Create A New Story Of Sisterhood

Re-Post from 2012

Here is my personal story of surrender – it is a story that demonstrates the power of surrender and how every thought, action and word contributes to the social and spiritual fabric of our world.

On the morning of Sep 11th 2001 – I walked in to my youngest sons bedroom to see him witnessing the horror of the twin towers falling – he said “Mum look the US is being attacked.” I sat on the bed with him in disbelief – I wasn’t sure if it was real or not. Once I had come to terms with the fact that it was real – I then asked my self “who am I in conflict with, who is it that I need to make peace with right now.”

I knew at some level – however small, I had contributed to this madness – immediately a woman’s name came to mind, it was someone I had often been judgmental about. In that moment I handed it all to God, I said “I offer this to you God – I totally release this conflict within me and will be aware of my words from this moment on, I offer this to you to be healed.”

That morning I took my husband to the airport for work, both of us still in a state of shock. On the way back from the airport I thought I would visit St Peters Cathedral – which has a beautiful area at the back of the cathedral called The Lady Chapel. I had often visited The Lady Chapel – it is a wonderful place for women to go to when they need a little comfort and shelter from the harshness of the world.

I walked in to the chapel to find only one other person there – it was her – the woman I needed to make peace with. There we were both in the same place, at the same time, doing the same thing. She had her eyes closed, so I gently put my hand on her lap and whispered her name. She looked up at me and said so sweetly, “I thought you were The Madonna”. I smiled, made eye contact and moved on to enter my silence and be with my God. I will never forget the gift I was given that day – It was so powerful.

I tell that story often because it confirms to others and to myself the enormous power of synchronicity, I have no doubt that my experience that day was a direct message and blessing from GOD. I was given a gift; a wake up call, to get on with the work that I needed to do while here on our beautiful jewel, planet Earth.

The New Story Of Sisterhood starts with a chapter called “Surrender”.

Lets surrender up the old, so called sister story of competition, jealousy, she said, I said, what about, I hate it when and so on. Let’s say NO I don’t want to support or tell that old story anymore. The number one key to creating a new story is being prepared to let go of the old one. This is how I do it; I say to myself “give it up, give it up, give it up”. I surrender my life to the nature of God and I am free, I am free to be me.

As we confidently embrace our liberation as New Women, we can use this opportunity to connect with each other at a whole new level. We can start a new story that speaks of encouragement and tenderness toward each other as sisters. The sisters that went before us courageously made way for our liberation. Now it is up to us to truly embrace our present day sisters with our hearts wide open, proudly knowing they are our support team. I encourage you to stand naked in your truth and liberate your self some more. You have been born into a time like no other, don’t waste a second of your liberty sisters. Speak from your heart, walk tall and know that from your own personal liberty, you are helping to raise the self esteem of other women.

Our time here on earth is sacred and only a blink in the vastness of the cosmos. We are all blessed with many gifts and as we honor them in each other our power and beauty grows. Idle gossip and control tactics wont add value to any situation – our time here on earth is to love each other and express our individual passions. So let’s go forth with love and light in our hearts, bless the world with our many gifts and create a new story of sisterhood.

I invite you to share your ideas on what our new story may look like and how it is coming alive in your own life.

Give it to me NOW!

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.  

This is the number one mantra used in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and a great tool for those struggling with any emotional addictions or substance addictions.  


Let’s have a think about this All the reasons why we cant respond to our heart’s desire are basically not true, and only feed our emotional addictions or our need for control… which we often hide behind.

Our ‘collective shadow-side’ has been running amuck for a long time and needs some serious transformation. We can either keep feeding its addiction or acknowledge its presence and decide to transform it into its full GLORY.

New Style Leadership is a vehicle of liberation and illumination Not a game of comparing and competition.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could collectively “correct and transform” the following;






Most people live with one or all of these addictions every day…. we can use this information to keep stuck in our old story/addiction or we can use it as a driver toward a new style of leadership.

Let’s transform our psyche from FADE to FLOURISH

So, if we have an addictive nature (and I believe all humans have) let’s change our addiction to one that works positively for all of us.

We could turn our “re-active impulse” into our soul’s “creative impulse”: Our Life Purpose

You know, that thing we just can’t live without… let our Obedient Heart be our compass of JOY… let joy become our fix, our next hit.

I have a burning desire to activate as many people as possible, so they can truly prosper in their glowing authenticity.

If this is my creative impulse, my positive addiction, bring it on… I want it now, give it to me, give it to me NOW!

