Identify, Clarify, Specify, Edify and Unify


UNITED KNOWLEDGE EVENT… was a huge success!!

The New Legacy Stellar – Jodi-Anne Smith, Tina Renfrey and Trish Herreen delivered a brilliant presentation on the topic “The True Nature Of Community”

Prior to the event, the team committed to correcting and transforming any issues that may surface. Their intention was to find a way to reveal and share the truth and purpose of community… and they achieved that goal beautifully, they were vivacious, vibrant and victorious.

If any emotional or personal challenges arose they just faced them…they told the truth, expressed their fears and kept moving right along… they were able to do this because they never lost sight of their united vision, which is to serve and grow a healthy humanity and live their life purpose.

As a result, the lead up to the event and the event created a shift and progression toward true collaboration among the women in Unite the Light…… My self and the women now re-cognise how much fear and shame women generally carry about expressing who they really are….. “Light and Shadow”.
Owning one’s shadow is “clearly very challenging” for many women….. The fear of totally revealing all sides of one’s self can be terrifying.
This was my discovery “Projection” and “Protection” that was the big Gold nugget that surfaced for sure !!!
The Unified Field Of Consciousness doesn’t care about that though…… It just wants the Truth… wants the Truth to come forth so the evolution of humanity can occur.
And with that comes a new wave of feminism, this time it is Self Liberation of the female nature/species… SHE is not only sugar and spice and all things nice… SHE is also crazy, lazy, spooky, wild, stealth, bold, outrageous, miserable and incredibly courageous.  A lot of the time her true nature is masked by her now chronic addiction to “Project or Protect”…… don’t worry girls, this addiction is on its way out. We have a new Style of being, which has only one label…. its Tres’Authentic.
You can wear it to the theatre, to the movies, out to dinner and you can even wear it to the office. Yes, ladies, it is the most versatile piece you will ever buy and truly value. There is one in every size, every colour and it is always a perfect fit. Tres’Authentic… it’s the only way to wear/bare your soul comfortably.
The other discovery I had recently is this great little formula, which is an absolute necessity in forming a stable community, it is the ability to Clarity, Specify, Edify and Unify.
If we can’t Identify, Clarify, Specify, Edify and Unify…… in each others company…. We can’t collaborate effectively. We need to Identify, Clarify, Specify, Edify and Unify in order to commune in unity and this is how we form the true nature of community. These are the simple but effective elements that create awesome heartfelt connections.
Our event last week created a platform for higher evolutionary activation to occur in community… Metaphorically speaking, we are now being called to stay on the top floor…. only coming down to the ground floor occasionally for our necessary logistical and replenishment requirements.

Here are some of our delightful photos of our growing community….. look forward to seeing at our next event.


Here is what some people shared about the evening……

“I really related to the last speaker. I have a lot going around in my head and expect I’ll be awake most of the night as it settles”
“I was awake through the night and flushed out by all the light delivered throughout my body”
“You are a great speaker Trish. I could listen to you all day”
“You ladies were terrific”

“Two things that have stayed with me are – Courage and Communing in Unity”


If not you, then who?


They say there is only one failure and that is the failure to participate.

We all want the same thing. A life that makes us happy. So why don’t we think we can get it?

Perhaps we have been going after the wrong stuff. We have now come to a point in our evolution, where we can, at last, be and celebrate UNITY.

Yes, its UNITY, UNITY, UNITY that’s our ticket to happiness. 

The light of Unity is indeed upon us; next step is to find that light in our heart, gather the energy and stay connected to it. Then connect with the TRUTH, which is in yourself and in another and stay connected. When we can do this the God or Goddess in us wakes up. Yes that’s right we are made from GOD stuff, human beings are animated and encoded with the story of creation.

We are the voice of humanity. 

When we make the connection… that when two or more are connected in TRUTH resonance, your life, our life will change forever.

This is why I go on about this stuff every day of my life, it seems. It has been my vision and passion to create the world that works….and of course, it was so hard doing it on my own!!

Thank goodness there is a new trend on the planet called Social Synergy, which is driving people to connect. It is not only a great idea to connect to people who you resonate with, it’s vital to connect to and focus on what systems are working….then connect the dots. (the people and the systems).

There have been several well-being trends bantered around for a few decades now …, work-life balance etc. But the new trend that is truly growing is SOCIAL WELL-BEING, the ability to connect to our own heart and then to another in the same resonance. And it doesn’t have to be in our family or even our neighborhood.

Social Synergy can be a global heart to heart resonance that creates transformation through us all consciously participating and collaborating in our own human evolution.

Now that’s cool…. it beats the hell out of trying to do it alone.

So, go find out for yourself and see how far along the evolutionary path you can go…… it may awaken the God or Goddess in you.

The Space “Between” Us

What happens when we come together?

What happens between us and inside us?

Is it only our physical bodies that meet and our five senses that bridge the gap to one another and the perceived reality around us?


There must be more, much more happening in the space we inhabit. I have always wondered what drives us to noisy restaurants where a conversation is almost impossible, or to sit quietly in a large darkened room with a crowd around us, watching a movie.

