Lets Meet On The Top Floor

The amazing evolutionary journey we call ‘Unite Your Light WOMEN’ has taken us to a new level of responsibility in our personal development. Working with our emotions when they come up, rather than entering into them can be a valuable accelerator in moving forward as a team. We have reached a level of evolution where our emotions are actually frequency elevators, our emotional state actually reflects the buttons that get activated to either go down a level or up a level.

We can choose which way we want to go and if we don’t, we can literally stay stuck there with the door shut and seemingly no way out. Just like in a real elevator, it will sometimes take a few shots at pressing the button before we get to the right floor, but thankfully, before too long we get to the level we were after.

There are a few ways to look at this metaphor –

We can stay on the lower levels always wondering what it is like on the top floor, which we know has a great view. We can also get in the elevator, go up a few levels and have a look at some of the view from there. We can also get uncomfortably comfortable in the basement, which has no windows and is disconnected from the outside world. But then there’s the option of pressing the button to the top floor, the one that takes you to the deluxe penthouse. You cant wait to get there, you know that’s where you need to be, you know it has a panoramic view, but most of all you want to be there because you know your closest friends are there having the party of a lifetime!!

So my friends come and join in the greatest party there is; your LIFE.

How do you like to party and what do you want to bring to the party?

Yeah… I Said The God Word !


I have to confess for many years I wasn’t able to use the God word. I use to fumble around referring to it as the Great Spirit, the Universe ……… whatever.

I had developed, what I thought to be a very good relationship with this amazingly divine force. But there did come a time in my life when there was only one thing left to do, it was time to surrender to this wondrous evolutionary force that some call God.

What I have come to realize now, is that God is all the above names and more. It wouldn’t matter what I called God because the truth is there is no word for it. God is really beyond the human experience and the human experience simultaneously. So I have now surrendered to this force and the word God all at the same time…. hmmm interesting.

Today I am going to talk about how I work with this amazing power God. 

The God force is a living, growing continuum and is alive in us all. We have a heart that pumps our blood around our body giving us life. But we also have a Higher Heart that is also present – we don’t always acknowledge it or even feel its presence and often mistake for some sort of anxiety.

The function of the Higher Heart is similar, its function is to pump the presence of God through you and the world around you. The God force is the spiritual blood that gives you a real and purposeful life, which enables you to create a spiritual body for our planet.

We have a Human Pulse that is connected to the lower worlds (physical) and we have a Spiritual Pulse that connects us to the upper worlds (spiritual). When we are able to connect to our spiritual pulse we become powerful conductors of “life” it’s self. Not life as a mundane day-to-day experience, but rather life in its true essence; exciting. Life is our vehicle for growth, reproduction, and experience. We as humans are living in motion, how we choose to express that life is up to us.

Many times over we have heard stories of individuals overcoming extreme hardship, somehow they make it through with their spirit still intact. They have grown beyond their circumstances to a life that is an expression of dignity and jubilation. Even though their hardship they were able to connect to a part of themselves that was life-giving.

They connected to the idea that they are not their situation, they made a choice from within that was able to sustain them. This mix of Human Pulse and Spiritual Pulse becomes so powerful that it takes on a life of its own, which is greater than the individual. It becomes a current of evolution for humanity as a whole. We only have to look at some of our ancestors, they took their hardship and turned it into an opportunity to change something that wasn’t working. They turned their course of action into a new hope for future generations.

Whatever we are faced with in life is a directional tool to see our life objectively. I am not saying we don’t experience emotional pain in our hardship. But what we can do is use our emotional pain as our steering wheel and an accelerator to higher ground. Or we can just stop, turn off the engine and sit there. Eventually, our vehicle and all its working parts get rusty and stop working altogether, we literally have a lack of drive. In this state of inertia, we lose faith in what life has to offer. We become fixed on our ‘lack of’ rather than seeing our feelings as being our e-motional drivers.

We can turn our emotional, feeling state into our high octane fuel. So, while you have a full tank use it wisely and remember e-motional fuel comes in many forms sad, happy, angry, excited, generous, disappointed, courageous as you can see it is a long list. But they all have one thing in common “you feel them”.

Your ability to feel is the key to a full life, what you do with those feelings is up to you. You are the driver, no matter what your circumstances are. Don’t be afraid of your emotions, they remind you that you have a life to live. 

Life is your vehicle, live it with all your feelings present.                                                                Are you using all your feelings to live a full LIFE, share some of your insights?

Elizabeth Ellames

Clarity of Intention

What is your personal evolutionary impulse?

The memory of who you really are is encoded in you and is activated when you place yourself in the appropriate environment ……….. it is only then that the amazing process of creation can meet with that code and fully evolve you.

This reality is beyond mysticism or even spirituality, it is a reality that is rooted in the truth of your imagining cells. It is you, remembering what your blueprint potential is designed for, and then allowing it to form.

There is an energy force that is designed especially for you and it is resonating in every cell of your body. Just beyond your physical body, there is another energy system that is also encoded with your particular frequency, this is your light body; your Higher Self. Your task in this lifetime is to grow into this full potential.

A valuable point to remember in the process of conscious evolution is that your environment is constantly affecting your consciousness and determining the level of your potential. Whatever you feed into your consciousness will eventually begin to grow. So the key here is to make sure your present environment is conducive to your highest potential.

If you’re not connected to that, which activates your encoded potential you may remain in a state of stagnation or immaturity your whole life. It is our ability to remain in a state of connectivity with our inner forces that inform the unified field that we are in fact a part of an evolving humanity.

