Where is your energy going most of the time?

REAL DEAL 12 C’s  #1: Demonstrate Creativity


Of the many facets of leadership none rank higher than the power to create, which is illustrated through your ability to activate others to create. Be creative with your vision. Create what you said you’d create, when you said you’d do it, and do it with excellence even if (and especially when) nobody is watching. Always remain in the creative flow, even when it’s uncomfortable, difficult or causes some resistance. Creativity defines your style of leadership.


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Value Your Time

The Art of Adding Value means you look for creative and effective ways, where you can make someone’s life easier or more attractive.

By taking some simple steps toward adding value to other people’s lives means you, my friend, are living on purpose.

The key to success is finding people who value your time as much as you do.

Show up and shine your light on their life… that’s what makes people happy !!


Do we have more than one tribe?


You become more of who you’re meant to be, by sharing yourself authentically with others.

Becoming more of “who you know you really are” and making your greatest contribution through sharing your gifts is all about finding your team; your tribe.

It’s less about running a solo race and more about trusting in others to support what you want to do and be in life.

Many of us have spent years struggling in isolation, trying to break away from old patterns.

You may have a deep and passionate desire to deliver your true creativity to the world.

You may appear to have wonderfully supportive friends and family members, but your inner experience still feels like you are alone.

And often part of the problem is that you may beat yourself up for not being able to do it alone.

What if these challenges to your true potential weren’t caused by any personal inadequacy, but rather was the result of not having enough real support in your life.

Real support looks like this –

1. Being with people who know where you’re coming from.

2. Being with people who also share their authentic self with you.

3. Being with people who celebrate your wins and understand that mistakes are also essential to living a socially and spiritually fulling life.


Be the best possible you!

Steve Jobs said… “Be a yardstick of quality, some people aren’t use to an environment where excellence is expected.”

There comes a time in your life when you just have to stand up and lead from your heart and life’s wisdom.

You have a sense, a calling from deep within that is asking you to share your life with the world. Your heart is whispering to you “find your tribe, your people – those who will stand with you and your desire for excellence, generosity, and prosperity.

Living a life where excellence is your primary driver is the only way to truly add value to your own life and the life of our planet. Excellence is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good at something.

Is it time for you to experience and create a new life that is filled with transparency, joy, and desire to serve the important changes necessary in our world?

Do you ever yearn to go beyond glimpses of living a larger story and adding value to the lives of others… to living an expanded life that truly sustains your highest potential?


Yes, the world needs YOU… excelling at being “the best possible you” is exactly what humanity needs right now.

Elizabeth Ellames

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What is Workplace Empowerment!


We all want to feel happy, satisfied and fulfilled when we go the work, after all it’s where many of us spent half our life. 
They say Time = Money, perhaps? 
I suggest other wise…
How about Time = Life, your life.

Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter whether we’re a CEO, Personal Assistant, HR person, Hairdresser, Technician or Sales Assistant, we all want to feel valued, supported and happy.

We all want our work life to reflect who we are and what we value. So often though we leave our real deal self at home and bring to work, what I call our Half-Self.

Our vision at Real Deal seminars is to assist corporations, small business and institutions with new and effective ways of reaching workplace empowerment.

And the best place to start is with “the people”.

We ask people to identify “what’s not working and what is working in their workplace?”

Often mistrust is due to a lack of transparency, covert and overt competition and personal agendas that continuously need to be meet, which often result in bulling or passive aggressive behaviour, which is just as disruptive (covert bullying).

Finding out what works and what doesn’t work requires all parties to adopt a new way of communicating with each other, we call it “Being Real Matters”

“Being Real Matters” focuses on 5 necessary elements:

1. Identify
2. Clarity
3. Specify
4. Edify
5. Unify

Each step encourages people to be objective, creative, progressive and remain connected to their personal role or vision and the collective vision, while operating in their community or work environment.

Many of us wake up each day ready to add value to our life and the lives of others, instinctively wanting to make a difference.

But somehow our paradigm shifts when we get out into the world. Constant detractions and demands make us forget about what we really want and we often give away our authentic personal power when we walk into the workplace.

To effectively transform your workplace culture, start by asking yourself and your team a simple question:

  • Do you believe the people around you have the potential to do even greater work? The answer will likely be yes, but that only kicks off the discussion.

Here’s some follow-up questions:

  • How do we genuinely believe in each other’s potential? 
  • The truth presents in the type of feedback we give each other, how quickly do we share information and how consistent and persistent we are?
  • So, in your own interactions, how can you demonstrate your belief in others even more?

Here’s a few ways to start:

  • Ensure people are accountable to their role and collective vision or outcomes.
  • Do a better job at asking inclusive questions.
  • Always be creative and collaborative with your approach.
  • Ask for help when you need it.

When you practice these actions, you begin to drive a more supportive workplace culture that activates creative human potential, which is much more engaging, exciting and inviting than any old toxic workplaces tactics that tear down and discourage. Your company/business/institution only has potential, because human beings have great potential when empowered.

Your workplace culture is indeed the sum of the daily interactions between everyone in your organisation.

Lead with the mindset of “Being Real Matters” and watch this directive energy transform the interactions within your workplace community.

Being Real Matters… is the art of adding value.


Elizabeth Ellames – The Change Agent

Finding Your Tribe

In this new era of consciousness, people are ‘waking up’ at a profoundly rapid rate. ‪ If you’re one of these newly awakened souls, chances are you’ve outgrown many areas of your life. Suddenly your career, lifestyle, relationships, and even entire friendship circles can feel foreign, so it’s an understatement to say you probably feel a little isolated.