What is it that’s driving your passionate desires?

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Social and Spiritual Synergy

I now have a deeper understanding around community, an even stronger life purpose impulse, a yearning for peaceful relationships and globally I believe there has been an explosion of new style communities.

Have you noticed that practices, which use to be termed “woo-woo or airy-fairy” are now in vogue? Especially in the world of business, sustainability and leadership development. People are collaborating, resonating, connecting and exploring their soul’s purpose. Even corporations speak the language of conscious evolution, social change, and emotional intelligence.

Through my own self-exploration, I have discovered the powerful process of joining with others in what I call “Social and Spiritual Synergy”. I have spent many years in a variety of social and spiritual groups, but this is a genuine breakthrough for me and I am very passionate to share with you the importance of personal, social and spiritual synergy.

For me, the rewards of working with this practice have been Profound Love and Pure Intent. I share this experience with you and I encourage you to experience it for yourself.

The Living Attributes-Unite the Light system creates Social and Spiritual Synergy, which activates all levels of one’s being to literally incarnate their whole potential, the power that can be unleashed in a field of “union” where two or more human beings gather is life-affirming and life-changing.

By joining together with this intention there is an “energy membrane” of intelligence that begins to surround (surrounding light) or (higher energetic forces) the multi-human body (group) bringing out and connecting the unique gifts of each person.

This activates the higher frequencies of our Radiant Self, or what may be referred to esoterically as “The Light Body”, which is what joins us heart to heart. Enabling the emergence of a new whole system greater than and different from the sum of our parts: This is conscious evolution, this is the magic of Social and Spiritual Synergy in action.

I believe this process is natural to humans, in the same way, nature forms whole systems, we to are designed to co-create. Everything, everybody is so deeply connected to all others; we are symbiotic, just like our living body and our living planet. This “energy membrane” that is created through connecting in groups, intensifies our love, and our spirituality, causing a quantum jump in consciousness and capacities.

It activates a synergistic shift from You to Me to We, creating Unity in our whole planetary system.

Our role is “literally” to be the REAL DEAL and Unite The Light between us…  

The Power of Mentoring


About 10 years ago I was asked by a beautiful and enthusiastic young woman if I would be one of her spiritual mentors.

At first, I thought “Do I have time for it? ” “Am I good enough to do such a job?” “Does one get paid for something like this?”

You know how it is – Blah Blah Blah! 

Because it set off so many different thought processes, I knew I needed to step back and have a good look at what was really happening here. I then saw how my ego (fear) was tripping me up.

Once I had given myself some time to be still and see what I was really being asked to do – it was clear. For someone to ask you to mentor them is a God-given privilege and an honorable duty to be accepted with grace.

The process of meeting with this delightful young woman was actually a gift to me as well; it has moved me forward on my own journey. It became very clear to me that it is a natural and essential way for humans to interact and grow.

Since then I have been asked to mentor 2 other young women and I look forward to each of their visits with absolute excitement. I am sure that it is our lack of connection with each other, which has caused most of our social problems.

Unfortunately, some parents don’t even recognize that they are mentors for their children and I think if the aged population had a young person visiting them for mentoring once a week or fortnight they to would be alive with purpose and act in ways they didn’t know were possible. Simply listening to the thoughts and perspectives of a young person would help to stimulate their thinking and expand their world.

And of course, the wisdom and stories that an elder can pass on are equally as valuable to our youth.

After my first year of mentoring… I came to the conclusion that  ‘If we are not mentoring, we need to be mentored’ it is a continuum so to speak. A giving back to the world, your community, through your life experiences. A giving and receiving process that comes with a level of respect that one can’t find anywhere else in life.

I strongly believe that the rightful practice of mentoring in our world is the key to true human sustainability. What follows is a small piece I wrote on the matter:


Through the simple act of being a Mentor or being Mentored, we uncover our true purpose in life. It is from this revered action of commitment and appreciation that an individual’s generosity and integrity abound. From our somewhat hidden nature, we find strength and gain unity. We miraculously blossom and move forward with hope in our hearts for the generations to come.

Heart to Heart Elizabeth Ellames

The Human X Factor

There are hundreds of seminars out there today, webinars, coaching online, podcasts and the list goes on.

So ponder this for a moment…

There is a brand new trend in business and social culture emerging and its success will be determined by how and what we are able to provide in products and services that are truly human. Creativity is that thing that is truly human and technology canʼt produce or provide that.

That’s because we are the technology that created the technology – Elizabeth Ellames is all about finding your Human X Factor and then working with that to serve humanity.

