FREE your fear

FREE your fear of failure

and live a life of FAITH…

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“Keep The Faith” – Michael Jackson

If You Call Out Loud
Will It Get Inside
Through The Heart Of Your Surrender
To Your Alibis
And You Can Say The Words
Like You Understand
But The Power’s In Believing
So Give Yourself A Chance
‘Cause You Can
Climb The Highest Mountain
Swim The Deepest Sea, Hee
All You Need Is The Will To Want It
And Uhh, Little Self-Esteem
So Keep The Faith
Don’t Let Nobody Turn You ‘Round
You Gotta Know When It’s Good To Go
To Get Your Dreams Up Off The Ground
Keep The Faith, Baby, Yea
Because It’s Just
A Matter Of Time
Before Your Confidence Will Win Out
Believe In Yourself
No Matter What It’s Gon’ Take
You Can Be A Winner
But You Got To Keep The Faith
…Gon’ Keep It Brother
You Got It
And When You Think Of Trust
Does It Lead You Home
To A Place That You Only Dream Of
When You’re All Alone
And You Can Go By Feel
‘Stead Of Circumstance
But The Power’s In Beliving
So Give Yourself A Chance
I Know That You Can Sail Across The Water
Float Across The Sky, High
Any Road That You Take
Will Get You There
If You Only Try
So Keep The Faith, Ow
Don’t Let Nobody Take You Down,Brother
Just Keep Your Eyes On The Prize
And Your Feet Flat On The Ground
Keep The Faith, Baby, Yea
Because It’s Just A Matter Of Time
Before Your Confidence Will Win Out
I Told My Brother How To Do The Thing Right
Lift Up Your Head And Show The World You Got Pride
Go For What You Want
Don’t Let ‘Em Get In Your Way
You Can Be A Winner
But You Got To Keep The Faith
Gon’ Keep It Brother
You Got It
I Know That Keepin’ The Faith
Means Never Givin’ Up On Love
But The Power That Love Has To Make It Right
Makes It Makes It Right
Keep The Faith
Don’t Let Nobody Turn You ‘Round Brother
You Got To KnowWhen It’s Good To Go
To Get Your Dreams Up Off The Ground
Keep The Faith Baby, Yea
Because It’s Just A Matter Of Time
Before Your Confidence Will Win Out
Better Stand Up And Act Like You Wanna Do Right
Don’t Play The Fool For The Rest Of Your Life
Work On It Brother And You’ll Make It Someday
Go For What You Want
And Don’t Forget The Faith
Look At Yourself
And What You Doin’ Right Now
Stand Back A Minute
Just To Check Yourself Out
Straighten Out Your Life
And How You’re Livin’ Each Day
Get Yourself Together
‘Cause You Got To Keep The Faith
Uh, Uh, Uh
Don’t Let Nobody Take You Down, Brother
Just Keep Your Eyes On The Prize
And Your Feet Flat On The Ground
Keep The Faith, Baby, Yea
Because It’s Just A Matter Of Time
Before Your Confidence Will Win Out
Lift Up Your Mind
Before Your Mind Gets Blown
Some Things In Life
You Best Just Leave Them Alone
Go For What You Want
Don’t Let It Get In Your Way
You Can Make It Happen
But Ya Got Ta Keep The Faith
Gon’ Keep It Brother
You Got To Keep The Faith
Yeah Keep The Faith
Gon’ Keep It Sister
You Got To Keep The Faith
Now, Now
I’ll Show My Brotha
How To Do The Thing Right
Lift Up Your Head
And Show The World You Got Pride
Go For What You Want
Don’t Let ‘Em Get In Your Way
You Can Be A Winner
If You Keep The Faith
Straighten Out Yourself
And Get Your Mind On Track
Dust Off Your Butt
And Get Your Self-Respect Back
You’ve Known Me Long Enough
To Know That I Don’t Play
Take It Like You Want It
But You Got To Keep The Faith Gon’
Don’t Let Nobody Take You Down
Just Keep Your Eyes On The Prize
And Get Your Feet Back On The Ground
Keep The Faith, Baby, Yea
Because It’s Just A Matter Of Time
Before Your Confidence Will Win Out
But Till That Day I Said You’ve Got To Keep The Faith!