The truth is we are designed for transformation, this is not anything new, in fact, it is a 13.7 billion year tend of entropy and syntropy, these are forces of destruction and creation. The ancient Egyptians called the individual electric force of our personal identity, the “neter” meaning the “seed of the seed”.

They said the Neter contained the unique signature of ones nature… ones innate inherent gifts of intelligence or light. Each enclosure, your body, comes from an individual, distinctive matrix and is unique from all others in the entire cosmos. Our ancient ancestors believed and taught that Neter was neither created nor could be destroyed but has always been and shall always be.

The purpose of each Neter was simply to gain or add greater patterns of light (intelligences) to ones enclosure/body/soul by experiencing the construction of larger and larger light systems, so that your light might shine and show the way for others that are not so far along the path of light as you… just as those further on the path of greater cosmic light have illuminated the road or river of light for your evolution.

Truth to the ancient mind was the substance of pure matter – matter without electrical abnormalities – they called electrical abnormalities “darkness”.

Light in space was syntropy, life-giving. (Strength of construction of the enclosure/body/soul.) Darkness in space was called entropy (Weakness or de-construction, or rot and decay.)

So what if photoelectric, cosmological constructions (systems of light) are what we call truth, trust, joy, pleasure, excitement, romance, kindness, compassion, caring, touch, orgasm, smell, sight, sound, and taste are the light frequencies of syntropy and construction are strengthening…? Just as pain, grief, anguish, violence, malice, toxic relationships and more, are energy systems of entropy, a deconstruction of your house, your temple, your body and weaken your vessel… What if your living attributes are also light frequencies that are life-giving. Imagine how incredible your life could be when you are tuned in to your correct frequencies.

A disease is a result – Symptoms of disease; be it mental, emotional or physical they are warning signs of the cause. Symptoms are also an avenue of release. The cause is always some form of electrical chaos. The solution is to create an electric/light cosmology of authentic equilibrium.

In ancient times we called this ‘Living Temple Work’. Today we call it detox, repair, meditation and rebuilding of the body. Attending to your Temple each day – on all levels helps to keep it in a state of syntropy (life-giving/synergy). Working with your Living Attributes©, your Cornerstones maintain your Light. This brings a new and life-giving order to your perfectly designed body and soul. Re-cognizing and activating the cornerstones of your sacred temple and identifying with your archetypes – is re-cognizing and strengthening your Neter and this brings more light back into your temple – your body. By simply doing your practice you are creating and expressing your own personal signature of light and then able to gift it to your loved ones, your world, and the cosmos.

Bringing more light into your body and the world around you can only be good. You become a clear and light-filled channel of Bestowal.

It is time to become a true light bearer who is able to give and receive what is rightfully yours.

As a rapidly evolving human being, we have the opportunity to choose our way, our life and our expression. The clarity of our intention is creating who we are in every moment.

What is your intention in this lifetime?

What is truth and trust?

That is an interesting question indeed, I now have a new reality on what truth and trust actually is. 

It’s not just a case of saying what you think is true …… I actually think the attributes of truth and trust are like some sort of energetic universal substance, which makes everything in the Cosmos work better.

What if the combination of truth and trust is an energy force, which is connected to what ever needs to be corrected and transformed. What if truth is another name for the unified field, constantly correcting and evolving everything it is connected to. Our experience so far in our Unite the Light venture has been a journey of precisely that.

Truth has been entering the Unite the Light consciousness like a powerful lioness, she arrives, takes charge and is always fully present to her task at hand. But if we, as a team are not fully present to the powerful call of truth, things begin to get congested and jam up, people get tired and frustrated because of the lack of energetic flow. Once truth arrives and reveals its message, it magically transform its self into trust. Proof that we can’t really trust until we first fully know the purity of truth. That is the key factor; truth is fundamentally pure.

Which brings me to the conclusion that some how we have forgotten that particular words, like these attributes are in fact patterns of light working with us to create a better world. They are a part of the light that connects us to expanding levels of consciousness, other worlds and new horizons.

This says it all really “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Love Elizabeth

I invite you to share your discoveries about truth and trust.

What is a United Heart Reality?

How did we created such an amazing and liberating phenomena?

We, as a community at Unite the Light have in a short time created an amazing connective power that I fondly call “United Heart Reality”. It is the practice of supporting each other from a place of absolute truth and trust. Not for personal development or gain but rather to make a valuable conscious contribution to the evolution of the planet and humanity.

A United Heart Reality is a new and promising example of humanity revealed through the beauty of unity. We have been supporting each other in being the best we can be and the light of TRUTH steps in to see it through. Over the years I have heard people use the phrase ‘sending you love and light’. What we are doing is taking that concept to a whole new level.

Love is the activator that brings in the Light.

As we move consciously through our shadow and remain committed to our group vision, the divine love starts to emerge through the Higher Heart and we find new Light/Life; this is a new and connected reality for many. Being connected in this way and operating from this place, is quiet different to anything one has experienced before. When we started the program back in January I made the statement ‘get connected and stay connected’ I have been saying it every week for the last three months. This small phrase indeed, means so much more, we have now all experienced the benefits of being connected heart to heart.

Staying connected builds resonance and a valuable coherence on our planet.

I believe we are meant to stay connected for a more profound reason than we can even imagine. So I encourage you, when you feel that vibrational or impulse in your heart, know that it is a whisper from your Soulality asking you to connect. Reach out, take the leap and let the love lift you into the light.

There is a new way of being in the world and we are it.

Love Elizabeth x

I invite you to share about your ‘united heart reality’.