Is some free-floating energy present that we are somehow able to ingest?

What is it about a dog or cat that fills a need for companionship?

Is there a living presence that they emanate?

A moment of deep feeling shared by one of us can embrace and unify a group instantaneously. How does that happen?

In moments of silence together, we can feel something almost palpable between us. In meditation when attention is freed from its habitual focus on the material realm, we become aware of Space, unbounded, within and without, everywhere. Focused nonjudgmental listening cuts through the distance between us and opens intimate new ways of seeing and understanding each other.Metaphysical wisdom teachings tell us that beyond our physical body there are several more invisible bodies in our true anatomy. Each has their own distinct qualities, each extends across space and time in seeming miraculous ways, each has its own way of connecting us. Ancient Indian wisdom speaks about Indra’s web, a structure across the entire creation connecting everything instantaneously as One, a mystical unified field.

Now, Western Science is joining this timeless conversation about how we and everything else is connected. It is searching for its own unified field. At the level of our everyday experience and at the quantum dimension, we and the fundamental units of creation are joined in ways we are just beginning to discover, certainly don’t yet fully understand and in many cases, can’t even imagine. The Universe is a space alive with a cosmic dance of Nothing hiding as Something, of the waltz of appearance and disappearance, of masked dark energies holding everything together. Clearly, space is not empty!

For eighteen years, we at Vistar have been exploring an aspect of the space between us, this mysterious field of gathered human consciousness. We know some of its power and potential and its awesome ability to unify us. This field has the unlimited creative ability, but when unconscious and misdirected, it can manifest a destructive power witnessed by much of our history.

Our relation to the invisible dimension of space and our understanding of how we are connected to it and influence it is new territory. We need open eyes and ears to for this exploration, for it will shape our evolutionary journey and every aspect of our human experience. Ultimately, it will determine how we as a species shall take our position as citizens of the Cosmos.

Ron Friedman

My new best friend – The Unified Field


IMG_2020Our Unite Your Light meetings often started with a process that was both connecting with and informing the Unified Field of Consciousness.

One of the defining factors of the Unite Your Light group has been that we willingly participate with “the Field” to advance any of the development of our projects. This week we invited the field to connect to our individual archetypes and larger vision. Participating with the field in this way helps to maintain a strong conscious connection with our individual and collective visions.

We have been called to action many times thus far by the field, here are some of those actions.

  • Letting go of old controlling female behaviors.
  • A new style of leadership.
  • The birth of the New Woman.
  • Co-creative Chanting with the Field. (amazing experience)
  • Building coherence through transparent/truthful relationships.

I call The Unified Field my new best friend because it connects me to all that I love and value. I never knew how co-operative and how exciting it was to have around. Seems to be the more we connect with each other and the more we connect with the idea of creation, the more The Field gets involved. Every week I mention how important it is for us to stay connected, now I know it’s The Field reminding us that there isn’t really any separation out there, its really only in our heads. The more we stay connected, the more we have available to us for the purpose of evolution.

I know some may say “Sounds to me like you’re talking about God”. And yes perhaps I am. Maybe “The Field” is an amazing aspect of God and we have now evolved to a level of consciousness, which lets us partake in some of Gods infinite creation. What an incredible time to be on our planet.

Elizabeth Ellames

I invite you to share your experience with the Field?

New Dimensions Of Self

Our Unite Your Light meetings were very powerful. We’d arrive and were straight into a sacred process of bringing the New Woman Archetype fully into our being. This New Woman archetype has been a hidden dimension of women that has been patiently waiting until we were ready to let Mama Control go. The characteristic of Mama Control is basically women behaving badly.

  • The old divide and conquer tactic – Split the group through malicious or petty/idle gossip. (control)
  • Overt or covert displays of suffering – Constant complaining, comparing or judging of others. (control)
  • Seduction of another person’s loved ones – Husband, friends, or family. (control)
  • The subtle belittling of a person’s abilities and personal appearance. (control)            

The New Woman archetype, however, has been waiting to hear her call of “stand up and lead”, for her characteristics are very different. She no longer needs to control the people and environment that surround her in constant fear of retribution. She is free to be because the brothers and sisters of liberation that came before her have generously cleared her path. She said YES, I can hear you, grabbing the hand of the Creative Self as it pulled her up and out into the new world. Like any new experience or new environment, the terrain can feel a bit unusual or foreign, but at the same time, it can feel incredibly exciting and liberating.

We have now reached a new level of self. The way back is fading and it is time to stand strong in the energy of the New Woman. Our actions and pure presence gives other women the courage to find the New Woman within them self. The simple idea of focusing on what works will be a guiding force, which graciously lifts us to higher levels of consciousness. The processional effect of this birth is igniting new life on many levels, giving inspiration and motivation to others who are also willing and able to stand up and fully utilize their leader from within.

Elizabeth Ellames


What do you feel and think are some of the characteristics of the New Woman?

A New Wave Of Consciousness Arising


There is a new wave of consciousness arising today – it’s not a force that we are familiar with, but rather, a powerful presence cradled by grace.