Social and Spiritual Synergy

I now have a deeper understanding around community, an even stronger life purpose impulse, a yearning for peaceful relationships and globally I believe there has been an explosion of new style communities.

Have you noticed that practices, which use to be termed “woo-woo or airy-fairy” are now in vogue? Especially in the world of business, sustainability and leadership development. People are collaborating, resonating, connecting and exploring their soul’s purpose. Even corporations speak the language of conscious evolution, social change, and emotional intelligence.

Through my own self-exploration, I have discovered the powerful process of joining with others in what I call “Social and Spiritual Synergy”. I have spent many years in a variety of social and spiritual groups, but this is a genuine breakthrough for me and I am very passionate to share with you the importance of personal, social and spiritual synergy.

For me, the rewards of working with this practice have been Profound Love and Pure Intent. I share this experience with you and I encourage you to experience it for yourself.

The Living Attributes-Unite the Light system creates Social and Spiritual Synergy, which activates all levels of one’s being to literally incarnate their whole potential, the power that can be unleashed in a field of “union” where two or more human beings gather is life-affirming and life-changing.

By joining together with this intention there is an “energy membrane” of intelligence that begins to surround (surrounding light) or (higher energetic forces) the multi-human body (group) bringing out and connecting the unique gifts of each person.

This activates the higher frequencies of our Radiant Self, or what may be referred to esoterically as “The Light Body”, which is what joins us heart to heart. Enabling the emergence of a new whole system greater than and different from the sum of our parts: This is conscious evolution, this is the magic of Social and Spiritual Synergy in action.

I believe this process is natural to humans, in the same way, nature forms whole systems, we to are designed to co-create. Everything, everybody is so deeply connected to all others; we are symbiotic, just like our living body and our living planet. This “energy membrane” that is created through connecting in groups, intensifies our love, and our spirituality, causing a quantum jump in consciousness and capacities.

It activates a synergistic shift from You to Me to We, creating Unity in our whole planetary system.

Our role is “literally” to be the REAL DEAL and Unite The Light between us…  

Identify, Clarify, Specify, Edify and Unify


UNITED KNOWLEDGE EVENT… was a huge success!!

The New Legacy Stellar – Jodi-Anne Smith, Tina Renfrey and Trish Herreen delivered a brilliant presentation on the topic “The True Nature Of Community”

Prior to the event, the team committed to correcting and transforming any issues that may surface. Their intention was to find a way to reveal and share the truth and purpose of community… and they achieved that goal beautifully, they were vivacious, vibrant and victorious.

If any emotional or personal challenges arose they just faced them…they told the truth, expressed their fears and kept moving right along… they were able to do this because they never lost sight of their united vision, which is to serve and grow a healthy humanity and live their life purpose.

As a result, the lead up to the event and the event created a shift and progression toward true collaboration among the women in Unite the Light…… My self and the women now re-cognise how much fear and shame women generally carry about expressing who they really are….. “Light and Shadow”.
Owning one’s shadow is “clearly very challenging” for many women….. The fear of totally revealing all sides of one’s self can be terrifying.
This was my discovery “Projection” and “Protection” that was the big Gold nugget that surfaced for sure !!!
The Unified Field Of Consciousness doesn’t care about that though…… It just wants the Truth… wants the Truth to come forth so the evolution of humanity can occur.
And with that comes a new wave of feminism, this time it is Self Liberation of the female nature/species… SHE is not only sugar and spice and all things nice… SHE is also crazy, lazy, spooky, wild, stealth, bold, outrageous, miserable and incredibly courageous.  A lot of the time her true nature is masked by her now chronic addiction to “Project or Protect”…… don’t worry girls, this addiction is on its way out. We have a new Style of being, which has only one label…. its Tres’Authentic.
You can wear it to the theatre, to the movies, out to dinner and you can even wear it to the office. Yes, ladies, it is the most versatile piece you will ever buy and truly value. There is one in every size, every colour and it is always a perfect fit. Tres’Authentic… it’s the only way to wear/bare your soul comfortably.
The other discovery I had recently is this great little formula, which is an absolute necessity in forming a stable community, it is the ability to Clarity, Specify, Edify and Unify.
If we can’t Identify, Clarify, Specify, Edify and Unify…… in each others company…. We can’t collaborate effectively. We need to Identify, Clarify, Specify, Edify and Unify in order to commune in unity and this is how we form the true nature of community. These are the simple but effective elements that create awesome heartfelt connections.
Our event last week created a platform for higher evolutionary activation to occur in community… Metaphorically speaking, we are now being called to stay on the top floor…. only coming down to the ground floor occasionally for our necessary logistical and replenishment requirements.

