We all have a great story in us that needs to be told and heard…

What’s your real deal story, why did it change your life, and equally important can your story help change the lives of others?

STORYTELLING | m a t t e r s – is an open platform where original voices have powerful conversations with an audience and together create life-changing entertainment. The platform facilitates a free flow of information, connections, and creates a new world where unbridled creativity meets social demand. Each session is filmed, which then forms a web series – People’s stories have found their home!

Hello, I’m Elizabeth Ellames founder of Reel Deal Productions and co-founder of NOW Empowerment Collective – my motto in life; “Master your talent, create your art, always give generously and never give up on loved ones or yourself”… 

Which has led me to create this very exciting community project and event –

STORYTELLING | m a t t e r s

I believe STORY is forever growing through us and that’s why it’s important to learn how to be at one with its magical forces. ‘Story’ is what teaches us and sustains us as human beings. We are indeed all part of the human story and story is specifically what has enhanced our human consciousness. When men and women began to share their stories (their art) around the campfire and on the walls of their caves we began to grow our ability to relate to each other.

We all want to Live a Meaningful Life and Storytelling is the perfect medium to share who we really are, and it’s our personal and cultural stories that are the most powerful…

Storytelling is universal and crosses time, culture, and history. It connects people at a deep and emotionally charged level. A personal story can be an inspiration to others, especially when told well and can awaken people to their own larger story.

Storytelling is indeed the architecture of our life. When there’s genuine emotion in a story, we FEEL it and we grow from it because it strengthens our personal culture.

In a world where superficial transperency has become the noisey norm, it is time to get raw and real about what matters. – And great storytelling has always done so and will continue to do so because it helps us understand the complexity of our human experience. 

We Need A New Story For Humanity

What’s your back-story, what’s your present story and does your story have a brightness of future that can change people’s lives? There is only one time to start living a larger and more inviting story and it is NOW!

So, I invite you to tell your story, one that will be a valuable contribution to humanity. Decide to be the story you want to hear in the world and share a story that our future generations can build on.


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