Goodbye to Gossip


Hello Integrity….. Dear old gossip has become an addiction for many women.

It is seductive and builds an unhealthy intimacy among women, which creates false security. I believe the female species will come to a place of contentment when this persistent obstacle is corrected and transformed.

Gossip is connected to these four faces of addiction.

  • boredom
  • competition
  • drama
  • low self-esteem

Realizing this is the first step to healing the addiction – from there we can choose to participate in it or not.

It is said the point of power is in the present and poor old Gossip is never in the present she is always going on about what was said or happened in the past. She weaves her words for the purpose of separation, which create a divide in friendships, family and community.

Gossip keeps everyone small and is always driven by fear. Women have relied on gossip to define their position in society and culture for centuries, but it is not necessary anymore. Women now have the opportunity to rise up out of this unproductive damaging behavior and create a new and prosperous culture for all women.

Gossip is a shadow deity whose time and face has come to an end. She has upgraded to the face of “Integrity”, who is evolving into the New Woman, the New Humanity and therefore there is no place for these old behaviors.

I say it is time to put our temptation to spread rumors to bed and start being more creative with our female conversations, after all, we are extremely creative beings.

For the record, the gossip on me is “why does she always have to be… so in ya’ face” well my response to that is – at least it’s to your face and not behind your back and bitchin’ in the kitchen so to speak.

Guess it all started with that wicked old queen in the story of Snow White who’s famous last words were “Mirror, Mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all” now she had a serious bitchin’ addiction.

Hope you can take this refreshing idea into your relationships and watch them bloom into something far greater than girly catch ups.


If not you, then who?


They say there is only one failure and that is the failure to participate.

We all want the same thing. A life that makes us happy. So why don’t we think we can get it?

Perhaps we have been going after the wrong stuff. We have now come to a point in our evolution, where we can, at last, be and celebrate UNITY.

Yes, its UNITY, UNITY, UNITY that’s our ticket to happiness. 

The light of Unity is indeed upon us; next step is to find that light in our heart, gather the energy and stay connected to it. Then connect with the TRUTH, which is in yourself and in another and stay connected. When we can do this the God or Goddess in us wakes up. Yes that’s right we are made from GOD stuff, human beings are animated and encoded with the story of creation.

We are the voice of humanity. 

When we make the connection… that when two or more are connected in TRUTH resonance, your life, our life will change forever.

This is why I go on about this stuff every day of my life, it seems. It has been my vision and passion to create the world that works….and of course, it was so hard doing it on my own!!

Thank goodness there is a new trend on the planet called Social Synergy, which is driving people to connect. It is not only a great idea to connect to people who you resonate with, it’s vital to connect to and focus on what systems are working….then connect the dots. (the people and the systems).

There have been several well-being trends bantered around for a few decades now …, work-life balance etc. But the new trend that is truly growing is SOCIAL WELL-BEING, the ability to connect to our own heart and then to another in the same resonance. And it doesn’t have to be in our family or even our neighborhood.

Social Synergy can be a global heart to heart resonance that creates transformation through us all consciously participating and collaborating in our own human evolution.

Now that’s cool…. it beats the hell out of trying to do it alone.

So, go find out for yourself and see how far along the evolutionary path you can go…… it may awaken the God or Goddess in you.

Clarity of Intention

What is your personal evolutionary impulse?

The memory of who you really are is encoded in you and is activated when you place yourself in the appropriate environment ……….. it is only then that the amazing process of creation can meet with that code and fully evolve you.

This reality is beyond mysticism or even spirituality, it is a reality that is rooted in the truth of your imagining cells. It is you, remembering what your blueprint potential is designed for, and then allowing it to form.

There is an energy force that is designed especially for you and it is resonating in every cell of your body. Just beyond your physical body, there is another energy system that is also encoded with your particular frequency, this is your light body; your Higher Self. Your task in this lifetime is to grow into this full potential.

A valuable point to remember in the process of conscious evolution is that your environment is constantly affecting your consciousness and determining the level of your potential. Whatever you feed into your consciousness will eventually begin to grow. So the key here is to make sure your present environment is conducive to your highest potential.

If you’re not connected to that, which activates your encoded potential you may remain in a state of stagnation or immaturity your whole life. It is our ability to remain in a state of connectivity with our inner forces that inform the unified field that we are in fact a part of an evolving humanity.

The truth is we are designed for transformation, this is not anything new, in fact, it is a 13.7 billion year tend of entropy and syntropy, these are forces of destruction and creation. The ancient Egyptians called the individual electric force of our personal identity, the “neter” meaning the “seed of the seed”.

They said the Neter contained the unique signature of ones nature… ones innate inherent gifts of intelligence or light. Each enclosure, your body, comes from an individual, distinctive matrix and is unique from all others in the entire cosmos. Our ancient ancestors believed and taught that Neter was neither created nor could be destroyed but has always been and shall always be.

The purpose of each Neter was simply to gain or add greater patterns of light (intelligences) to ones enclosure/body/soul by experiencing the construction of larger and larger light systems, so that your light might shine and show the way for others that are not so far along the path of light as you… just as those further on the path of greater cosmic light have illuminated the road or river of light for your evolution.

Truth to the ancient mind was the substance of pure matter – matter without electrical abnormalities – they called electrical abnormalities “darkness”.

Light in space was syntropy, life-giving. (Strength of construction of the enclosure/body/soul.) Darkness in space was called entropy (Weakness or de-construction, or rot and decay.)

So what if photoelectric, cosmological constructions (systems of light) are what we call truth, trust, joy, pleasure, excitement, romance, kindness, compassion, caring, touch, orgasm, smell, sight, sound, and taste are the light frequencies of syntropy and construction are strengthening…? Just as pain, grief, anguish, violence, malice, toxic relationships and more, are energy systems of entropy, a deconstruction of your house, your temple, your body and weaken your vessel… What if your living attributes are also light frequencies that are life-giving. Imagine how incredible your life could be when you are tuned in to your correct frequencies.

A disease is a result – Symptoms of disease; be it mental, emotional or physical they are warning signs of the cause. Symptoms are also an avenue of release. The cause is always some form of electrical chaos. The solution is to create an electric/light cosmology of authentic equilibrium.

In ancient times we called this ‘Living Temple Work’. Today we call it detox, repair, meditation and rebuilding of the body. Attending to your Temple each day – on all levels helps to keep it in a state of syntropy (life-giving/synergy). Working with your Living Attributes©, your Cornerstones maintain your Light. This brings a new and life-giving order to your perfectly designed body and soul. Re-cognizing and activating the cornerstones of your sacred temple and identifying with your archetypes – is re-cognizing and strengthening your Neter and this brings more light back into your temple – your body. By simply doing your practice you are creating and expressing your own personal signature of light and then able to gift it to your loved ones, your world, and the cosmos.

Bringing more light into your body and the world around you can only be good. You become a clear and light-filled channel of Bestowal.

It is time to become a true light bearer who is able to give and receive what is rightfully yours.

As a rapidly evolving human being, we have the opportunity to choose our way, our life and our expression. The clarity of our intention is creating who we are in every moment.

What is your intention in this lifetime?