Here are some of our delightful photos of our growing community….. look forward to seeing at our next event.


Here is what some people shared about the evening……

“I really related to the last speaker. I have a lot going around in my head and expect I’ll be awake most of the night as it settles”
“I was awake through the night and flushed out by all the light delivered throughout my body”
“You are a great speaker Trish. I could listen to you all day”
“You ladies were terrific”

“Two things that have stayed with me are – Courage and Communing in Unity”


Panning for GOLD


Objectively –

meaning: using facts and not influenced by personal feelings or beliefs: 

impartially, neutrally, fairly, justly, without prejudice, with an open mind, equitably, without fear or favour, even-handedly, without bias – to view a situation objectively.

 A pile of nice shiny gold bars

So often we suffer over troubling situations, we go over and over what we could say to this person or that. We think up all sorts of scenarios of how they should or could be. We relentlessly try to come up with ways to control outcomes. We create enormous stories in our mind that can last for decades, which in most cases wont make one ounce of difference, except for depleting our energy levels and taking up our time.

I have come up with a very quick and effective tool for dealing with situations that are in emotional entanglement. I call it “panning for GOLD”.
It is a 6 step process that goes like this…
  • Decide to view the situation objectively. 
  • Take all the names, relationships and who did what out of the situation.
  • What are the facts that are present?
  • Wait for a moment for the unwanted matter to fall away in your mind.
  • Allow the truth to come to the surface.
  • What is left is only the GOLD of the situation.

Here is an example…

A friend asks you over for dinner, they don’t give you a time of arrival. When you phone to make arrangements they don’t answer your calls. Last time you went to their place for a meal they had been drinking all day and forgot you were coming. You feel very uncomfortable about the whole situation, you do care about this person and are worried about their drinking, but you don’t want to get stuck at their place hungry and angry again.

Let’s GOLD pan this situation…

  • This person clearly isn’t reliable.
  • Evaluate the situation – is this a friendship or a co-dependency?
  • If I want to remain friends, I will need to call the shots.
  • Is this my problem?
  • Remove myself from the emotional entanglement.
  • The gift here is that I have repeatedly witnessed the history … and can now stop participating in it.

The gold in this particular experience is very clear – there is always a CHOICE POINT.

Try this tool of empowerment in your life and see if you can strike some GOLD!!

If not you, then who?


They say there is only one failure and that is the failure to participate.

We all want the same thing. A life that makes us happy. So why don’t we think we can get it?

Perhaps we have been going after the wrong stuff. We have now come to a point in our evolution, where we can, at last, be and celebrate UNITY.

Yes, its UNITY, UNITY, UNITY that’s our ticket to happiness. 

The light of Unity is indeed upon us; next step is to find that light in our heart, gather the energy and stay connected to it. Then connect with the TRUTH, which is in yourself and in another and stay connected. When we can do this the God or Goddess in us wakes up. Yes that’s right we are made from GOD stuff, human beings are animated and encoded with the story of creation.

We are the voice of humanity. 

When we make the connection… that when two or more are connected in TRUTH resonance, your life, our life will change forever.

This is why I go on about this stuff every day of my life, it seems. It has been my vision and passion to create the world that works….and of course, it was so hard doing it on my own!!