Especially as you dive deep into an ocean of questions like…

Why am I here?

Where did we actually come from?

What is my higher purpose?

Be assured, if you’re embarking on an “awakened journey”, you are right where you need to be and finding your tribe is indeed a fundamental part of that journey. Here are some tips on consciously calling in your TribeTalkers©, the ones that fit your new reality and will support you on your journey.

Eight Keys To Calling In Your Tribe.

1. Be The Real Deal

Simply put ‘You need to be the Real Deal’… Before you can fully connect with your tribe you must know who you are and be living a life in alignment with that truth. You will attract like-minds – but they may be people who are simply matching what you are projecting out into the world. So if that’s an innocent mask of people pleasing, control or enabling, you’re connections will likely be of a similar nature.

2. Make Distinctions

Understand that the roles people have played in your life have given you a greater understanding and experience of life. Make distinctions around your spiritual growth, personal development, empowerment, and personal responsibility. Often blame justifies our current “Messy” or “Bland” lifestyle and can be a wonderful excuse for not creating what we really want. When you take full responsibility for your life, your past and your current relationships, it creates an awareness for authentic connection – your tribe won’t put up with B.S – they’ll hold you accountable to being the best version of you, call you on your stuff and inspire you to evolve, expand and fully come into being.

3. Identify And Clarify

Make a conscious decision about who you want to be for yourself and where you are heading, what you want and don’t want for your future, create the life and people around you who support that – many times you know what you don’t want because you’ve experienced it. Now its time to focus on what really works for your soul.

4. Review Your Relationships

Recognise old relationships that no longer serve who you wish to be – this doesn’t mean they are ‘bad’ or what they are choosing to do with their lives is wrong. Know that it takes a commitment to yourself to fosters the best version of you and to create boundaries around who influences your life.

5. Edify And Unify Your Connections

Identify the kindred spirits already in your life that support your highest evolution and consciously edify and unify those friendships, they are part of your tribe.

6. End Relationships That Hinder

Cut energetic ties that bind you to the past and to old ideas about who you think you are, and who others think you are. Allow yourself to be who you want to be from this moment forward and only create and sustain relationships that nourish and support this.

7. Add Value And Shine

Correct and transform any personal behavior that lowers your vibration and observe how you attract people who keep mirroring negative beliefs. Give yourself permission to shine. This may require gently re-educating some people about who you are as you evolve.

8. Raise Your Resonance

Call in your TribeTalkers© by becoming a vibrational match for who and what you want to attract into your life. If you want creative people who respect you and share an aligned vision, ask yourself:

  • Am I expressing my creativity?
  • Do I respect myself?
  • Am I clearly living my dreams and desires?

In Summary – You Must Recognize Your Tribe When You Find Them 

Understand how to recognise your TribeTalkers© when you connect with them. Be Brave, Be Real Be Present and notice when someone feels good to you energetically and take action to follow up the connection. Hint – If someone keeps on coming into your consciousness, chances are there’s a reason.

So, if you desire people in your life who…

  • understand who you ‘really’ are
  • who are in ‘your conversation’
  • inspire you to be a better person
  • restore your faith in humanity
  • make you feel appreciated, valued, and deeply understood…

Take the pledge to be the real deal, welcome these concepts into your life and your TribeTalkers© will be waiting on the other side.

Elizabeth Ellames

How’s your Projector working?

Are you a State of the Art PROJECTOR?

A PROJECT requires clarity of intention and projection, which is precisely why it is called a project. In order for a project to become a reality in the world, we must focus on its quality of projection. What are you projecting to the world?

Is it fuzzy?

Is it blurry?

Is it totally out of focus?

Or is it crystal clear?



Leadership Is Becoming More ‘Feminine’


Global Headline Findings: The Future of Leadership Communication is More ‘Feminine’ – an Enhanced Blueprint

1 – Leading by example, communicating transparently, admitting mistakes and bringing out the best in others top the list of leadership attributes. It is key actions around honesty, transparency and collaboration – not just key messages – that matter most.

2 – This is seen acutely in crisis situations, when it is critical to offer practical, accountable solutions that match words and deeds, while operationalizing empathy rather simply than showing empathy for its own sake.

3 – The future of leadership communication is more ‘feminine’. Female leaders perform best on 5 of the 7 most important attributes and on all of the top – Although the world is looking more to male 4 leaders than female ones – 54% to 46%.

4 – Trustworthiness remains at an absolute premium for corporations to be seen as leaders – together with quality and service. It is worrying therefore that leadership scores have fallen across multiple industries, despite leadership scores for most vertical sectors rising 8 points or more.

5 – Multiple audiences beyond the corporation itself – particularly friends and family, media and activists/NGOs – outrank the CEO and other senior management as trusted sources of information, while also directly impacting consumers’ purchasing behavior.

6 – Company employees who you know, together with those involved in selling goods or services and managing complaints, leave senior managers and the CEO standing as sources of credible corporate information – making effective employee engagement critical.

7 – Personal presence and engagement remain at a premium across all communications channels, while digital and social channels lag ‘traditional’ and ‘in-person’ channels in impacting public sentiment.

8 – A specific vocal minority sub-set of consumers – ‘Leadership eVangelists’ – have a disproportionate impact on commercial outcomes, making engagement with them critical to commercial outcomes and corporate credibility.

Effective Leadership = Open Communication + Decisive Action + Personal Presence

A model underlining the importance of the Good Leader Formula developed over the past two years: Effective Leadership = Open Communication + Decisive Action + Personal Presence. The debate continues and Ketchum is proud to be part of it.