That’s our job now, so to speak – in the past, people made things to make life easier, now we have to actually “create a new life” on planet earth that is sustainable for all its inhabitants.

The way to unleashing the Human X Factor is through human CONNECTIVITY, true unity. This is where extraordinary things happen… this is where the magic takes place. However, the key is you have to be fully present and in resonance on all levels for it to be revealed.

Elizabeth has created a leading-edge formula, which supports New Style Leadership and creates Community for Social Change.

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The Evolving Story

We are the evolving story…
We must now harvest our deepest collective wisdom in order to survive
and thrive as a healthy, peaceful and sustainable planet.

We have many great achievements to celebrate and honor, but first we have
to acknowledge what has been damaging to each other and harmful to all life.
It is time for healing and a new beginning.

Great focus is now needed to reconnect the bonds of community on behalf of all of Earth’s diverse peoples and cultures and to restore our planet’s eco-system and its intricate design for all life.

We cannot evolve at this vital point in the human story, if we fail to integrate our learnings and wisdom.

Humanity has paid a great price for the destructive actions committed against our land, our children and our animals.

Increasing numbers of people now recognize the importance of supporting the transformation of Planet Earth.

Are you one of those growing numbers?




VISION… with out it you cant see where you are going.

The essence of farsightedness in business is not simply envisioning a possible successful future… it’s being able to articulate it in a way that’s both compelling and inclusive.

We are drawn to leaders who articulate a possible future in a way that speaks to us and includes us. Farsighted leaders use their clarity of vision and their articulation of a successful future to pull people out of fear or shortsightedness and into hopefulness and a sense of purpose.

People want leaders who look beyond today. They want to have the sense there is a master plan to carry them through whatever short-term trials and tribulations arise. (The recession! The crazy media landscape! Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!) They look to the leader to articulate, in a compelling way, a clear and positive future state toward which they can direct their efforts. When leaders focus only on the current crisis or this quarter’s numbers, it seems to us that they’re more interested in maintaining the status quo or protecting themselves than in creating a successful future. They are not seen as leaders.

People also want to see that the leader’s farsightedness is based on a deep sense of what’s necessary, right, and good for the business and the team rather than what’s simply expeditious, popular, or self-serving. We want to feel that our leaders’ “far-sight” is focused on the greater good, that their vision promotes the group and not just their own selfish interests. A truly farsighted leader envisions a possible future that responds to and resonates with people’s aspirations for their individual and collective success. When employees or potential employees hear about the good leader’s vision, their response is, “Yes, I want to go there too.”

This is not to imply that the visionary leader simply goes for the easy win. True visionaries often see possibilities where other see difficulty and dead-ends. Most people in the first decade of the twentieth century saw motorcars as a fad for the rich, a frivolous and uncertain fancy that would never replace the dependability of the horse. Henry Ford’s vision of a nation where every family would have an automobile seemed laughable, impossible, and even dangerous. Only the clarity of his vision and his consistency in moving toward it brought the support from others that he needed to make his vision a reality.

This brings up a critical point about farsightedness: the leader must not only articulate her vision; she must live it. It can’t be something she dusts off for quarterly staff meetings. People must witness the vision serving as the leader’s compass. She must use it as a screen for strategy and action. True farsightedness in a leader is both practical and aspirational.

A clear and compelling vision can drive extraordinary business results. It provides a focus for people’s decisions and actions, and it creates that feeling of “tribe” that most people find necessary and motivating.

This quality of leadership is especially important when the enterprise is a new one and the future is uncharted. One stunning example of this kind of farsightedness is how Steve Jobs operated at the start of Apple. When Jobs and Wozniak founded Apple Computers in 1976, the personal computer was still new and untested. Moreover, the idea that almost everyone would one day have a computer and that computers would be as accessible and easy-to-use as televisions or telephones seemed like craziness.

But then along came these two young men with exactly these ideas. And Jobs, especially, continued to articulate this possible future in a way that brought together capital, a workforce, and a marketing plan that ultimately led to the achievement of the future he envisioned thirty-five years ago.

The essence of farsightedness is not only envisioning a possible successful future but also articulate it in a way that’s both compelling and inclusive. Compelling means that it’s meaningful to those who hear it, that it’s attractive to them. Inclusive means they want to help make it happen and feel they can have an important part to play in moving toward it.