Thank goodness there is a new trend on the planet called Social Synergy, which is driving people to connect. It is not only a great idea to connect to people who you resonate with, it’s vital to connect to and focus on what systems are working….then connect the dots. (the people and the systems).

There have been several well-being trends bantered around for a few decades now …, work-life balance etc. But the new trend that is truly growing is SOCIAL WELL-BEING, the ability to connect to our own heart and then to another in the same resonance. And it doesn’t have to be in our family or even our neighborhood.

Social Synergy can be a global heart to heart resonance that creates transformation through us all consciously participating and collaborating in our own human evolution.

Now that’s cool…. it beats the hell out of trying to do it alone.

So, go find out for yourself and see how far along the evolutionary path you can go…… it may awaken the God or Goddess in you.

The Evolving Story

We are the evolving story…
We must now harvest our deepest collective wisdom in order to survive
and thrive as a healthy, peaceful and sustainable planet.

We have many great achievements to celebrate and honor, but first we have
to acknowledge what has been damaging to each other and harmful to all life.
It is time for healing and a new beginning.

Great focus is now needed to reconnect the bonds of community on behalf of all of Earth’s diverse peoples and cultures and to restore our planet’s eco-system and its intricate design for all life.

We cannot evolve at this vital point in the human story, if we fail to integrate our learnings and wisdom.

Humanity has paid a great price for the destructive actions committed against our land, our children and our animals.

Increasing numbers of people now recognize the importance of supporting the transformation of Planet Earth.

Are you one of those growing numbers?




VISION… with out it you cant see where you are going.

The essence of farsightedness in business is not simply envisioning a possible successful future… it’s being able to articulate it in a way that’s both compelling and inclusive.

We are drawn to leaders who articulate a possible future in a way that speaks to us and includes us. Farsighted leaders use their clarity of vision and their articulation of a successful future to pull people out of fear or shortsightedness and into hopefulness and a sense of purpose.

People want leaders who look beyond today. They want to have the sense there is a master plan to carry them through whatever short-term trials and tribulations arise. (The recession! The crazy media landscape! Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!) They look to the leader to articulate, in a compelling way, a clear and positive future state toward which they can direct their efforts. When leaders focus only on the current crisis or this quarter’s numbers, it seems to us that they’re more interested in maintaining the status quo or protecting themselves than in creating a successful future. They are not seen as leaders.

People also want to see that the leader’s farsightedness is based on a deep sense of what’s necessary, right, and good for the business and the team rather than what’s simply expeditious, popular, or self-serving. We want to feel that our leaders’ “far-sight” is focused on the greater good, that their vision promotes the group and not just their own selfish interests. A truly farsighted leader envisions a possible future that responds to and resonates with people’s aspirations for their individual and collective success. When employees or potential employees hear about the good leader’s vision, their response is, “Yes, I want to go there too.”

This is not to imply that the visionary leader simply goes for the easy win. True visionaries often see possibilities where other see difficulty and dead-ends. Most people in the first decade of the twentieth century saw motorcars as a fad for the rich, a frivolous and uncertain fancy that would never replace the dependability of the horse. Henry Ford’s vision of a nation where every family would have an automobile seemed laughable, impossible, and even dangerous. Only the clarity of his vision and his consistency in moving toward it brought the support from others that he needed to make his vision a reality.

This brings up a critical point about farsightedness: the leader must not only articulate her vision; she must live it. It can’t be something she dusts off for quarterly staff meetings. People must witness the vision serving as the leader’s compass. She must use it as a screen for strategy and action. True farsightedness in a leader is both practical and aspirational.

A clear and compelling vision can drive extraordinary business results. It provides a focus for people’s decisions and actions, and it creates that feeling of “tribe” that most people find necessary and motivating.

This quality of leadership is especially important when the enterprise is a new one and the future is uncharted. One stunning example of this kind of farsightedness is how Steve Jobs operated at the start of Apple. When Jobs and Wozniak founded Apple Computers in 1976, the personal computer was still new and untested. Moreover, the idea that almost everyone would one day have a computer and that computers would be as accessible and easy-to-use as televisions or telephones seemed like craziness.