It is the emergence of the New Feminine, which is evolving in women. It is here to aid in the planetary shift of humanity. This wonderful power, that I term “ A Woman’s True Value” is birthing on our planet as we speak.

Women today are finding a new impulse to co-create, they are rising up like radiant angels ready to bless the world. This new impulse of creation is an equalizer for the balance required to create the world we want to grow from and live in and live by. What is emerging is a New Woman, she is showing the world how to live a life of balance and true order. Her unique value is equal to Man and absolutely necessary for humanities survival today.

The merging of each other’s qualities and abilities is our only hope for a better world. As each gender steps up to the platform of conscious co-operation to share their true value and gifts, a new emerging collaborative code is activated in the whole system on earth. This is how nature works, this is how it evolves, this is how we grow, after all, we are an integral part of that same system, so let’s evolve.

What we are faced with at present is one of the most powerful times known to man (woman), through the experience and awareness of many systems that are clearly not working today, we are being given the incredible opportunity to create new and effective ways of being.

The harmony of Grace and Nature are key in this game of Life. My message today is let’s nurture the grace and nature of A Woman’s True Value.
Let’s be conscious, contributors and collaborators as we move through this quantum leap that we are indeed experiencing.

Kind regards Elizabeth

I invite you to share how your evolutionary process is unfolding, as you move through this amazing time in history.

Message from Gregg Braden

At last, 2012 has arrived! As we enter into a pivotal year for us and our world, it’s clear that the role of community has become key to the way we navigate the huge changes that life seems to be bringing our way. I’m taking the opportunity to personally express my deepest gratitude to you for all that you do to make the big community of our world a better place.

I want you to know that I’ve never been more optimistic about our future and the world that is emerging before our eyes!

From the oral traditions of ancient peoples throughout the world, to the theme of the world’s most cherished spiritual traditions, the significance of our 2012 “window of change” has been no secret. Our ancestors knew this time of change was coming, because it always does. They understood the cyclic nature of Earth’s shifting environment. (Fractal Time, 2009) They also knew that our future would be determined less by the changes themselves and more about us, and whether we choose to fight one another, or work to help one another, as we go through the changes. (Deep Truth, 2011)

For very different reasons, the best minds of today agree. Scientists, engineers, social architects, religious and spiritual leaders throughout the world are warning us that the choices we make in our immediate future will determine nothing less than the fate of our nations, civilization itself, and the future of life here on Earth. (Crossroads for Planet Earth, Scientific American, September 2005)

The Art Of Storytelling and Ideas.

When we have an idea come to us we often keep it to our self for longer than we should. We probably do this out of our fear of rejection or our fear that someone will steal it. And of course, there is also the random behavior of telling everybody about your idea before you have given it the adequate thought and preparation required to deliver it properly.

This video is a great tool for showing you how to give your idea voice.

I invite you to share how this presentation tool could apply in your life.

Stand Up And Lead.

What is a Co-Creative Society

The Co-Creative way of life is staying connected. 

Overcoming the illusion of separation.

Co-Creatorʼs agreements.

barefoot-daytime-facial-expression-936112I have just come back from our second Unite Your Light WOMEN meeting for 2012 and what a meeting it was. Our topic was “What is a Co-creative Society?” We each shared a bit about what had happened in our lives since our last meeting.

Before long there was a low-level of frustration that began to rise.

Then it moved from frustration to stagnation, we were discussing what we could create to help others, and still, the frustration grew. What started to come out of the group discussions was also the awareness of the emerging New Woman.

My sense is that part of the frustration that was building was actually the process of creation in action. The birthing process kicked in so to speak, in a way we were like a birthing pool of midwives birthing ourselves. Each person breaking out of their cocoon to reveal their true nature. I passionately and assertively invited the group to “Stand Up And Lead” – It was incredible to experience this extraordinary ‘Lioness’ energetic force (in the first instance it was me) move around the room giving women a powerful voice, vision, and new vitality.

Then the women began to stand up and fully express what it is they want to see happen in the group and then created a plan in order for that to happen. It was a great acknowledgment that was actually fueled by the intention of our months topic. We covered and accomplished all our dot points for this month without even realizing, we allowed the unified field of consciousness to take us to a higher level.

  • We came to the conclusion that we needed to meet more often. (staying connected)
  • We pushed through some pretty old patterning around the old female archetype, that was clearly holding us in this stagnant frame of mind. (overcoming the illusion of separation.)
  • And came up with a new co-creative agreement about our meetings.
Very interesting, often we think something is not going the way it should be, but it’s actually going in the absolute right direction and we must be willing to do whatever it takes to become our true creative self. The key is to stay with it long enough so it can be brought to light – tonight’s meeting went a bit over time, but what happened in the last 10mins was so powerful, it shifted out of a soggy marsh to higher ground where we could see clearly, but first we all had to stand up and be our own leader.
We had to lead our heart to our dreams and our calling. It was indeed a challenging, bold and yet truly amazing result!
Kind Regards
I invite you to discuss what you think a Co-creative society is and how it can best serve all involved?