and Harvey Newland-Harman teamed up to highlight the importance of belonging. Asking – What does BELONGING mean to you? Why do you believe BELONGING is important in our world? How can we demonstrate more BELONGING in the family and community

Girl Guides Story

Lisa McAskill and Elizabeth Ellames were asked to capture the thoughts of a group of girls from the Knightsbridge Guides on how they felt about being a girl, a leader, a woman and a guide for Plan Australia’s, International Day of the Girl campaign.

Huge thanks to these generous creatives for giving of their talents – Harvey Newland Harman for his stellar and sensitive editing and filming and Nathan Kalisch for his help with filming, lighting, and sound.


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