But then along came these two young men with exactly these ideas. And Jobs, especially, continued to articulate this possible future in a way that brought together capital, a workforce, and a marketing plan that ultimately led to the achievement of the future he envisioned thirty-five years ago.

The essence of farsightedness is not only envisioning a possible successful future but also articulate it in a way that’s both compelling and inclusive. Compelling means that it’s meaningful to those who hear it, that it’s attractive to them. Inclusive means they want to help make it happen and feel they can have an important part to play in moving toward it.

Clearly, Steve Jobs was able (I encourage you to watch any of his company presentations on YouTube or at the Web site) to express his vision for the future in this way. In January 1984, when Jobs introduced the first Macintosh computer at Apple’s annual shareholders’ meeting, an attendee described the level of enthusiasm as “pandemonium.” As the first commercially successful small computer with a graphical user interface, the Macintosh represented and still represents, the realization of a vision that was both compelling and inclusive.

How to be farsighted

You may be thinking, Okay, but how do I become more farsighted if that’s not one of my strengths? Fortunately, my colleagues and I have gotten clearer over the years on the specific behaviors that make up each of these leadership attributes.

We start with farsighted. When you deconstruct this element, these are the key behaviors of which it consists:

Leaders who are farsighted:
1. See possible futures that are good for the enterprise
2. Articulate their vision in a compelling and inclusive way
3. Model their vision
4. See past obstacles
5. Invite others to participate in the vision

Creating a new chapter in your story.

Violation in relationship is violating creation. When a woman seduces a man who is still in relationship with his wife or partner, is violating the equilibrium of the Sisterhood. As is a man who claims an other mans wife or partner. This is a violation of the Brotherhood. Both acts are violating sacred union between two human beings.

When it happens in community between friends it is a violation and dismantling of the interconnected Self. Through our quality connections we maintain the balance of Light that streams through the whole web of creation. There is no separation between us really, so when we create discord it literally affects the whole system.

I believe that words create and up hold most of the social and spiritual fabric of life, they literally vibrate throughout the cosmic lattice. That’s what “living attributes” are, they are the threads that create our quality of life. Words such as Courage, Strength, Integrity, Faith, Compassion, Dignity, Kindness, Respect and Honour add great value to our life. They are “light-giving” attributes, which also define who we are.

I refer to these packages of Light as deity; angelic forces that create a life beyond the material. What is extraordinary is they are free and available to us in every moment.

Is the word our new currency?

Or perhaps it always was and we have just lost sight of its true value. With out the word we have no story to tell. And when I say story that means all story: conversation, art, music, theatre, film, and literature. At the end of the day, our story is all we really have to offer the world, our story is our real value and only contribution to the larger story of humanity.

We weave our light through our beloved connections, which is indeed the key to creating Heaven on Earth. We are designed to create life. Lets re-cognise our ability to create.

We can simply create a new chapter in our own story, there is always the opportunity for correction in our life. For example if we have played roles such as pathetic, betrayal, violation, control or manipulation, we can re-cognise them and turn them into the back story of who we were. From the view-point of a new chapter in our story we can bring in words such as surrender, resurrection and redemption. This is the infamous turning point in good storytelling, it is refered to as the character arch in the hero’s journey.

We will be require to be become the hero of our own life – that is just how it is.

And when we are able to do it together, humanity finds its collective heroic nature.

A day will come when we remember that our story is all that matters: today, tomorrow and for eternity.

Blessings Abound Elizabeth

The Space “Between” Us

What happens when we come together?

What happens between us and inside us?

Is it only our physical bodies that meet and our five senses that bridge the gap to one another and the perceived reality around us?


There must be more, much more happening in the space we inhabit. I have always wondered what drives us to noisy restaurants where a conversation is almost impossible, or to sit quietly in a large darkened room with a crowd around us, watching a movie.

Is some free-floating energy present that we are somehow able to ingest?

What is it about a dog or cat that fills a need for companionship?

Is there a living presence that they emanate?

A moment of deep feeling shared by one of us can embrace and unify a group instantaneously. How does that happen?