Clearly, Steve Jobs was able (I encourage you to watch any of his company presentations on YouTube or at the Web site) to express his vision for the future in this way. In January 1984, when Jobs introduced the first Macintosh computer at Apple’s annual shareholders’ meeting, an attendee described the level of enthusiasm as “pandemonium.” As the first commercially successful small computer with a graphical user interface, the Macintosh represented and still represents, the realization of a vision that was both compelling and inclusive.

How to be farsighted

You may be thinking, Okay, but how do I become more farsighted if that’s not one of my strengths? Fortunately, my colleagues and I have gotten clearer over the years on the specific behaviors that make up each of these leadership attributes.

We start with farsighted. When you deconstruct this element, these are the key behaviors of which it consists:

Leaders who are farsighted:
1. See possible futures that are good for the enterprise
2. Articulate their vision in a compelling and inclusive way
3. Model their vision
4. See past obstacles
5. Invite others to participate in the vision

Creating a new chapter in your story.

Violation in relationship is violating creation. When a woman seduces a man who is still in relationship with his wife or partner, is violating the equilibrium of the Sisterhood. As is a man who claims an other mans wife or partner. This is a violation of the Brotherhood. Both acts are violating sacred union between two human beings.

When it happens in community between friends it is a violation and dismantling of the interconnected Self. Through our quality connections we maintain the balance of Light that streams through the whole web of creation. There is no separation between us really, so when we create discord it literally affects the whole system.

I believe that words create and up hold most of the social and spiritual fabric of life, they literally vibrate throughout the cosmic lattice. That’s what “living attributes” are, they are the threads that create our quality of life. Words such as Courage, Strength, Integrity, Faith, Compassion, Dignity, Kindness, Respect and Honour add great value to our life. They are “light-giving” attributes, which also define who we are.

I refer to these packages of Light as deity; angelic forces that create a life beyond the material. What is extraordinary is they are free and available to us in every moment.

Is the word our new currency?

Or perhaps it always was and we have just lost sight of its true value. With out the word we have no story to tell. And when I say story that means all story: conversation, art, music, theatre, film, and literature. At the end of the day, our story is all we really have to offer the world, our story is our real value and only contribution to the larger story of humanity.

We weave our light through our beloved connections, which is indeed the key to creating Heaven on Earth. We are designed to create life. Lets re-cognise our ability to create.

We can simply create a new chapter in our own story, there is always the opportunity for correction in our life. For example if we have played roles such as pathetic, betrayal, violation, control or manipulation, we can re-cognise them and turn them into the back story of who we were. From the view-point of a new chapter in our story we can bring in words such as surrender, resurrection and redemption. This is the infamous turning point in good storytelling, it is refered to as the character arch in the hero’s journey.

We will be require to be become the hero of our own life – that is just how it is.

And when we are able to do it together, humanity finds its collective heroic nature.

A day will come when we remember that our story is all that matters: today, tomorrow and for eternity.

Blessings Abound Elizabeth

Beauty is Balance

I believe true beauty is revealed to us when there is a combination of natural elements that are brought in to play. It is either an encounter of nature’s raw but pure presence or it can be the splendour of something or someone in an authentic or natural state. Beauty is also enhanced or created by the craftsmanship of an artist’s hand, eye, heart and soul.

I also believe that beauty is built through the way we interact in relationships. This sacred combination of love and trust also brings about another facet of beauty in our life and in us. It is when we feel loved and safe in relationships that we are able to know and really touch the beauty that rests deep in the hearts of others and ourself. This encounter builds a confidence in our personal presence and hence creates again something of beauty.

I see beauty as an astonishing but illusive phenomenon. I believe its magic and its mystery resides in the absolute balance and harmony of life its self.
Beauty is life’s exquisite expressions delivered with perfect precision.

So why is beauty so important to us…?

True Love invites the heart but it is True Beauty that invites the Soul and the Soul needs to be nourished with beauty everyday in order for us to grow into our own beauty as a human being. A person without the ability to feel, speak, see or create things of beauty is missing in the quintessential spirit of life its self.
Beauty signifies Balance in our world and by creating balance in our relationships; in our health and in our creative expression we bring about an order of sanctity.

We love the experience of beauty because it reminds us of heaven; it demonstrates that we can create a little of heaven here on earth and because of this simple but glorious notion we are given the gift of Hope.

Hope for a better world where true beauty is rightfully respected and we are all free to shine and create and heal what ever is out of balance. A world that is full of so much beauty; so much balance that we are taken into a new wave of evolution.

This is the world I choose to live in.
This is the world of sublime beauty.

What is Beauty to you?