In moments of silence together, we can feel something almost palpable between us. In meditation when attention is freed from its habitual focus on the material realm, we become aware of Space, unbounded, within and without, everywhere. Focused nonjudgmental listening cuts through the distance between us and opens intimate new ways of seeing and understanding each other.Metaphysical wisdom teachings tell us that beyond our physical body there are several more invisible bodies in our true anatomy. Each has their own distinct qualities, each extends across space and time in seeming miraculous ways, each has its own way of connecting us. Ancient Indian wisdom speaks about Indra’s web, a structure across the entire creation connecting everything instantaneously as One, a mystical unified field.

Now, Western Science is joining this timeless conversation about how we and everything else is connected. It is searching for its own unified field. At the level of our everyday experience and at the quantum dimension, we and the fundamental units of creation are joined in ways we are just beginning to discover, certainly don’t yet fully understand and in many cases, can’t even imagine. The Universe is a space alive with a cosmic dance of Nothing hiding as Something, of the waltz of appearance and disappearance, of masked dark energies holding everything together. Clearly, space is not empty!

For eighteen years, we at Vistar have been exploring an aspect of the space between us, this mysterious field of gathered human consciousness. We know some of its power and potential and its awesome ability to unify us. This field has the unlimited creative ability, but when unconscious and misdirected, it can manifest a destructive power witnessed by much of our history.

Our relation to the invisible dimension of space and our understanding of how we are connected to it and influence it is new territory. We need open eyes and ears to for this exploration, for it will shape our evolutionary journey and every aspect of our human experience. Ultimately, it will determine how we as a species shall take our position as citizens of the Cosmos.

Ron Friedman

What Is UNITY Consciousness?

Abstract blurred people in night market or open street market for background


You can’t solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that gave rise to the problem – Albert Einstein

There is something new on the horizon – a new kind of thinking. One that could solve the problem – the entire complex conglomeration of challenges that make our world unsustainable, intolerant, and prone to violence. This is not thinking out of the blue: It is thinking that has been around for thousands of years. What is new is that it’s rediscovered – of all things, at the cutting edge of the sciences. It is “Akasha think.”

In this column with I will review for you the principal dimensions of Akasha think – the rediscovered revolutionary concept of life and universe, and freedom, wholeness, and wellbeing. New answers to questions we have all been asking since the beginnings of time.

Adam and Eve, Socrates and Plato, Constantine and the Crusaders, Henry VIII and Pope Clement VII, Hitler and Churchill, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and Gandhi, yes even now Obama and Romney are giving us answers. Every answer has been given thinking that it is right. Yet with each delivery, the great divides are inexorably forged — in color, creed, genders, and territories. How many answers were really right? Right now, as our precious world cries out because of the collateral damage of all our answers, how many of our answers, your answers, about the economy, education, energy, your health, and life, can you be sure are right?

Try Akasha think. Here you get different answers. Find out what they can do for you – and through you, for the world.

Are you ready? Here is a question that can get you started:

What Is Unity Consciousness – For You?

What is Akasha/Unity consciousness for you, a dream or a nightmare? Or could it be your own deep consciousness – “re-cognized” for what it really is? Your answer could make a difference – a difference to you and to the world. See how you resonate with the 16 ideas that hallmark this consciousness.

  • I am part of the world. The world is not outside of me, and I am not outside of the world. The world is in me, and I am in the world.
  •  I am part of nature, and nature is part of me. I am what I am in my communication and communion with all living things. I am an irreducible and coherent whole with the web of life on the planet.
  •  I am part of society, and society is part of me. I am what I am in my communication and communion with my fellow humans. I am an irreducible and coherent whole with the community of humans on the planet.
  •  I am more than a skin-and-bone material organism: my body and its cells and organs are manifestations of what is truly me: a self-sustaining, self-evolving dynamic system arising, persisting and evolving in interaction with everything around me.
  •  I am one of the highest, most evolved manifestations of the drive toward coherence and wholeness in the universe. All systems drive toward coherence and wholeness in interaction with all other systems, and my essence is this cosmic drive. It is the same essence, the same spirit that is inherent in all the things that arise and evolve in nature, whether on this planet or elsewhere in the infinite reaches of space and time.
  • There are no absolute boundaries and divisions in this world, only transition points where one set of relations yields prevalence to another. In me, in this self-maintaining and self-evolving coherence- and wholeness-oriented system, the relations that integrate the cells and organs of my body are prevalent. Beyond my body, other relations gain prevalence: those that drive toward coherence and wholeness in society and in nature.
  •  The separate identity I attach to other humans and other things is but a convenient convention that facilitates my interaction with them. My family and my community are just as much “me” as the organs of my body. My body and mind, my family and my community, are interacting and interpenetrating, variously prevalent elements in the network of relations that encompasses all things in nature and the human world.
  •  The whole gamut of concepts and ideas that separates my identity, or the identity of any person or community, from the identity of other persons and communities, are manifestations of this convenient but arbitrary convention. There are only gradients distinguishing individuals from each other and from their environment and no real divisions and boundaries. There are no “others” in the world: We are all living systems and we are all part of each other.
  •  Attempting to maintain the system I know as “me” through ruthless competition with the system I know as “you” is a grave mistake: It could damage the integrity of the embracing whole that frames both your life and mine. I cannot preserve my own life and wholeness by damaging that whole, even if damaging a part of it seems to bring me a short-term advantage. When I harm you, or anyone else around me, I harm myself.
  •  Collaboration, not competition, is the royal road to the wholeness that hallmarks healthy systems in the world. Collaboration calls for empathy and solidarity, and ultimately for love. I do not and cannot love myself if I do not love you and others around me: We are part of the same whole and so are part of each other.
  •  The idea of “self-defense,” even of “national defense,” needs to be rethought. Patriotism if it aims to eliminate adversaries by force, and heroism even in the well-meaning execution of that aim, are mistaken aspirations. A patriot and a hero who brandishes a sword or a gun is an enemy also to himself. Every weapon intended to hurt or kill is a danger to all. Comprehension, conciliation, and forgiveness are not signs of weakness; they are signs of courage.
  •  “The good” for me and for every person in the world is not the possession and accumulation of personal wealth. Wealth, in money or in any material resource, is but a means for maintaining myself in my environment. As exclusively mine, it commandeers part of the resources that all things need to share if they are to live and to thrive. Exclusive wealth is a threat to all people in the human community. And because I am a part of this community, in the final count it is a threat also to me, and to all who hold it.
  •  Beyond the sacred whole, we recognize as the world in its totality, only life and its development have what philosophers call intrinsic value; all other things have merely instrumental value: value insofar as they add to or enhance intrinsic value. Material things in the world, and the energies and substances they harbor or generate, have value only if and insofar they contribute to life and wellbeing in the web of life on this Earth.
  •  The true measure of my accomplishment and excellence is my readiness to give. Not the amount of what I give is the measure of my accomplishment and excellence, but the relationship between what I give, and what my family and I need to live and to thrive.
  •  Every healthy person has pleasure in giving: It is a higher pleasure than having. I am healthy and whole when I value giving over having. A community that values giving over having is a community of healthy people, oriented toward thriving through empathy, solidarity, and love among its members. Sharing enhances the community of life while possessing and accumulating creates demarcation, invites competition, and fuels envy. The share-society is the norm for all the communities of life on the planet; the have-society is typical only of modern-day humanity, and it is an aberration.
  •  I recognize the aberration of modern-day humanity from the universal norm of coherence in the world, acknowledge my role in having perpetrated it, and pledge my commitment to restoring wholeness and coherence by becoming whole myself: whole in my thinking and acting — in my consciousness.

If you had an “aha experience” while reading even just one of these ideas, you have the foundations of Akashic consciousness. And if you had this experience all the way through, you already possess this crucial consciousness.

How did you resonate with what you have read? Tell us — and we shall do our best to respond.

Ervin Laszlo is the author of 89 books published in 24 languages, including his bestselling Science and the Akashic Field. His latest book is The Akasha Paradigm, just released on the Internet: